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5 Annoying Things Cam Girls Deal With

No longer bound to the dredges of vanilla capitalism, the career camgirl can now enjoy such luxuries as earning a salary wage in her underwear, openly drinking on the job, and taking a day off whenever she damn well pleases. But while camming looks like easy living, it comes with major pitfalls. Here are five of them:

Technical Issues

Faulty technology is the bane of all who rely on a smooth system for day-to-day operations, and camgirls are hardly an exception. The hard truth about having technical issues when you’re a camgirl is that despite having near total control over your job, they remind us that we’re not the omnipotent goddesses some of our viewers think we are. The best you can do is address these problems to the best of your ability and upgrade your equipment to optimize your online experience.

camming might look like all smiles but it’s a GRIND!

Trolls and Abusive Viewers

Something about the Internet brings out the worst in people, and what better target than a scantily clad girl living off male attention? Trolls, freeloaders, and scammers infest cam rooms with predatory comments. Even paying members might leave you feeling betrayed by recording and reuploading your content. People who visit cam sites for human interaction ironically end up treating models in a way that’s often less than human, trampling over their boundaries, schedules, and their real-life relationships with little regard. This dark revelation gravely contributes to…

Declining Mental Health

Camgirls subconsciously link their self-esteem to sales, an injury which cam sites often insult by prioritizing high-earning models. Maintaining or improving your position by making content, adhering to a strict schedule, and advertising quickly leads to burnout. If this isn’t bad enough, many bear these burdens alone as solo performers. Going to your non-industry friends or family for help isn’t a common solution. Why?

Social Stigma

I made the mistake of telling my best friend about what I do once. I haven’t heard from her since. Even in our supposedly progressive world, sex workers are still regarded as moral pariahs, which drives many camgirls underground. However, there are situations where you have to divulge that information, to complete strangers no less. I’ve been personally scrutinized by various “professionals” over my earnings while applying for an apartment and even at the bank. Social stigma is an inescapable nuisance, as is…

sex cam sites
Working on sex cam sites is tough and can be both challenging and annoying at times.

FOSTA/SESTA and its broader implications

In a noble effort to curb sex trafficking, FOSTA/SESTA makes sex work even more difficult by shutting down avenues for sales and services. If you happened to cam pre-FOSTA/SESTA, you may have noticed subsequent changes to your site, if it is even still active. Coincidentally, major social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram are also cracking down on adult-oriented accounts, worried that NSFW posts would drive off advertisers. This effectively disconnects potential cam site members from cam sites, and naturally, from camgirls.

Camgirls navigate an active minefield of obstacles every day that most people are completely unaware of. This path demands that you have a tough skin and incredible patience, so it’s easy to see why the turnover rate for camming is so high. But in spite of the challenges it presents, webcam modeling provides stability and growth to thousands who seize the opportunity, including me. Even after I log off just so I can scream, being a camgirl is worth every annoyance.

That’s a wrap, but you can always read more internet modeling advice or visit some of the best sex cam sites.

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