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Interview w/ Chrissy LeBlanc ‘Best New Cam Model 2017’

We are thrilled to publish today an exclusive interview with Chaturbate cam model Chrissy LeBlanc winner of, ‘Best New Cam Model‘ 2017 as voted by more than 6,000 people in the annual Adult Webcam Awards™. Chrissy LeBlanc (@LeBlanc_Chrissy on Twitter) has really blown off the doors in her first full year being a professional adult webcam entertainer. It’s awesome seeing such a deserving winner; someone with the credentials to back up the title! The full interview is below.

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?


Chrissy LeBlanc Professional Adult Webcam Entertainer on Chaturbate

About a year and a half ago, my partner and I got an idea for a porn site: MyPerfectHarem, one lucky guy and a group of beautiful women that get to share him as well as each other. It was our dream to quit our office jobs and become porn stars! I began camming as a way to easily enter the industry as well as make a name for myself and ourselves by the time the site launched. I started camming solo and we added couple, girl girl, threesome and moresome shows as the year went on under the MyPerfectHarem name. I didn’t set out trying to make a big name for myself as a solo cammer but I have come to fully embrace it! I love all the cam shows that I put on – every day is new!

Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?

I have been lucky enough to attend an Exxxotica expo and the AVN Expo recently. My success really hit me when fans traveled to come see me and I was recognized by attendees. I cam from the comfort of my own home so it’s surreal to be recognized at an event with such big names in the industry all around! I was also completely blown away by the amount of votes I got for my Adult Webcam Awards nomination. This was the first time being nominated for any sort of adult industry award and my fans came out in full force to earn me the highest amount of votes on the entire site!

Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

3 Things: Do some research before you get started, be yourself, and have fun with it! Researching before getting started is important so you can pick the best site with the best terms and setup for you. It also helps familiarize yourself with the way camming works, the different ways you can set up your room, and helps prevent mistakes and hard lessons learned. It’s also important to be yourself and stay true to yourself. Don’t think you have to act or look like any other cam model that’s out there. There are all shapes, sizes, and personalities on cam – the people that like you will come to your room! And of course, have fun with it! People like to see others enjoying themselves so do what makes you happy and plan shows you look forward to!


Chrissy LeBlanc was Voted Top New Webcam Model of 2017

Q. What are your current goals?

My biggest goal for this year is to launch my own porn site, We’ve been building it up for a while and I can’t wait to see it take off! I want to take my cam career and add a successful porn career to it. I hope to be nominated for cam AND porn awards this time next year! Going to the AVN Awards show this year was motivating and inspiring. Getting to meet other successful, independent cam models and porn stars has reaffirmed my commitment to camming and the adult entertainment industry. I want to be the next success story!

Q. What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?

Fans love interaction in all forms. Models that engage their fans, interactive toys, tips and reactions,…Because of this, I think the cams industry will continue adding new ways for the viewer to feel like they’re there. The adult industry has always been quick to adopt new technology and I think that new developments that also add to a fan’s level of interaction with their favorite model will be the next big things hitting the market. A great example of this is VR camming, which will provide a more immersive, 3D experience. I can’t wait to test out new ways to play with my fans!

Q. What do you see happening in the short term as far as changes in the Adult Webcams Business?

Camming is getting more popular and more socially acceptable. Even just with talking with friends and family, I can tell that camming is seen as far more socially acceptable as a job than a career in the traditional porn industry. I have people ask me on a regular basis if I would ever do porn and my response is, “what do you mean? I’m currently naked on the internet.” Camming is a part of the adult industry, but most don’t consider it “porn” for some reason. All of this points to more viewers, more broadcasters, and being able to cam as a viable source of income. I am lucky enough to have camming as my sole income source! I foresee more full time cam models with large fan bases, which will result in more negotiating power on the performer end and better terms/payouts for models.
A big thank you to Chrissy LeBlanc for sitting down with us and sharing some of her guidance and insights for both other aspiring cam models and those working behind the scenes in the live webcams business. Her personal website is linked above as well as her twitter so make sure to pay her a visit. You can catch her live webcam show here.
Chrissy LeBlanc
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