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Interview: JAHLONLINE Colombia Adult Webcams Studio

Today we are sharing an exclusive interview with Julian Andres Herrera the entrepreneur and business owner behind the highly successful JAHLONLINE video chat studio based in Colombia. JAHLONLINE was voted the ‘Best Adult Webcam Studio‘ in the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards™. The A.W.A. recognizes the finest sites, performers, and industry supporting businesses in adult video chat industry. JAHLONLINE (@jahlonline on Twitter) boasts some of the top performers in Colombia and has a standout approach to model promotion as well as a stellar web presence themselves; so it’s a great honor to have the chance to visit with Julian Andres Herrera about his award-winning studio and share this interview with our readers.



Q. How did you come up with the idea of creating a video chat studio like JAHLONLINE?

When I talk to people and tell them about my company is the first question they ask me and the answer is a curious one, since in our beginnings it was not thought to have a Studio, only the idea of working with the pages as an alternative to complement my profession as a psychologist; Suddenly this world caught me I did not realize when a computer and two models already had five and the place where he lived shared with 10 people, At that moment I felt that this was my place in the world and most importantly I liked what I did, that was the main thing … At that moment I felt that I could undertake that challenge and today I have here before you representing one of the best Studios of Latin America and with an immense motivation to continue growing, learning and climbing.

Q. How did your environment influence your project when you started in this industry, i.e., what kind of criticism did you receive?

Woo, Colombia is culturally a country where the double moral precede the interest or subjectivity of the people, now you can imagine a psychologist having women who work for cam in a sexual activity in his house… it was a titanic task to explain to them the professionalism with which we approach our company; Many friends went away, many doors were closed and from that moment until today our ideology has focused on showing the world the artistic and professional part with which our company is managed, how we develop the processes and the vision that we have of the industry. Because we understand that only in this way it is possible to silence the critics and try to demystify the concept that have of our activity.

Q. Keep in mind that starting a company like a video chat studio is an intense process, there are various changes constantly happening as the industry evolves. What do you think was the moment of impact in which your studio started to shined and really started to achieve its current level of success?

Of course, that moment I remember it a lot, the main pages of the world began to look at Colombia, they started to train us, this led to quality standards being raised and some studios invested huge amounts of money, the selection of models was more exhaustive, the rooms looked like European, was a moment of breakthrough the industry in Colombia; began to sophisticate. This led to that many studies closed and there we understood that we had excellent potential because each of the changes and advances of the industry in our environment. Were accommodated to our possibilities and took us a step further and that is precisely a successful company that accommodates the changes and understands them as a possibility to diversify and move forward.

Q. What advice would you give to a person who wants to start in our industry?

All the entrepreneurs will always be well received … but in this type of companies as in any other it is necessary of people who in the first place understand the modeling Webcam like a profession that is framed in the artistic thing and that the erotic component is immersed in daily chore of the models, if this is internalize, someone who wants to invest in our environment you can think of this activity as a company and likewise your projection may have a better result.

JAHLONLINE was voted Best Adult Webcam Studio OVERALL – 2017 in the Adult Webcam Awards

Now if you want to be competitive and have high income, economic investment must be high and also have present that our work is immersed in communications. Therefore the technological change is constant and the updates are made more and more frequently.

Q. In this industry the development and evolution of video chat studios generates success. How could JAHLONLINE generate new development and what types of new technologies and innovations can your study give our industry?

Our innovative philosophy, a unique style, highly trained model trainers, a constantly evolving design and imaging department and technology make us a solid and reliable company, it makes that our models stay in the top 10 of the best pages in the world and their names appear on the nominations for industry events. When you think of JAHLONLINE the answer is competitiveness, quality and constant commitment to the evolution and progress of the industry.

A huge thank you to JAHLONLINE Adult Webcams or video chat studio perspectives are hard to find online and so this was a huge privilege for us to get to sit and learn more about their experiences and share some first hand insights into operating a successful adult webcam studio. Likewise I wanted to share a few more photos of their beautiful facilities but before I do we should also point out that 3 of their models were best in category in this years AWA’s. You may also want to read the interviews with Selena BellaPrincess Sweet, Lorraine Evans as well.

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