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Public Sex Shows On Cam Are A Bad Idea

Most cam sites host two different types of chat rooms: Public and Private. The rules surrounding the two vary from site to site, with some prohibiting nudity of any kind and others allowing nudity of all kinds! The former introduces you to curious onlookers for the sake of conversation and light entertainment before the main event: a private show. There are tons of ways models entertain their prospective customers, ranging from musical acts, party games, flirting, and yes–even full-on masturbation.

The last, of course, is incredibly counter-intuitive and you may be wondering why models would even resort to this in the first place. From someone who has, in fact, made this rookie mistake before, there are a couple of convincing factors that may lead new models astray. For a brand new model starting out on one of the web’s most competitive token sites, it was simply that I didn’t have any paying members, or even views! I sat behind the camera anxiously for nearly an hour before making the unfortunate decision to give my scant audience what they came for. And it worked. My viewer count climbed almost immediately. I got some petty tips here and there, hardly more than a quarter’s worth each. Encouraging comments dropped into my chat log. But as the show progressed, I felt less and less motivated to continue. I logged off soon afterwards, feeling defeated and cheap. Never again.

cam girl masturbating on airplane
This screen capture of a cam girl masturbating on airplane is just one example if illegal public sex shows that can do more harm than good.

The consequences of public sex shows are not only destructive to your career, but totally obvious:

  • Not every viewer is a member. Casual cam site browsers may chance upon your public show without so much as an account! These casual browsers can even be someone you know in your personal life. Scary, right?
  • Public masturbation shows discourage all members from spending and encourage a culture of freeloading.
  • Your free performance not only sets a low bar for your chat room, but other models’ as well! I can’t count how many times a customer has tried to convince me to offer services for free because of another model’s policies, or lack thereof.

You can’t stop every camgirl from performing public sex shows, but you can do yourself and the cam community a ton of favors simply by counting yourself out! Make your boundaries known to all your viewers, especially those that are insistent on seeing a free masturbation show. If your boundaries are continually disrespected, don’t indulge or engage with ill-mannered members and make use of your ban feature instead. You’ll not only protect yourself from further insult by doing so, but this quick and easy power move lets the rest of your audience know that you mean business.

public sex shows
Anyway you slice it, public sex shows while they may get lots of attention are just a bad idea.

I may have learned from my public sex show mishap the hard way, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Stand firm on your policies and save your sexiest shows for private chat.  Leave the moochers on your blacklist so you can spend some “quality” time with the members you deserve!

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