Interview with ‘Top Cam Girl’ 2017 Livia Choice

Today we had the privilege of interviewing Livia Choice a top online adult webcam performer who hosts her live cam shows at Livia Choice was recently voted, ‘Top Cam Girl‘ 2017 worldwide by fans and fellow industry professionals in the annual Adult Webcam Awards™. Livia Choice is also nominated for ‘Favorite Cam Girl‘ in the 2017 AVN Awards and was the winner for ‘Social Media Star‘ Winner at AWSummit in 2016. She is also a prominent speaker at adult webcam industry events and has been on 5 live adult webcams industry panels in all corners of the world. Here is the full interview.

Q. How long have you been a cam model?
A. I have nearly seven years of experience camming on
Q. How did you get started as a cam model?
A. Many of my personal friends were already cam models and have invited me to join the business since I was 18. However, my first reason to start was at 21 to pay for my studies. During all these years I grew as a person and as a model and I have seen this activity as the best way to expresses my artistic side and also to think with more priority about how the social bonds are built-in online platforms. This experience has inspired me a lot and makes me feel fulfilled (in personal, intellectual and social perspectives).
Q. I am sure many readers might be curious, so may we ask what are the most bizarre customer request you get? 
A. It’s pretty bizarre for me to deal with monosyllabic slogans like “stand up”, “turn around”, “do this”, “do that” without any human interaction before or after it. I don’t measure efforts to explain to my members I am a person just like them and not a living doll and to accept having my emotional and psychological aspects ignored during the session.
Q. What types of webcam shows do you perform most frequently? 
A. I have been working hard to build a career that I can perform creatively with deep personal involvement. I do my best in my shows to see my members as the single person each of them are, exploring the human element instead of focusing too heavily on the sexual aspect of the shows.
Q. If you don’t mind us asking, what is your educational background?
A. I graduated with a degree in Journalism, and I also have a Master Degree and a PhD in Communication & Semiotics (the science of studying the ways people understand and mentally organize social phenomena). Over the last 10 years I have been studying the impacts of Cyberculture in Post Modern Society and most recently I’ve started thinking about how the Live Cam Industry could start taking advantage of how interpersonal communication is established in Cyberspace.

Livia Choice was voted, ‘Best Overall Cam Performer’ in the Adult Webcam Awards™

Q. What are your goals this year?
A. Throughout 2016, I’ve been an active participant in a number of seminars related to the new direction of Live Cam Platforms with major players in the industry and I have also wrote a few articles better explaining my point of view about it. For 2017 I am looking for more opportunities in the industry to write and talk about the urgency of considering the importance of human interaction between models and members on all cam site platforms.
Q. What are your overall industry goals and hopes?
A. My ultimate career goal is to have a strong voice in the Live Cam Industry in a way to humanize the industry a little bit more. I believe a WebCam Model has a unique vision of the business because we have empirical experiences of all the rules and tools applied by Cam Sites. Being heard could simultaneously be more productive and efficient for models, members and the industry at large (and I am not the only one who has a lot to say!)
Q. On the lighter side, what is your dream vacation?
A. Good company, travel without destiny around the world, only with a backpack, not having to worry about make up and stuff to bring with me. But I will only dream about vacations when I reach my Industry goals 🙂
Q. And your favorite food?
A. May I choose a drink?
Q. What is your favorite non adult website?
Q. What are your hobbies?
A. I enjoy living the life to the fullest. I love spending some time with my family and friends, trying out new restaurants and partying together, feeling free. I also enjoy having the time to take care of myself, going to the gym, reading and studying, watching movies and TV series.
We would like congratulate Livia Choice on her many successes as well as thank her for taking some out to visit with Adult Webcam News to share both a little bit of her performer insights and more about herself personally. You can catch Livia Choice on cam here and you can also follow her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceX.
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