Interview with LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate

We hope you enjoy reading our latest exclusive adult webcam stars interviews, this time with LuxuryBlonde one half of the couples live sex cams duo on Chaturbate also known as Ynna & Andrew! They currently enjoy a massive fan follower count of over 125,000 at Chaturbate and tons more fans and follower on Twitter @luxuryblondeCB and elsewhere. The official room for their adult cam shows is luxuryblondy. We should also mention they were also just fan voted, ‘Top Couples Live Sex Cam Show’ for 2019. However, let’s stimulate our brains for a minute and tune into this exclusive interview.  

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?

LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate
Cam Stars – LuxuryBlondy Ynna & Andrew on Chaturbate

It all started in 2013 when I (Ynna) was looking for a job because my boyfriend (Andrew) worked endless hours at his job so I had to do
something to occupy my free time. I heard about camming and I started working solo from home on various websites but even though we are a very open minded couple, I felt guilty doing this alone. I was starting to miss our sex life before my boyfriend had such a busy job so I convinced him to join me at least once to see how it goes and how fun it would be. He accepted and in the meantime we discovered Chaturbate, a place where we could bring our fantasies to life because we love being watched while we play. Little did we knew this would turn out to be more than having fun in front of a webcam.

Q. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?

A few months after we started. Our room became more and more popular with every day passed and traffic rushing all the time. People loved us and they wanted to see more of our sex life. Not soon after, Andrew had to resign from his stressful day job so we could take the fun of sharing our sex life to another level. We made a lot of friends and they love to see me covered in cum. Since then we traveled in a lot of exotic places, making all sorts of kinky videos and sharing them to everyone, we spiced things even more in our relationship and so much more. That’s how it became our full time job and we love it!

Q. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had requested in a cam show?

Oh, there are so many. Every day is different, with a lot of odd, kinky and mind blowing requests that we try to fulfill.But one in particular definately will stay there in my mind forever: I had this one member ask for an oil show which involved me (Ynna) getting fucked while all oiled up including my hair and everything. At that time I didn’t had any body oil in the house and I made a joke about having only the kitchen oil (you know, the one in wich you make french fries). What came next mesmerized me, he simply said “that will do” …the only thing I will remember for life was the time spent trying to get rid of that from my hair haha.

Q. What are your current goals?

To see my twitter account grow exponentially 🙂 Jokes aside, would love to travel in all the exotic places (beach&sun addicted) that we didn’t had a chance to visit yet, maybe grow a small business in the meantime and of course to continue to work as a cam model and making new videos (waiting for new requests and ideas by the way) every day!

Q. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?

Just be yourself, be natural and of course interact and get off your phone. It depends on what you seek for when you start this. If you want it to be your job, keep in mind that like in any other job it really depends on how much you try to work for it. And I’m not talking about time-related, but mostly interest-related. Don’t expect this to be a get-rich-fast scheme, this takes a lot of perseverance, and discipline. Keep in mind this job is not for everyone. Everybody has bad moments but you never know who is going to be that one guy who makes your day 🙂

Q. What do you see happening in the short term as far as changes in the Adult Webcams Business?

LuxuryBlondy Were Voted as the Best Cam Couples for 2019 by fans and fellow performers.

As far as this goes, Adult Webcams Business will grow very fast and get more popularity daily because everything is live and people
look for more interaction because that’s what we all love, getting to know new things and experience them.
I love the amount of people who attend at the industry events that take place, just to meet their favorite cam girl or cam couple. Hopefully we can attend at one of these (especially if it takes place in Europe) and meet with all the fans. It’s such a great feeling
to meet with the people who love you for what you do!

Your crazy couple,

A huge thanks to LuxuryBlondy! We loved hearing about how you both got into the live cams business. Live video chat shows for couples and featuring couples for individuals to watch is something that seems to have really exploded in popularity over the past couple of years and it’s clear these two will some day be looked back at as innovators. I am sure I speak for your fans and many future fans when we say keep those insanely sexy live cam shows coming our way. Again you can see their couples adult cam show here.

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