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Interview w/ Agata Ruiz of CamSoda, Voted ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019’

We are pleased to share this exclusive Interview with rising CamSoda star and truly gorgeous webcam model Agata Ruiz (@AgataRuiz4 on twitter) who was most recently voted AWA, ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019‘. Certainly there are tens of thousands of beautiful women on adult webcam sites but Agata Ruiz is no less breathtaking and it’s easy to see why fans named her the sexiest cam girl of the year. Likewise, she’s got mad cam skillz and a great sense of humor to boot. Let’s dive right in the interview and get some of her insights on the sex cams biz. If you just can’t wait to get more intimate, her live cam show is here.

How did you get started as a cam model?

CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
After quitting  my last job as a waitress, I found myself in a financial situation that I wasn’t used to, so I started looking for a well paid job. Then, a friend, that is also a cam model, told me about this job and all the opportunities and I said “why not?”. So I went to a few studios and I found AJ Studios, which is where I learned the basis of my job. 
What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
In the moment I realized that this job could give me so many opportunities, I told myself with determination that I was going to take advantage of every opportunity this job could give me. This decision involved investing in my shows, improving myself, doing a lot of research, surrounding myself with people who knew about this job, people with experience, people who could help me achieve the goals that I declared I wanted to fulfill.
What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
Do research about the industry, about the websites you want to work on and how to use the tools they give you to grow as a cam model. Never stop improving yourself professionally and personally. Invest in yourself and your job. Find a good partner, someone who can help you grow as the industry does. Always be creative and be yourself.
What are your current goals?

My current goal is to open myself other paths in the industry that allow me to stand out as a cam model. I want more people to know about me, to find in my shows a place to be themselves, to have fun and be entertained. I want to be recognized in the industry not only as an attractive model, but for my qualities as a woman. Even though I know I am on the right path, I am aware of all the work that I still need to do in order be a prominent model, to be at the Top. 

Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz
Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz from CamSoda – Click HERE – to view here show
What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?
I don’t know if this has been like this always, but right now and in the short-term I see a lot of new models that are giving too much for too little, that are not giving this job the relevance it has. It could be a lack of a good team or a good assistance, that makes them look like they would do anything for a of couple coins, like they don’t love their job and you can notice that in their shows. This makes it more difficult for new models to be successful and get the best from this job. In the other hand, the competition pushes you to work harder, to stay creative and to challenge yourself with constant improvement.
We could not agree more with Agata Ruiz about investing in yourself and learning more about the different cam sites and tools they offer cam models. Most models concur on this point; it is critical to do your own homework to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment of your valuable time as a webcam model. Agata works with AJ Studios one of the most advanced and widely recognized studios in Latin America. That incredibly sexy smile and stunning body aside, it’s her personality and dedication to delivering superb cam shows that has led to her success as a webcam model. Make sure to pay her a visit in her live webcam room at CamSoda.
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