CamCon Miami Posts Sponsorship Packages

CanCon a model content retreat and networking event in Miami has just this week posted their sponsorship packages. There appears to be 5 total sponsor packages available on their website which are as follows.

  • Diamond Cost $40,000.00
  • Platinum $30,000.00
  • Gold $25,000.00
  • Silver 15,000.00
  • Bronze $10,000.00
  • Industry Day (1 day booth) is $3,000.00
  • Room Drop is $2,000.00

According to the website 64 total models are registered to attend as of today, fewer than were registered last year at the same time. So far this event has no publicly listed sponsors.

Last year CamCon partnered with XBIZ to have their event at the same time and location as XBIZ Miami, but according to industry chatter CamCon opted not to do the same this year. This year the two entities have different venues and dates. XBIZ Miami has their show MAY 30 – JUNE 2. XBIZ Miami takes place at Mondrian Hotel in Miami Florida while CamCon Miami takes place 3 weeks later at SLS Hotel in Miami. This of course means the industry representatives have to circle back from the ever-important Romania cam industry shows if they decide to attend CamCon or head to Miami after the Romania cam shows, if they instead choose to skip XBIZ Miami. It’s hard at least in our opinion to envision most of the adult webcam industry reps attending all 4 cam events slated for June which include AW Summit, Bucharest Summit, CamCon Miami and XBIZ Miami. 

Here is the event schedule for CamCon Miami which took a little hunting to find as it’s not listed on the home page of the CamCon website.

CamCon Miami Event Schedule below.



12PM – 7PM / BREAK

12PM – 3PM / CLYDE

8PM – 10PM
12:30AM / CLUB E11EVEN

10AM – 11AM / BAZZAR

Bucharest Summit is a Must Attend Live Cams Event (Opinion)

For those of you who are short on time like most of us, I will get right to the point. The reason why you should attend the Bucharest Summit May 30th – June 2nd in Bucharest Romania ( @BucharestSummit ) is because just about everyone else is attending this adult webcams industry event! With so many attending the event this means lots of business opportunities. Most importantly, the stars of the show are attending; literally tons of cam models and studios will be there. Take a look at the registrations so far. For those of you who have a little more time I have shared below my take on cam industry events and why I am attending Bucharest Summit with high expectations.

Adult Webcam News is attending Bucharest Summit May 30th – June 2nd 2017 Bucharest Romania

As the Adult Webcams Industry continues to grow and become mainstream more events have looked to establish themselves as the go-to industry trade show; and attract the actual talent that makes the industry what it is today. The tricky aspect of organizing a summit, trade show, or any other adult webcam events is serving the actual adult webcams industry by offering value to the stars of adult webcams shows that counterbalances the value they get from leaving home to attend a show. Let’s be honest, as cam site reps, affiliate marketers, and b2b professionals in the adult webcams business; we attend these events expecting a return on investment. This R.O.I. is the only reason we attend or sponsor these events. We measure this return on investment in new trade lines, media mentions and seo links, building a sense of community for cam models and/or P.R., acquiring new affiliates, and the like. Thus we should expect that cam models will doing the same. Right? Of course we should, it’s just the how they reach that equation that is different.

Cam models are not just looking at the costs of their travel and accommodations, but also the value in their marketing efforts tied to the event initiatives they undertake; those that takes time away from their direct selling time on cam. It all has to pencil. In other words, how many cam shows are they losing when they take time out to attend events? Do they have to promote the events on their social media channels and if so what are the opportunity costs of those marketing efforts? Together these are costs that make up the total investment to them, not just the travel and accommodations to the actual show. Recognizing this helps explain why so many adult webcam events in the United States have fallen short of expectations and will continue to live up to expectations unless the shows focus heavily on creating value to the actual performers. Likewise, choosing their show dates carefully and making sure to involve all the stakeholders is also critical.  IMO, Bucharest Summit is hands down the ‘go to event’ of the year in cams as I expect it will involve more of those who work in the adult webcams industry than any other show.

The Bucharest Summit is strategically located in the heart of Romania where the largest number of cam studios and independent cam models are situated. The location is upscale and easy to get to. So, it’s going to be well attended. Providing the cams companies all attend, this show is poised to become year-over-year the must attend event in the adult webcams industry. Much of this boils down to location. So far LiveJasmin is the main sponsor and I expect that over coming weeks more of the top 10 cam sites will realize this is the place to be May 30th-June 2nd. The opportunity this show presents is evident with the high level of registrations so far among studios and cam models. Moreover, the organization behind Bucharest Summit consists of the very talent that fuels the industry. By all appearances, this is going to be a show with SOUL and that I would argue that is what fuels success in all endeavors. You have to be really part of something and affected by its success to have a burning desire to contribute and make it better for everyone.

Jason Lee, Editor of Adult Webcam News.


I look forward to meeting with studios and models at Bucharest Summit and sharing how Adult Webcam Awards™ and Adult Webcam News can partner with you or your studio to share your latest news and accomplishment in the adult webcams business. In addition the A.W.A. and A.W.N., we also operate traffic acquisition sites in the live cams space that are partnered with some of the largest cam sites in the world. If you’re looking to increase your traffic discuss your affiliate programs with us.

Ron Lee is a super affiliate in cams and dating based in SE Asia. He has been an internet marketer for nearly a decade and is the Founder of the Original Adult Webcam Awards™ concept which launched in 2014 and had their first show in Las Vegas in 2016. He is also the Editor of Adult Webcam News. This is an opinion piece from the editor. You can follow us on Twitter @AdultCamNews or join our social network for cam models at

You can also use the contact form to send us a message or to schedule a meeting.

Keep an eye out for a special promotion Adult Webcam News we will be doing at this event! Details to be announced soon. 


Cam Girls Blog Launches (CamGirls.Blog)

For Immediate Release

Las Vegas, Nevada – Cam Girls Blog, a creation of CammerZ the Adult Webcams B2B Community has Launched CamGirls.Blog which is an open blog featuring interviews with cam models. Cam Girls Blog is a place for internet models to share their stories, projects, sites, shows, and more. You need zero experience as a cam model and all cam models are approved and yes 1 free commercial link is allowed per interview. Also you may add all the social media links you like. Cam Girls Blog offers free exposure for cam models and all that is required is that you be a member of, the cam girls forum and community.

CammerZ admin and Cam Girls Blog creator Ron Lee said, “In a day and age where branding of your content as a cam girl is so valuable the next thing internet models need to be concerned with high-ranking sites coming along and taking their brand position in search results; which happens because they’ve not created enough original content for people to find their real live webcams show pages”. “The goal of Cam Girls Blog is to offer another resource and tool for adult webcams entertainers to market themselves and back link their REAL and AUTHENTIC site show pages”. “These days when there is so much stolen content online Cam Girls Blog is a tool focused on directing fans back to the REAL performers webcams shows for real live cam shows”. Lee said. Cam Girls Blog does use their own affiliate link to offset site management and hosting costs as well as the time it takes to administer the site. However, for more internet models who have no original or very little original content online the trade-off is well worth it. Likewise the Cam Girls Blog does push fans both old and new back to their live webcams performances which in turn creates more traffic for their live webcams shows.

Be Part of the Cam Girls Blog Family!


STEP 1. The Cam Girls Blog Format: In order to claim your interview post and share your news, links to your site, your latest video offerings, or whatever you like we merely require that you send 2 images along with a 350 word interview answering the following questions about you. Want to share your entry into a contest like the Adult Webcam Awards, Live Cam Awards, or an XBIZ or AVN nomination? Want to share your new video set on ManyVids or YouKandy rank…or anything? If so Cam Girls Blog is free resource and all it takes is you writing your post and sending it 2 images. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Under this interview you may add up to 200 words sharing whatever you link and linking to it.

The Interview Question Requirement:

(Choose all 8 questions or as few as 5, then your own creative content. Be as bold as you like, this is the Cam Girls Blog and we love creativity!)

  1. What is your performer name and the url of your show page at a major (non WL cam site)?
  2. Whats your favorite food?
  3. What’s is your dream vacation?
  4. Favorite non adult website?
  5. How did you get started as a cam model?
  6. How long have you been camming?
  7. What are your hobbies?


RULES: Do no disparage other models or sites.

*Remember to include your images and links to your show in 1 email altogether. Do not send in parts. If you forget something send it again as 1 email.

Adult Webcam Trivia – Who are the Top Sex Cam Sites? (Updated w/ Answers)

Welcome to our first round of Adult Webcams Industry Trivia.

Interesting facts about live webcam sites for adults.
Interesting facts about live webcam sites for adults.

What better way is there to learn more about live sex cams sites and the innovators that have brought these sites to life; than good old-fashioned trivia?

A fun way to learn more about the worlds top live sex webcam sites.

With that in mind here is the first 5 trivia questions. Test your knowledge of the Adult Webcams Sites and see how fast you can answer these pressing questions about some of the top live sex cams sites used by millions of people each day.

You can also Tweet us @AdultCamNews. You win nothing. However, we will tweet back if you are correct. :-). An excellent exercise to do from your work Twitter account. All your coworkers will be jealous!


  1. Adult Webcam Trivia – Which American Adult Webcam Company uses Direct Billing? ANSWER:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which American Adult Webcam Company has a CEO that went to Stanford? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which adult webcam company created the Jerk Shirt? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which Adult Webcam Company is owned by one of the largest tube sites in the world? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – What is the largest Adult Webcam Site in Germany? Answer:
  • BONUS LEVEL: Are their more than 20,000 adult webcam white label sites on these days or less than 20,000? Answer: Google started deindexing most results of adult cam sites 3 years ago due to the volume of WL sites that offer no significant added value and are now deemed to be thin content sites. There are now more than 30,000 urls that leads to these sites. 
  • BONUS LEVEL 2: Which adult webcam site has the best on page metrics for longest visits; meaning at what adult webcam site (according to Alexa Traffic Stats) do people stay on the site for the longest period of time? Answer: Chaturbate

From time to time we’ll add more fun questions and answers about Adult Webcam Sites and who knows maybe throw a few prizes in for the first to answer all the questions correctly.  The answers to these questions will be posted as an update within a few days.

P.S. Exciting news! We are adding detailed adult cam site reviews on all the top adult webcam sites. Check back shortly as we start to add these.

According to XBIZ News, CamCon is Sold Out…But is it? (Opinion)

Adult webcam events are a relatively new phenomenon but one that most in the industry would agree are poised to continue to be more common. Considering the ever-increasing growth in consumer demand for live adult content this is all but guaranteed.  This shift can be seen in the fact that the 2 largest adult media companies, AVN and XBIZ both of whom maintain adult industry news sites, as well organize their own general adult industry events, have over the past year, aligned themselves with more programming to attract more cam models, adult webcam fans, and business in the sector; all great news for the live cams segment of the adult entertainment industry. In the case of AVN, it was the Cammy Awards from Showdown Networks during last years Adult Entertainment Expo,  and in the case of XBIZ they’ve partnered with CamCon for their Miami adult trade show to share an event venue space and provide the event much-needed media coverage.

Sold out, as in
Sold out, as in “we really want you to want to attend”. Here is a link to the full story.

However, having shared this background what caught our eye today was the headline, ‘CamCon 2016 Sells Out in Record Time‘ on the adult industry new site. Here is the link to this XBIZ news story. The news story is written by Alejandro Freixes, Associate Editor of and has the clear headline “NEWS STORY” across the top and, “XBIZ NEWS REPORT” then again published under, before the story reported is that, “CamCon 2016, the camming industry’s top trade show, has set a new attendance record, selling out weeks in advance of the B2B and fan event taking place May 31 to June 3, 2016 at SLS South Beach in Miami, Florida.

However, the same day CamCon’s Twitter account, not XBIZ, clarified that the event is not really sold out and that the venue hotel rooms were actually sold out. Moreover, SLS South Beach in Miami has only 140 total rooms.

It should also be noted that as of April 29th, about 30 days before the event a mere 51 people on the XBIZ adult business industry social network had marked themselves as attending, and only 164 members of that community indicated they planned to even attend XBIZ Miami.

Historically, for those that are new to the general adult industry, AVN Media Network nearly always has much larger event attendance numbers. AVN events and trade shows have of course been around much, much longer with AVN news dating back to 1983, coinciding with the rise of the adult video industry. This is especially true in the case of performers, whereas XBIZ Awards are only XBIZ events focused on performers, and those awards have only been around since 2003.

Along the lines of attendance, here is the Tweet issued by CamCon where they clarified that in fact the events have not sold out.

CamCon twitter indicates tickets are NOT sold out, XBIZ adult news site suggest in their headline that the event is sold out.
CamCon twitter indicates tickets are NOT sold out, XBIZ adult news site say the event is sold out!

While some things maybe uncertain, one thing that is abundantly clear to Adult Webcam News is that many of the models listed as attending are in fact not confirmed as attending or not attending for sure, but instead waiting to be sponsored and merely registered as available to sponsor with no firm plans to attend.

The costs for a model to attend the event, according to the CamCon official website, are over $2,000.00. However, models can ask fans to sponsor them and when they do (as we understand it) they are listed on the site as attending. In our opinion these rather high costs are probably the event design flaw that led to the very poor turnouts which CamCon has yet to overcome.

XBIZ News Story about Adult Webcam Event stirs confusion.
XBIZ News about Adult Webcam Event stirs confusion.

According to the CamCon official site, is the reincarnation of the CammingCon convention which rebranded last year to not just service cam models but not to focus on, “all businesses in the social media and live content landscape“.

Considering it is the models who have to market themselves to get sponsored and cover the majority of the costs to hold this event, each model has to consider the value of the time spent raising the $2,000 plus dollars and ask themselves if it’s not more efficient to spend that time working on cam, pocketing profits from time spent on cam, and instead just buying a fan ticket which costs just $125.00.

The point being, on the majority of adult webcam sites models cannot ask for fans to sponsor them; therefore models have to use their social media traffic in most cases to do , traffic and time that might make much more profit for them in other endeavors.

Ron Lee Editor of Adult Webcam News
Jason Lee, Editor of Adult Webcam News

DISCLOSURE: Jason Lee, the Editor of Adult Webcam News is also the organizer of Adult Webcam Conference. Their not competing events, but their certainly very different events that should not be misconstrued as having anything to do with one another. Adult Webcam Conference (www.AdultWebcamConference) is a totally free event for cam models to attend which is also the host of the Adult Webcam Awards.

Adult Webcam News will not be attending CamCon and perhaps our absence will free up some much needs space since it’s SOLD OUT, according to XBIZ.

Suggested reading:   Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models

CamCon 2016 Registration Opens March 1

CamCon 2016 registration opens soon.
CamCon 2016 registration opens soon.

CamCon, billed as the ‘Worldwide Model Content Conference’ is slated to return to Miami May 31- June 3 for a 3rd edition.

This event takes place at the same time and same location as XBIZ Miami which is SLS South Beach Hotel in Miami, Florida.

CamCon, as formerly known as CammingCon. The name was shortened to CamCon in 2015.

Registration opens March 1st 2016 and ticket prices are $125.00 for a day pass or $225 for both days with full seminar access. You must be over 21 to attend.

Details are at

See the Annual Adult Industry Events Schedule here.


Adult Webcam Conference 2017 Dates Announced

Adult Webcam Conference has announced the show dates for the 2nd Edition of A.W.A. – Adult Webcam Awards ™ and the 2 day Adult Webcam Industry Conference.

The conference dates will be Jan 12-13th 14th and 15th 2017 and the Awards show will take place from 7:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m. on Jan 13th 2017.

Adult Webcam Conference 2017

The venue for the 2nd Annual Adult Webcam Conference will once again be Alexis Park Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is a link to some Adult Webcam Conference 2016 Photos posted at the site.

You can see a full list of 2016 AWA winners here. Sponsorship details are also available here.