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Interview w/ Agata Ruiz of CamSoda, Voted ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019’

We are pleased to share this exclusive Interview with rising CamSoda star and truly gorgeous webcam model Agata Ruiz (@AgataRuiz4 on twitter) who was most recently voted AWA, ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019‘. Certainly there are tens of thousands of beautiful women on adult webcam sites but Agata Ruiz is no less breathtaking and it’s easy to see why fans named her the sexiest cam girl of the year. Likewise, she’s got mad cam skillz and a great sense of humor to boot. Let’s dive right in the interview and get some of her insights on the sex cams biz. If you just can’t wait to get more intimate, her live cam show is here.

How did you get started as a cam model?

CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
After quitting  my last job as a waitress, I found myself in a financial situation that I wasn’t used to, so I started looking for a well paid job. Then, a friend, that is also a cam model, told me about this job and all the opportunities and I said “why not?”. So I went to a few studios and I found AJ Studios, which is where I learned the basis of my job. 
What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
In the moment I realized that this job could give me so many opportunities, I told myself with determination that I was going to take advantage of every opportunity this job could give me. This decision involved investing in my shows, improving myself, doing a lot of research, surrounding myself with people who knew about this job, people with experience, people who could help me achieve the goals that I declared I wanted to fulfill.
What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
Do research about the industry, about the websites you want to work on and how to use the tools they give you to grow as a cam model. Never stop improving yourself professionally and personally. Invest in yourself and your job. Find a good partner, someone who can help you grow as the industry does. Always be creative and be yourself.
What are your current goals?

My current goal is to open myself other paths in the industry that allow me to stand out as a cam model. I want more people to know about me, to find in my shows a place to be themselves, to have fun and be entertained. I want to be recognized in the industry not only as an attractive model, but for my qualities as a woman. Even though I know I am on the right path, I am aware of all the work that I still need to do in order be a prominent model, to be at the Top. 

Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz
Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz from CamSoda – Click HERE – to view here show
What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?
I don’t know if this has been like this always, but right now and in the short-term I see a lot of new models that are giving too much for too little, that are not giving this job the relevance it has. It could be a lack of a good team or a good assistance, that makes them look like they would do anything for a of couple coins, like they don’t love their job and you can notice that in their shows. This makes it more difficult for new models to be successful and get the best from this job. In the other hand, the competition pushes you to work harder, to stay creative and to challenge yourself with constant improvement.
We could not agree more with Agata Ruiz about investing in yourself and learning more about the different cam sites and tools they offer cam models. Most models concur on this point; it is critical to do your own homework to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment of your valuable time as a webcam model. Agata works with AJ Studios one of the most advanced and widely recognized studios in Latin America. That incredibly sexy smile and stunning body aside, it’s her personality and dedication to delivering superb cam shows that has led to her success as a webcam model. Make sure to pay her a visit in her live webcam room at CamSoda.
Interview with Anastazia Drago

Interview with Anastazia Drago, Voted ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019’

Adult Webcam News has done interviews with lots of top adult webcam performers and Anastazia Drago (@AnastaziaDrago on Twitter) is another overachiever who has worked super hard to earn her top marks. This include the 300 plus real user reviews on Streamate she has that backs up the fact that this internet model is all about winning new fans in her webcam shows. For those familiar with that platform, especially cam girls; you’ll know getting that many great reviews takes thousands of performances because few viewers take the time to leave reviews. Anastazia Drago is also active on SexPanther and the OnlyFans platforms, but her live cam shows are seen via Streamate. Lastly, she was also just recently voted, ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019‘ in the Adult Webcam Awards. Without further ado, let’s pick up where the interview starts…

Anastazia Drago, Voted 'Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019'
Anastazia Drago, Voted ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019’

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

Funny story actually. I stopped at a friends house unannounced.  She answered the door with a false eyelash hanging off her lid.  Asking her what the heck?!?  Her reply was just had my face in an a pillow for some guy in Texas.  She then explained she’s a virtual sex performer., turned on her laptop (after fixing her eyelash) to show me and within 5 minutes I knew I GOT THIS!  I sat watching her so intreged I wanted to get on cam with her and talk to these guys too. That day I went home and researched various live cam sites.  With so many options I went with Streamate having the most traffic, affiliated sites and a platform that would work best for me.  Within a week I was performing live shows as if this was my calling…and here I am today relishing in a career as a professional webcam model. 
 (Thank you Denise)
Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
Honestly I have to say winning this award!  Getting the votes and having loyal followers in my room every time I turn on my cam. That validates they like my work and I must be doing something right.  I truly enjoy being a cam model, it just flows naturally. I never thought of myself as really successful at what I do.  I just do it.  
Q. What are your current goals?
Overcoming my fear of Gold Shows. Hahaha I’ve always been a people pleaser and having dozens of people in a single show I find somewhat overwhelming. I excell with the exclusive 1on1 show.  Simply knowing I am making that one thrilled with my performance, catering to just him/her or that couple.  With Gold Shows one wants me to suck my nipples, another wants to see my ass and another wants to watch my boobs bouncing while riding…aahhhhh.  I want everyone to be happy when they leave my room., and do my best to achieve that.  So I’d have to say my immediate goal is to more than 1 gold show a month.  
Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
Get to know your guys.  What has worked for me is being personable.  Remember their names, their job, where they are from.  Building a strong following by knowing just what they like and what they want.  When ‘mamasboy’ enters my chatroom, I welcome him with a “Have you put your laundry away young man?”  Or ‘sissyboy’ “What are you wearing today doll?”  Always be friendly.  I mean who wants to play with a bitchy model.  If you’re having a bad day and we all have them, log off.  
Anastazia Drago
Cam Girl Anastazia Drago is all about having fun in her xxx cam shows.
Q. What do you enjoy most about being a cam model?
So many things make it a great career choice.  The obvious is being your own boss.  Having the flexibility to choose your own hours.  Controlling your chat room the way YOU want to., knowing it’s okay to say no.  I am a conversationalist and love meeting new people.  Being a cam model I’ve remotely met people from all over the world.  People with one thing in common…just wanting to feel good.  Either physically or emotionally., I do that for them.
Q. What do think separates you from other cam models? 
Working in an fast expanding industry with 10’s of 1000’s of models for customers to choose from I just be myself and hope for the best.  Originating from Boston I say it like it is. So when I get asked to ‘rate my cock’ I’m going to be real and tell you what I think.  Models are not all the same. Neither are our guests. I have a great imagination and roll play is my specialty.  Being an only child, I had to keep myself entertained.  I love to perform a full scenario giving the most realistic performance imaginable. I do have my limitations.  If a guest asks for something I do not do, I refer them to a model that I know does. 
 There’s an ass for every seat.
It’s a privilege to have had the chance to find out more about Anastazia Drago and share her thoughts on the industry as well as pass through her advice to other budding cam stars. Also we want to congratulate her on all the success she has had as a webcam model. The statistics don’t lie, most performer never reach the heights she has and it appears she’s got lots of gas in her tank. Therefore, as we close out the year and usher in 2019 we wish her all the best in the coming year! Again, make sure to her live cam shows here. Also read some of our other cam girl interviews and you’ll see where success crosses paths.

Interview with LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate

We hope you enjoy reading our latest exclusive adult webcam stars interviews, this time with LuxuryBlonde one half of the couples live sex cams duo on Chaturbate also known as Ynna & Andrew! They currently enjoy a massive fan follower count of over 125,000 at Chaturbate and tons more fans and follower on Twitter @luxuryblondeCB and elsewhere. The official room for their adult cam shows is luxuryblondy. We should also mention they were also just fan voted, ‘Top Couples Live Sex Cam Show’ for 2019. However, let’s stimulate our brains for a minute and tune into this exclusive interview.  

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate
Cam Stars – LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate

It all started in 2013 when I (Ynna) was looking for a job because my boyfriend (Andrew) worked endless hours at his job so I had to do
something to occupy my free time. I heard about camming and I started working solo from home on various websites but even though we are a very open minded couple, I felt guilty doing this alone. I was starting to miss our sex life before my boyfriend had such a busy job so I convinced him to join me at least once to see how it goes and how fun it would be. He accepted and in the meantime we discovered Chaturbate, a place where we could bring our fantasies to life because we love being watched while we play. Little did we knew this would turn out to be more than having fun in front of a webcam.

Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?

A few months after we started. Our room became more and more popular with every day passed and traffic rushing all the time. People loved us and they wanted to see more of our sex life. Not soon after, Andrew had to resign from his stressful day job so we could take the fun of sharing our sex life to another level. We made a lot of friends and they love to see me covered in cum. Since then we traveled in a lot of exotic places, making all sorts of kinky videos and sharing them to everyone, we spiced things even more in our relationship and so much more. That’s how it became our full time job and we love it!

Q. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had requested in a cam show?

Oh, there are so many. Every day is different, with a lot of odd, kinky and mind blowing requests that we try to fulfill.But one in particular definately will stay there in my mind forever: I had this one member ask for an oil show which involved me (Ynna) getting fucked while all oiled up including my hair and everything. At that time I didn’t had any body oil in the house and I made a joke about having only the kitchen oil (you know, the one in wich you make french fries). What came next mesmerized me, he simply said “that will do” …the only thing I will remember for life was the time spent trying to get rid of that from my hair haha.

Q. What are your current goals?

To see my twitter account grow exponentially 🙂 Jokes aside, would love to travel in all the exotic places (beach&sun addicted) that we didn’t had a chance to visit yet, maybe grow a small business in the meantime and of course to continue to work as a cam model and making new videos (waiting for new requests and ideas by the way) every day!

Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

Just be yourself, be natural and of course interact and get off your phone. It depends on what you seek for when you start this. If you want it to be your job, keep in mind that like in any other job it really depends on how much you try to work for it. And I’m not talking about time-related, but mostly interest-related. Don’t expect this to be a get-rich-fast scheme, this takes a lot of perseverance, and discipline. Keep in mind this job is not for everyone. Everybody has bad moments but you never know who is going to be that one guy who makes your day 🙂

Q. What do you see happening in the short term as far as changes in the Adult Webcams Business?

LuxuryBlondy Were Voted as the Best Cam Couples for 2019 by fans and fellow performers.

As far as this goes, Adult Webcams Business will grow very fast and get more popularity daily because everything is live and people
look for more interaction because that’s what we all love, getting to know new things and experience them.
I love the amount of people who attend at the industry events that take place, just to meet their favorite cam girl or cam couple. Hopefully we can attend at one of these (especially if it takes place in Europe) and meet with all the fans. It’s such a great feeling
to meet with the people who love you for what you do!

Your crazy couple,

A huge thanks to LuxuryBlondy! We loved hearing about how you both got into the live cams business. Live video chat shows for couples and featuring couples for individuals to watch is something that seems to have really exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and it’s clear these two will some day be looked back at as innovators. I am sure I speak for your fans and many future fans when we say keep those insanely sexy live cam shows coming our way. Again you can see their couples adult cam show here.

Top Stripchat cam girl

Interview with Award Winning Cam Girl DeliciousAngel

We are so happy to be able to share our exclusive interview with Award-Winning cam girl DeliciousAngel, a top live cam performer who was most recently voted by fans, ‘Top Oral Sex Cam Girl Show‘ in the Annual Adult Webcam Awards. Delice is a successful Independent Russian glamour model and rising star in the the world of private adult cam shows. She’s won numerous awards, is one of the top cam girls at the Stripchat platform, and has a dedicated fan base of followers at Twitter where you can also follow her latest public posts @DeliciousAngell. If we had to guess though you probably want a to see a lot more action in a little less clothes; and for the private shows all the magic happens here. Sit tight though and let’s see what makes this beauty tick…

Interview with Award Winning Cam Girl DeliciousAngel
Interview with Award Winning Cam Girl DeliciousAngel.

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

A. I am a very curious person and I love to read all the time about new stuff. My best friend was working in this industry and the stories she used to tell me about the people she met on cam seemed fascinating to me. I read more about this industry and in one day I told myself I should give it a try. I have always been a lucky person and I met some wonderful people from my first day on cam. I loved it and that’s how everything started.

Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?

A. hard to give you an exactly answer. I was very lucky to meet the right people from the start. People loved me from the first moment. Camming was actually my first ‘job’ and everyday online made me love it so much and I was always very dedicated to it. From the first month I was on place 7 in the list of top 100 best models.

Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

A. I consider that the biggest asset of a successful model is self-confidence. Is very important to try everyday to be a better version of yourself. Never try to act as somebody you are not, and most importantly, never try to copy someone else. Everyone of us is special and exists a place for all of us. And remember to be confident and to follow your dreams, always.

Q. What are your current goals?

A. My current goals?! I don’t know. I think I achieved them all already. I have a beautiful life, I have the most amazing friends online, my family is healthy. I opened my own shop store for members. Recently I moved in my new apartament, the one I worked for so many years and I decorated everything by myself, it was one of my biggest goals. I travel how much I can when I have time. Maybe I would like to change the mentality of some people from this industry who sold their soul for money and forgot to be humans. It’s a very sensitive subject for me. I met maybe to many fake people in all those years. That’s something that I would love to change in this world. Let’s call it my next goal.

Q. What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?

A. This industry changes from year to year. But I’m sure the future of this industry will be for sure the Virtual Reality. I’m very sure many sites will adopt this trend. This is the next level.

Q. Video games or movies?

Top Stripchat cam girl
DeliciousAngel a Top Stripchat cam girl and Widely Sought After Adult Webcam Model has More than Just the Sexy Looks!

A. Movies, always.

Q. Favorite quote?

A. ‘If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs.’

Q. Favorite Performers. We had to ask 🙂

Chloe Lewis-Chaturbate

Adult Webcam News wants to convey our most sincere gratitude to DeliciousAngel for doing this interview and congratulate her on all her continued success. We have had the privilege of knowing her for the past few years and watching her cam career accelerate. Likewise, it is always a privilege meeting with such professional classy webcam models like DeliciousAngel, who runs their cam modeling businesses with acumen it deserves. In a world where there are more than half a million people performing on cam at one time or another, Delice has the attitude and work ethic to match the creativity and bombshell looks. Make sure to pay her a visit at Stripchat in her webcam room. See for yourself why her fans can’t get enough!

Interview With California Cam Girl Layla Jackson

Interview With New California Cam Girl Layla Jackson

It’s always a huge privilege to get a chance to visit with rising stars in the adult webcams industry and today are thrilled to have met with new California-based Chaturbate Cam Girl Layla Jackson for an exclusive interview. We posed a series of fun questions to her and here is the interview in full. Likewise, you maybe wondering where online you see this sexy newcomer. The answer is Layla and her erotic fully nude adult webcam shows are here. Not to fail to mention, she also has twitter and is very active with a growing legion of followers @Layla_Jackson_.
California Cam Girl
Sexy New California Cam Girl Layla Jackson

Q.How did you get started as a cam model?

I started as a cam model solely on my own. I had no friend that referred me or anything like that I just liked talking to people and am really comfortable with my sexuality so I just went out and did it!
Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
I’m still brand new to the industry so I haven’t had my breakthrough moment yet. But I’ll consider my breakthrough moment to be the day I win an award that I know I’ve earned and deserved, when I get that recognition I deserve. An award like that to me just symbolizes hard work paying off. Any moment where I’m going feel my hard work has paid off will be a break through moment for me.
Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
So as a new cam model I’d like to give girls looking to get into the industry or also just starting in the industry an outlook on what those first few times are like. Do your research, ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask either the support on your site or other cam models can be so awesome! It’s ok to be nervous, a lot of these men/women/couples are coming to you with things they feel like they can’t take anywhere else so they could be nervous too! You’ll get more and more comfortable as you go along just have fun with it.

Q. What are your current goals?

 Layla Jackson
Layla Jackson webcam shows are sexy, fresh, and raw amateur style; something that is a proven recipe for success. Visit her private xxx cam show here!
I have so many goals. I plan to keep building and be in this industry for the long hall. Right now I’m just building my platform, letting people know that I’ve arrived. I’ve been working hard on getting on a schedule, camming as much as I can, building a following, building a brand. I still have a part-time what you’d call “vanilla job” so I plan on working and camming until I can afford to cam full-time.
Q. What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?
I think camming itself is becoming a trend. I believe it’s the new future of porn and there are endless possiblites.
Q. What do you see happening in the short-term as far as changes in the Adult Webcams Business?
I see a lot happening in the Adult Webcam business future. I see endless technological advances, I see more of the porn industry and the adult webcam industry coming together, and I hope to one day see more of the adult webcam industry and social media coming together.

That is a wrap! Thanks so much to Layla Jackson for taking the time to share your experiences so far as a cam girl and we look forward to following you in the years ahead! Layla also is a contestant on, which is a new contest seeking to find the Sexiest Big Booty Cam Girls; so you can see a little more of her there in coming weeks and voted for this rising starlet. Looking for this sexy booty and help her win the Cam Girl Big Booty Contest. You can also buy her something special from her Amazon gift list and see her wear it or use it (in the case of sex toys) for the first time on cam with just you!

big booty cam girl
Layla Jackson & her curvaceous booty. Pay her a visit  for a private & discreet personal show.
Lastly, we just wanted to say that it was really interesting to hear that she got started on her own without, ‘a friend in the business‘ as they say. Also, we couldn’t agree more with her sentiments about asking others for help and guidance and building a list of resources around not just your career as a cam girl but any venture you are entering into. Internet Modeling Forum is a great place to start where you can connect with other cam girls from all different live sex cam chat sites. This feedback about positioning yourself for success as a new cam girl is a recurring theme in our interviews with cam girls; make sure to check out all the webcam model interviews for lots of great insights.
XxKieraxXo webcam

Interview With Streamate Sex Cams Star XxKieraxX

XxKieraxX is one of the most prolific cam girls on Streamate over the past few years amassing some 230 plus gleaming 5 star reviews. She was also just fan voted, ‘Best Milf Cam Girl 2019’ in the Annual Adult Webcam Awards. Today we had a chance to visit with this popular cam girl and get her take on the xxx webcams as well as learn a little more about her. Also, if you are looking for her xxx cam show at Streamate you can find it here. Likewise, she is also quite active on Twitter @xxkieraxxo where you can follow her schedule. Without delay let’s dive right into it the interview with sex cam star XxKieraxX. 

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

XxKieraxXo a Top Cam Girl on Streamate – Click to GO LIVE 

I was looking for a second job to earn money for nursing school. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for more income because I didn’t want to work at another hospital, nursing facility, babysit or walk dogs. My schedule was constantly changing due to working at a hospital and being in school. I really had no clue what I was going to do. Late one night I was scrolling through Craigslist and found an ad about becoming a webcam model. I contact Elevation Modeling and decided to give it a shot. Little did I know this would turn out to be more than a part time job.

Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?

While we could measure success in terms of numbers I felt that I started to become really successful as a webcam model when I started being true to myself. I realized how alive and energized I felt being a cam model instead of working in a hospital. I started wishing I would get sent home early or called off work so I could cam. When I fully embraced myself as a web cam model than I felt successful. I love talking to people, making them cum hard and a nice ego booster is placing high in Streamate’s contests. 

Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

XxKieraxXo webcam
XxKieraxXo webcam

Engage with your members and get off your phone. You are the best part of these fella’s days and being interactive and friendly goes a long way. Unless your a dom than you do you. You never know who is going to be the one guy who makes your day. One slow hour or one slow day doesn’t define you. 

Q.What are your current goals?

xxx cam show
Enjoy a xxx cam show with XxKieraxXo

To keep camming and making videos! Spending time online and producing better quality videos. Point me in the right direction or company for video editing please! I would like to go to an industry party in the next year and met some of the models that inspire me. 

Q. What is the oddest thing you’ve ever had requested in a cam show?
I had a gentleman ask for a role play which involved me stepping on a skunk. I had to wear stilettos and when I stepped on the skunk he of course sprayed me. Now i’m gagging, stinky and on the verge of throwing up from being sprayed by the skunk. He then proceeded to rescue me by throwing me in the bathtub and covering me in tomato sauce. Once covered in tomato sauce he then proceeded to have sex with me in the bath tub. I love to role play so it was exciting to reenact something out of the ordinary. (sense the sarcasm) 🙂
Q. What do you find annoying during webcam shows?
Well in public chat on Streamate I get annoyed by the ‘show pussy’ fellas. That is all they type to you and on Streamate this is against the rules in public chat. They tend to be pushy and think you should just flash your pussy because they say so. I mean at least throw a ‘please’ in there. One can handle these fellas in a variety of ways such as being nice, sarcastic, or blocking them. 
Q. What are the best toys for cam girls?
I have so many toys so it is hard to pick a favorite! I love my hitachi wand because I get to use it on my clit and it makes my pussy the most wet! Then I love my Lush from Lovense because of the interactive feature. Randomly getting buzzed and letting gentleman control it is so much fun. Last but not least I really like my cum squirting dildo. Probably because one of my best tags is ‘face to cum on’ and it is fun to beg for a load.
Again a huge thanks to XxKieraxX on Streamate for taking a few minutes off cam to talk about the nuts and bolts of being a live webcam entertainer! Remember to pay her a visit and see for yourself what has fans in mass coming to her live xxx cam show. You can also follow her on Twitter @XxKieraxXo.
Also if you are considering some of the top places to become a webcam girl, we compared cam sites as far as what each pays and shared a comparison table for cam girls. Until next time – AWN
Being a Cam Girl

Adult-webcamming – All that Glitters is Not Gold! (From the Web)

Every profession that reeks of glamour and money is attractive to most of us. It could be glitzy world of modelling or mysterious world of adult webcamming; it entices most youth and they wonder ‘if all that glitters is gold’. As an eye-opener sorts, Amber Reeds, a leading adult webcam girl, who is, erm, a celebrity of sorts, talks her heart out to Broadly  by VICE and shares her experience with of being a “cam girl”. The article stood out as interesting to us and so we wanted to share some of the high points with readers here.

A well-known name in porn industry, Amber, began her camming career on insistence of a friend, who wanted her to give it a try. She signed up for the adult web cam site, Adultwork and literally waited for the worst. With augmentation of internet trolls, her fears were legit.

Being a Cam Girl
Stories from the web detail being a cam girl is not easy…


However, what awaited her was a sweet surprise, she found adult webcamming as an extension to her self-expression, a medium to put her kinks on display, and heck – earn a decent amount. She pointed out the days when she could earn obscene amount of money, webcamming, something a regular office- goer could only dream of. That said, she also confesses that it is not child’s play and put immense pressure on her for she connected with the audiences in more than one way.

She pointed out at one of her regular clients, who used to turn up for her show every night, she knew the guy was a nurse and was possibly blowing up insane amount of money on her. That clearly disturbed her, and she warned him once.

She, further, spoke about web cam girls struggles, mostly psychological ones. How the fear of not being good enough or attractive enough, constantly tortures them. Even more so, when they are going through a lull period. The self-blame is destroying and dangerous.

She trails off saying webcamming has helped her grow up as person and given her personality another dimension, altogether. Amber appears to also have a wide following not just on Twitter @reedamberx but as well with her own fairly successful YouTube channel called ‘ComeCurious’; both of which show a mastery of social media that goes hand in hand with being one of the successful ones in camming.  


Here is a snippet from this sex advice vlogger come and cam girl…

In conclusion, as glamorous and fun as it looks adult webcamming is no child’s play. Not only you have to keep evolving yourself to retain the interest of the clients, but also play on the borderlines of extremes, which you prolly would have just avoided. If you are keen to get into this profession do weigh the pros and cons carefully. Prepare yourself for untowardly incidents like cyber-bulling, harassment, and privacy invasion which are few pitfalls of this profession. You will get to play a variety of roles while webcamming and if you are brave and diligent enough, the adult web cam industry will award you richly.

All said and done, we have listed all the adult webcam sites hiring cam girls, as well as the top paying cam girl sites with registration links for each of the best internet modeling jobs here. Get naked, make a few bucks, but always know what you are getting yourself into; being a cam girl ain’t easy.

Interview with Kloe Lamaravilla; Colombian Cam Girl Sensation

We are thrilled to present an interview with one of the most prolific current adult webcam entertainers of our day; Colombian cam model and Live Webcam Entertainer Kloe Lamaravilla. There are certainly thousands of top cam models, but few are embracing the total branding opportunities being a cam model presents as skillfully and strategically as Kloe Lamaravilla. Known as her adorning fans as just kloe_18 this Colombian cam model is on fire in more ways than one. Let’s get right to the interview…

Colombian Cam Model and Live Webcam Entertainer Kloe Lamaravilla


How did you get started as a cam model?

That was about two years ago. I am a nurse, but the medical system is not great here in Colombia and you don’t get paid much if you can find a job at all. I was leaving a job interview and i saw an ad that said “ work less time make more money” . It was for a studio and i contacted them. They asked for some fotos and i sent them and they said to me that i did not meat their expectation. I lied in a second studio and they said ok and i have been there ever since.

kloe_18 on Chaturbate is one of the best Latin cam girls because of her sexy cross platform successes.

What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful  as a cam model?

That happened for me 6 or 7 months after starting.  It wasn’t just one moment for me but many.  My rooms were seeing much more traffic. I had a lot more tokens. Radio interview started coming tv shows, and that was that it kind of took off after that time.

What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

Before you take this on as a profession think very very much about what you want from this and if you want to do it. Do not come in with the idea that its going to take you rich. Be very clear that this job is not for everyone. This is live everything else you can be a web model or you can be a great cam model, that takes lots of constancy and discipline. Be yourself do not pray to be something you are not.

What are your current goals?

I have a You Tube channel and i really want to see that grow. I will continue to be a web model but not forever. I want to become one of the best working in You Tube and I also am thinking about writing a book.

What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cam industry?

I can only speak for Latin America because it is where i work. Here in Latin America this has become so so competitive and it has driven people to do certain things that I do not agree with. For example when these days you can buy traffic for your room. You can be a first day model and fill your room with 10 thousand people and lets say for me who has been doing this for almost three years its sad because it die merits what I do and many others. In my case dance my ass off to get those rooms full and i think that is a huge change or new trend here that i personally think sucks.

What do you see happening in the short term as far as changes in the adult webcam business?

Adult webcams will be more popular because it has become more and more mainstream. Also it is becoming more evident that we don’t sell sex, we sell entertainment and i think that will bring all sorts of crazy new things to the industry!

We would like to thank Kloe Lamaravilla for taking a few minutes out of her hectic schedule to join us and share insights from her journey to success. This humble success she  understates as kloe_18 from Chaturbate does not just have some 290,000 fans on her Chaturbate live cam profile, nor over 260,000 Twitter followers @oficialkloe18 she quite literally has a massive brand following on YouTube with videos that have garnered over a million views and she has nearly 300,000 people have subscriber to her YouTube channel.


The bottom line is Kloe Lamaravilla aka kloe_18 on Chaturbate is doing some big things and that is exactly what we love to share here at Ranked as one of the best Latin cam girls and top Colombian YouTubers we again thank her for sharing her time with us.  Make sure to watch her cam show on Chaturbate!

Interview with Award Winning Cam Girl Ainslee Divine

Adult Webcam News recently got the chance to catch up with Ainslee Divine, a top adult webcams performer who recently was named, ‘Top Milf Cam Model‘ in the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards. We also learned that Ainslee Divine captured more votes and garnered more page views than any single performer in this past years annual AWA; where fans and peers votes for their favorite cam models across all the most popular xxx chat platforms. Ainslee Divine is a very popular cam girl on the adult video chat platform and has a massive following on Instagram as well. Likewise you can find her on Twitter @ainslee_divine where she has some 18,000 fan followers. The full interview is below.

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?
Ainslee Divine Wins ‘Best Milf Cam Show’ in AWA
A. In the summer of 2016 I started an Instagram page and the response to my pictures was absolutely overwhelming.  Within 2 months I had over 10K followers and was getting hit up by tons of photographers and producers in the porn industry.  What I thought was just something fun actually had potential to be something big and I had to make a decision how I wanted to move forward.  After sifting through everything and some research, I was able to connect with an amazing producer and the ball started rolling.  He was actually the one that recommended I give camming a try to see how I liked it.  In October of 2016 I began camming and immediately fell in love with it!  I did it part-time to start and in June of 2017 I went full-time and haven’t looked back!
Q.  What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
A.  Tough question but I would have to say that my breakthrough moment would have to be when I switched camming websites and people followed me over to my new site!  I had actually fans/followers and they wanted to be where ever I was at.  How cool is that?  I knew then that I had actually made my mark in the industry.
Q.  What advice would you give other cam modeling professionals?
A.  This business can be a rocky road.  Meaning there are good days and bad days and you just have to stay positive and know that tomorrow is another day.  You also learn quickly that not everyone is nice online so you need to be able to handle what is going to be thrown your way.  Just keep smiling and remember that is why they give us a block button 🙂  Don’t ever let it get you down.  If you let them see you get bothered then they win.  I think that this advice is good for both new and established models.
Q.  What are your current goals?
A.  I am working to continue to build my brand and work as hard as I can to better myself as a cam model.  It’s not necessary to constantly re-invent myself but keeping it new and fresh definitely keeps people coming back for more which is always a good thing!
Ainslee Divine
Q.  What trends or changes to you see taking place in the cam industry?
A.  I see the popularity of cam models growing which is so exciting!  I attended the AVN/AEE’s in Las Vegas last month and was amazed at the amount of people waiting to meet their favorite cam model. Industry events like that are often the only times that the fans/followers can actually meet their favorite model and a lot of people are attending the events just for that reason.  I am still fairly new in this industry and I actually had fans/followers approach me at the event and ask for pictures.  It is such a great feeling to be recognized and acknowledged for what you do.
We want to extend our thanks to Ainslee Divine. Ainslee Divine is one of the warmest and friendliest performers who we have ever had a chance to interview; a true professional and successful cams business woman who truly strives to keep her fans and viewers happy as well as a savvy marketer who is making her mark in the space. It was a true privilege, make sure to catch Ainslee Divine on webcam here.

Interview with Vickie Jay: Success Tips for New Cam Girls

Adult Webcam News was happy to get a chance to visit with Vickie Jay™, a top new webcam model at Below are excerpts from that interview. Vickie Jay™ was recently voted, ‘Top New Cam Girl’ 2018 in the Adult Webcam Awards and won the $1,000 cash prize as well as the year-long feature at Vickie Jay™ (@thevickiejay on Twitter) has achieved a lot of success as a live webcam performer in a relatively short span of time and we’re happy to share some of her insights below. 

Question #1 – What got you started as a cam model?

ANSWER: I have a bit of a unique start-up story. I had caught a boyfriend watching live webcams, and as a jealous, insecure girlfriend I did some investigating. I researched the sites he was watching at the time and saw an opportunity to turn this discovery into something more. We started camming as a couple under a different name then I continued camming solo once he discovered it wasn’t for him.

Question #2 What changes have you seen in the live sex cams business as a model over the last year?

ANSWER: Overall it’s hard for me to say what has changed in the camming community because last year was my first full-time year. I feel that camming is always changing, at least for me, and it’s important to be adaptable for viewers to keep interest and attract new viewers.

Question #3 What tips would you offer new cam girls first gettings started with internet modeling?

ANSWER: I’ve discovered some of my favorite fetishes are things I was closed-minded to at first. Another thing is consistency with scheduling and keeping viewers/regulars up to-date with schedule changes. I find it useful to literally write out a weekly schedule in a planner and hold myself accountable if I’m late or skip a day and if I am “calling out” or late I use my social media to get that message out.

Question #4 Are there any other useful sites for cam models as far as marketing and attracting fans? Which ones?

Voted Top New Cam Model 2018

ANSWER: Social media is honestly the best way to market other than your actual host site. Keeping a line of communication open for viewers to interact and ask questions is a great way to promote and network. would like to thank Vickie Jay™ for her time in sharing some of her insights into working and being successful as a cam model. You can visit her live webcam show here.