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Flirt4Free Updates Webmasters of White Label Changes one of the leading white label and affiliate programs in the adult webcams space has updated affiliates and webmasters about a change to DNS settings. Here is that email that went out via the company newsletter. Flirt4Free affiliates who operate their own live cam site have until April 30th to make the DNS settings changes.

Flirt4Free, one of the more popular affiliate and adult webcam solutions.

Attention Affiliates:

You are receiving this email because you have one or more active White Labels on a root domain and will need to update your DNS settings ASAP.

We’ve recently updated our system to handle more loads and to mitigate potential attacks on your White Label. This should also mean faster loading White Labels and less buffering!

What we need from you:For every white label on a root domain, please update your DNS “A” record to:

If you don’t update your DNS by April 30, 2017 your White Label will no longer be live.

We appreciate your efforts to assist us in a quick update to transition everything as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately.

Kimi Evans
Affiliate Manager

You can set up a Flirt4Free White Label here.

Adult Webcam News also offers resources to compare all white label cam site options here. Lastly you may also want to check out the B2B cams community where a Flirt4Free forum is open to adult webmasters and cam models.

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