Flirt4Free White Label Program Changes

Flirt4Free Plans Updates to White Label Affiliates Program

Flirt4Free has issued a network wide announcement to all of their affiliates outlining changes to their affiliate program affecting white label sites on Flirt4Free. The announcement is below which was titled, ‘Important Update to White Labels’

Flirt4Free White Label Program Changes Announced
Flirt4Free White Label Program Changes Announced

We will be launching a new Terms and Conditions specifically for White Labels soon. If you have a White Label, you’re encouraged to read through the new terms when they are released. Please read this email to understand the changes that we are making and the changes that you need to make to your existing White Labels.

A Leaner Network:One of the reasons that our White Labels rank well in search engines is that we are very compliant with Google SEO and general best practices. For this update, we will be closing down many inactive White Labels. This means if you have a domain that is no longer live and pointed to our servers, we will be turning it off. Also, if you have an active White Label with us that has not seen traffic or revenue in the last year, we will be changing those to “parked domain” status, which we will explain next. We believe that clearing the search engines of our lower quality White Labels will help active and performing sites have more search engine authority.

Parked Domains: Some of the lower performing White Labels will become parked domains. These parked domains will not be crawled by Googlebot. Other than the branded home page remaining the same, all the links on the site will link to Flirt4Free corresponding pages, where we will carry over your affiliate tracking.


• Unfavorable Keywords: We will be filtering the words that we allow in domains. This is again, to be more compliant with generally accepted best practices. Please contact us asap if you have any questions or concerns about this update or feel your keywords may be on the risky side.

• Affiliate Site Redesign: This update is part of a larger overhaul of our affiliate site. Over the next few months, you will notice a site redesign, upgraded tools, and better reporting that will ultimately help you be more successful working with us.

• New White Label Languages: We’re excited to launch new languages on our White Labels! Now, user will have the option to use the site in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Norwegian. If you have traffic that would prefer these languages, you will find the flags at the top right of your White Label with a dropdown menu.

The syntax will look like this:

The intention is for these updates to help active affiliates get more traffic to their websites and have a better experience overall.

It appears that Flirt4Free is continuing to focus on ways to improve their already successful white label program and this is just a series of updates and upgrades that the company is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

You can learn more about Flirt4Free and their white label webcams program here. Also check out our new white label comparison chart to compare programs. The chart features registration links for all the top cams white label programs. Lastly performers may want to join the new discussion group about Flirt4Free at

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Video Secrets – Become an Affiliate

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