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Chaturbate Makes it Easier to Search New Cam Girls

Chaturbate, one of the leading token adult cam sites has added a cool new home page feature making it easier than ever to find new girls on Chaturbate.

New Cam Girls Tab added to Home Page by Chaturbate

Let’s be real, the newest girls on Chaturbate are always able to draw a lot of attention! Lots of these girls have never gotten naked on webcam before. It’s that age old fascination men have with the notion they might be among the first to see girls stripping on webcam.

chaturbate cam girls
New 18 year old chaturbate cam girls are highly searched by users at this cam site.

It’s probably not their actual first time getting naked in front of strangers but at least their new to the Chaturbate platform; and for most guys this is enough to keep them coming in droves. (Review at that link)

A little known secret among Chaturbate aficionados though is that you will often get the sexiest and most authentic adult webcam shows from new cam girls. This applies to all the top adult cam sites and not just

That said, it is not always true and yes their is a lot to be said for experienced webcam girls. Often the top cam girls will really know how to make for a immersive experience when it comes to not just their ability to interact on cam but they are also more apt to know the best lighting secrets and angles as well.

Therefore, one can’t really say you’d have a better experience with new chaturbate girls versus the ladies have been working the site for a much longer period of time. 

As a general rule though, new Chaturbate girls do tend to start with lower prices for nude cams chat than those who have a established fan base. That is yet another reason why lots of users love to first check out the newest Chaturbate cam girls.

Chaturbate Also Now Features a Price Tab to Find Cam Girls By Cost in Tokens

Another highly utilized function that Chaturbate has moved to the home page is the ability to find cam girls by the cost of their private shows.

chaturbate private shows cost
You can search chaturbate private shows cost wise now.

The prices for private shows are in tiers and they are:

  • 6 Tokens Per Minute
  • 12 Tokens Per Minute
  • 18 Tokens Per Minute
  • 30 Tokens Per Minute
  • 60 Tokens Per Minute
  • 90 Tokens Per Minute

Since Chaturbate uses tokens, the cheapest chaturbate cam girls start at just 6 tokens per minute. As of late private shows have been more of a focus at this live sex site. Perhaps it’s the evolution of the industry but now that literally hundreds of thousands of women do internet modeling, there is less action with just nude publish tipping shows. Perhaps this is why Chaturbate private shows seems to be a bigger focus with the shifts they have made to their home page layout. This bodes well for women getting started with internet modeling.

Whatever the reasons are, we love the fact that you can now browse chaturbate girls by price of their shows.

new girls on Chaturbate
New girls on Chaturbate are in very high demand.

This is a wonderful way to get the best value for private nude cam shows. We also think it emphasizes that fact that adult cam prices are really not high compared to adult entertainment of the past.

Frankly 10 minutes in a sex cams show with a chaturbate girl will probably cost you less than a trip to the porn store would have a decade ago. Besides this, renting porn movies next to live sex cams just doesn’t even compare. Live xxx webcams is where the entire adult entertainment industry has shifted to.

The Newest Girls on Chaturbate Sometimes Charge Less

As we perused the section that now features all the newest Chaturbate girls we saw literally 7 pages for new chaturbate girls. They ranged in age from 18 years old to 44. Candy__summer as shown in image below was just one of the new webcam girls from Chaturbate. After chatting with her for about 5 minutes it became clear that she was new. She had very few people in her room and so she her took time to send private messages to us inviting us into her private nude modeling room. Most of the featured home page Chaturbate girls won’t do that. It’s not that they don’t want it, but in most cases they have regulars who tip them frequently who they are focused on.


emily_tyleer was another one of the cute new cam girls on chaturbate we ran across. She too had just joined this nude chat cam site hours earlier and was charging just 6 tokens per minute as well and also was sending private greeting messages to guests as they came in her room (no pun intended). For those who have never made it past the Chaturbate home page, it might be worth your time to delve a bit deeper with the new c2c chaturbate girls search feature.

If there is a shift underway at Chaturbate, it seems it is to draw more attention than there was previously to new webcam models; but more so to drive the private nude shows aspect of the platform. Perhaps the public tipping angle has slowed?!

emily_tyleer was one of the newest Chaturbate girls we saw.

If you want to know the truth, new 18 year old cam girls on Chaturbate are one the most visited pages anyway. So there is probably no radical shift going on at all, their probably just making it easier to find new girls on Chaturbate.

The method to search new Chaturbate girls is from the home page along the bottom of the page under status. You can search young Chaturbate girls from 18-19 as well as in other age brackets from the home page as well.

If one thing is for sure, it is that fact that there will always be a huge demand for hot young girls getting naked on the internet.

Charming_g a super cute 18 year old cam girl from Riga, Latvia and hot young cam girls like her are kryptonite for men at webcam sex sites; keeping their engines churning day and night. She is of course just one of the dozens of new cam girls that join Chaturbate each day.

One last thing that we wanted to illustrate with an image. As far as costs for new Chaturbate girls, as you can see from this screenshot; her private sex cam shows are just 6 tokens as well. Equally neat, the entire show is (in the case of most cam girls) also archived for you to view in the future. It is stored in your personal cam girls video collection at the site.

It’s as simple as clicking your library of past cam girl shows and you can relive these steamy hot scenes anytime for free. That said, some performers have opted out and do not offer the show recordings. However, most new Chaturbate girls do have this feature enabled.

Chaturbate girls
Most chaturbate girls have opted in to allow you to keep a recorded video of their performances. This is what you will see when you enter private shows on

Chatterbate is one of the most visited adult sites on the internet these days and as far as live cam sites, no other live sex website gets more traffic. At least in this editors opinion it seems that the shifts in navigation recently made are to make the website more intuitive; putting popular content front and center. This is a growing trend at all the top webcam sites.

We recently wrote about LiveJasmin doing something similar with showing a button to browse LiveJasmin cam girls by price. If the shifts made by both these live sex cam sites are any indicator it is likely that other webcam sites will follow suit in making it easier to search cam girls by show prices. If you are looking for cam sites like Chaturbate but with a bit more intimacy, we recently shared a post with free LiveJasmin credits as well. You also might want to know about other sites like Chaturbate.

Just whatever you do, don’t whip it out at cam sites like Omegle.

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