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According to XBIZ News, CamCon is Sold Out…But is it? (Opinion)

Adult webcam events are a relatively new phenomenon but one that most in the industry would agree are poised to continue to be more common. Considering the ever-increasing growth in consumer demand for live adult content this is all but guaranteed.  This shift can be seen in the fact that the 2 largest adult media companies, AVN and XBIZ both of whom maintain adult industry news sites, as well organize their own general adult industry events, have over the past year, aligned themselves with more programming to attract more cam models, adult webcam fans, and business in the sector; all great news for the live cams segment of the adult entertainment industry. In the case of AVN, it was the Cammy Awards from Showdown Networks during last years Adult Entertainment Expo,  and in the case of XBIZ they’ve partnered with CamCon for their Miami adult trade show to share an event venue space and provide the event much-needed media coverage.

Sold out, as in
Sold out, as in “we really want you to want to attend”. Here is a link to the full story.

However, having shared this background what caught our eye today was the headline, ‘CamCon 2016 Sells Out in Record Time‘ on the XBIZ.com adult industry new site. Here is the link to this XBIZ news story. The news story is written by Alejandro Freixes, Associate Editor of XBIZ.com and has the clear headline “NEWS STORY” across the top and, “XBIZ NEWS REPORT” then again published under, before the story reported is that, “CamCon 2016, the camming industry’s top trade show, has set a new attendance record, selling out weeks in advance of the B2B and fan event taking place May 31 to June 3, 2016 at SLS South Beach in Miami, Florida.

However, the same day CamCon’s Twitter account, not XBIZ, clarified that the event is not really sold out and that the venue hotel rooms were actually sold out. Moreover, SLS South Beach in Miami has only 140 total rooms.

It should also be noted that as of April 29th, about 30 days before the event a mere 51 people on the XBIZ adult business industry social network had marked themselves as attending, and only 164 members of that community indicated they planned to even attend XBIZ Miami.

Historically, for those that are new to the general adult industry, AVN Media Network nearly always has much larger event attendance numbers. AVN events and trade shows have of course been around much, much longer with AVN news dating back to 1983, coinciding with the rise of the adult video industry. This is especially true in the case of performers, whereas XBIZ Awards are only XBIZ events focused on performers, and those awards have only been around since 2003.

Along the lines of attendance, here is the Tweet issued by CamCon where they clarified that in fact the events have not sold out.

CamCon twitter indicates tickets are NOT sold out, XBIZ adult news site suggest in their headline that the event is sold out.
CamCon twitter indicates tickets are NOT sold out, XBIZ adult news site say the event is sold out!

While some things maybe uncertain, one thing that is abundantly clear to Adult Webcam News is that many of the models listed as attending are in fact not confirmed as attending or not attending for sure, but instead waiting to be sponsored and merely registered as available to sponsor with no firm plans to attend.

The costs for a model to attend the event, according to the CamCon official website, are over $2,000.00. However, models can ask fans to sponsor them and when they do (as we understand it) they are listed on the site as attending. In our opinion these rather high costs are probably the event design flaw that led to the very poor turnouts which CamCon has yet to overcome.

XBIZ News Story about Adult Webcam Event stirs confusion.
XBIZ News about Adult Webcam Event stirs confusion.

According to the CamCon official site CamCon.com, is the reincarnation of the CammingCon convention which rebranded last year to not just service cam models but not to focus on, “all businesses in the social media and live content landscape“.

Considering it is the models who have to market themselves to get sponsored and cover the majority of the costs to hold this event, each model has to consider the value of the time spent raising the $2,000 plus dollars and ask themselves if it’s not more efficient to spend that time working on cam, pocketing profits from time spent on cam, and instead just buying a fan ticket which costs just $125.00.

The point being, on the majority of adult webcam sites models cannot ask for fans to sponsor them; therefore models have to use their social media traffic in most cases to do , traffic and time that might make much more profit for them in other endeavors.

Ron Lee Editor of Adult Webcam News
Jason Lee, Editor of Adult Webcam News

DISCLOSURE: Jason Lee, the Editor of Adult Webcam News is also the organizer of Adult Webcam Conference. Their not competing events, but their certainly very different events that should not be misconstrued as having anything to do with one another. Adult Webcam Conference (www.AdultWebcamConference) is a totally free event for cam models to attend which is also the host of the Adult Webcam Awards.

Adult Webcam News will not be attending CamCon and perhaps our absence will free up some much needs space since it’s SOLD OUT, according to XBIZ.

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