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What It’s Like To Cam For Streamate (Review)

The cam world is almost exclusively dominated by a small handful of sites, Streamate being among them. At any given moment, there are over two thousand live models on this cam site titan. As a member, you have an equal chance of visiting a fresh-faced amateur or a world-famous porn star! But what truly sets Streamate apart from its cam site competitors isn’t its mogul status or even its private-show-based format, but rather the website’s dedication to giving every model a fair shot at internet stardom.

Streamate GOLD, GOLD Shows and Private Chats

streamate review
This is a a streamate review written by a streamate cam girl. It’s balanced and fair!

Streamate offers three main ways for models to earn during their live shows, offering plenty of flexibility for newer (and veteran) models to find and adapt their camming style. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to use them:

  • GOLD: This is Streamate’s equivalent of a “token,” an in-site currency members can purchase to tip their favorite models. Unlike most cam sites, one GOLD is equivalent to one US dollar, which takes away the mental acrobatics most models perform to price their services. For example, on another popular cam site, one token equals five cents. In a chat log, a hundred tokens might seem like an impressive number, but after the math, this comes out to a mere $5 US dollars.
  • GOLD Shows: GOLD shows are goal shows! A model specifies an anticipated performance to entice audience members into “pledging” a certain amount of GOLD to secure their place during a pre-show countdown. GOLD Shows are incredibly popular on Streamate since site members can pay a relatively low fee for a full show. In the meantime, models can garner attention for their specialties and captivate a larger audience!
  • Private Chat/Exclusive Chat: Private chats are the bread and butter of Streamate’s platform! Performing for a bigger audience can be a huge rush, but a lot of Streamate viewers prefer quality time and tailored experiences with their favorite models. Playing into your viewers’ intimate fantasies takes an open (and often, dirty!) mind, but don’t feel pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with just because you’re in a private show with a customer. Make having fun a priority for both of you! Your enthusiasm–or lack of it–will definitely show!

Streamate Galleries

Aside from live cam shows, Streamate allows models to upload photos and videos to galleries linked to their profiles. Not only can you give your viewers a taste of what you have to offer, but you can even put videos up for sale or give them away to deserving site members. Models earn 50% of each video sold through Streamate’s built-in gallery, so keep this in mind when determining your pricing!

Streamate Placement

Most cam sites arrange models by a “camscore.” The exact verbage for this ranking number varies from site to site, but the camscore is generally determined by a model’s earnings and popularity. Top-earning models hover at the top rows of the first page, while the others scramble to climb the ranks. It doesn’t take a mental health expert or an economist to figure out why this method of ranking might encourage burnout, unhealthy competition, and fewer sales for those who actually need them. Instead of using a camscore, Streamate gives every model the chance to be number one by offering personal recommendations to every logged-in site member, ensuring that you’ll be more likely to be seen by someone who will love (and pay for) your content! Just make sure your equipment is up-to-date, because Streamate does prioritize high quality streams.

Streamate Payout

One potential drawback for Streamate’s otherwise excellent platform is its 35% payout. The rest goes towards keeping Streamate at the forefront of the cam industry with site upkeep and marketing. 35% is a significantly lower payout compared to other major platforms, but don’t count Streamate out just yet. Their affiliate program,, allows performers to earn additional income when Cammodels members spend on their show or even other cam girls’ shows! You can advertise your affiliate link virtually everywhere but Streamate itself, so marketing is crucial!

streamate screenshot
streamate screenshot. This is what you will appear like if you are working on streamate. If you are a viewer or user then this is what you will see as well. CLICK HERE TO VISIT STREAMATE.

Contests holds contests on historically low-traffic weeks and holidays, which is, frankly, a double-edged sword for cam girls. Holding contests during natural “slump” weeks throws off the model-to-viewer ratio even more than usual, so don’t be surprised if you notice lower earnings during a contest. But this is no reason to get discouraged! Streamate’s “Best Face Forward” contests reward disciplined models who stream at least 25 hours during the contest week with bonus awards, which is easily manageable when you compare these hours to, say, a part-time work week.

I quickly found myself at home with Streamate’s clean interface and private-chat-based platform after trying out a few other cam sites. Their low-pressure ranking system keeps the stress away and lets me focus on my viewers, not my placement. Every site has its pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research to find out which one is the best fit for you! That being said, Streamate’s dedication to quality and versatility makes this camming powerhouse my top recommendation for any performer.

Note from the editor: This Streamate review was written by performer Ivy Augustine, also the author of 5 Annoying Things Cam Girls Have to Deal With, and lots of other great posts here at adult webcam news. So we make no bones about it, Streamate is one of the best adult webcam sites in the world. It’s one of our favorites and probably the top place to join for truly private live sex cams.

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