Interview with Anastazia Drago, Voted ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019’

Adult Webcam News has done interviews with lots of top adult webcam performers and Anastazia Drago (@AnastaziaDrago on Twitter) is another overachiever who has worked super hard to earn her top marks. This include the 300 plus real user reviews on Streamate she has that backs up the fact that this internet model is all about winning new fans in her webcam shows. For those familiar with that platform, especially cam girls; you’ll know getting that many great reviews takes thousands of performances because few viewers take the time to leave reviews. Anastazia Drago is also active on SexPanther and the OnlyFans platforms, but her live cam shows are seen via Streamate. Lastly, she was also just recently voted, ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019‘ in the Adult Webcam Awards. Without further ado, let’s pick up where the interview starts…

Anastazia Drago, Voted 'Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019'
Anastazia Drago, Voted ‘Best Fetish Cam Girl 2019’

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

Funny story actually. I stopped at a friends house unannounced.  She answered the door with a false eyelash hanging off her lid.  Asking her what the heck?!?  Her reply was just had my face in an a pillow for some guy in Texas.  She then explained she’s a virtual sex performer., turned on her laptop (after fixing her eyelash) to show me and within 5 minutes I knew I GOT THIS!  I sat watching her so intreged I wanted to get on cam with her and talk to these guys too. That day I went home and researched various live cam sites.  With so many options I went with Streamate having the most traffic, affiliated sites and a platform that would work best for me.  Within a week I was performing live shows as if this was my calling…and here I am today relishing in a career as a professional webcam model. 
 (Thank you Denise)
Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
Honestly I have to say winning this award!  Getting the votes and having loyal followers in my room every time I turn on my cam. That validates they like my work and I must be doing something right.  I truly enjoy being a cam model, it just flows naturally. I never thought of myself as really successful at what I do.  I just do it.  
Q. What are your current goals?
Overcoming my fear of Gold Shows. Hahaha I’ve always been a people pleaser and having dozens of people in a single show I find somewhat overwhelming. I excell with the exclusive 1on1 show.  Simply knowing I am making that one thrilled with my performance, catering to just him/her or that couple.  With Gold Shows one wants me to suck my nipples, another wants to see my ass and another wants to watch my boobs bouncing while riding…aahhhhh.  I want everyone to be happy when they leave my room., and do my best to achieve that.  So I’d have to say my immediate goal is to more than 1 gold show a month.  
Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
Get to know your guys.  What has worked for me is being personable.  Remember their names, their job, where they are from.  Building a strong following by knowing just what they like and what they want.  When ‘mamasboy’ enters my chatroom, I welcome him with a “Have you put your laundry away young man?”  Or ‘sissyboy’ “What are you wearing today doll?”  Always be friendly.  I mean who wants to play with a bitchy model.  If you’re having a bad day and we all have them, log off.  
Anastazia Drago
Cam Girl Anastazia Drago is all about having fun in her xxx cam shows.
Q. What do you enjoy most about being a cam model?
So many things make it a great career choice.  The obvious is being your own boss.  Having the flexibility to choose your own hours.  Controlling your chat room the way YOU want to., knowing it’s okay to say no.  I am a conversationalist and love meeting new people.  Being a cam model I’ve remotely met people from all over the world.  People with one thing in common…just wanting to feel good.  Either physically or emotionally., I do that for them.
Q. What do think separates you from other cam models? 
Working in an fast expanding industry with 10’s of 1000’s of models for customers to choose from I just be myself and hope for the best.  Originating from Boston I say it like it is. So when I get asked to ‘rate my cock’ I’m going to be real and tell you what I think.  Models are not all the same. Neither are our guests. I have a great imagination and roll play is my specialty.  Being an only child, I had to keep myself entertained.  I love to perform a full scenario giving the most realistic performance imaginable. I do have my limitations.  If a guest asks for something I do not do, I refer them to a model that I know does. 
 There’s an ass for every seat.
It’s a privilege to have had the chance to find out more about Anastazia Drago and share her thoughts on the industry as well as pass through her advice to other budding cam stars. Also we want to congratulate her on all the success she has had as a webcam model. The statistics don’t lie, most performer never reach the heights she has and it appears she’s got lots of gas in her tank. Therefore, as we close out the year and usher in 2019 we wish her all the best in the coming year! Again, make sure to her live cam shows here. Also read some of our other cam girl interviews and you’ll see where success crosses paths.

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