Cam Girls Poll how busy or slow webcam chat sites are during the summer months

Cam Girls Poll Results (Summers Slow?)

We recently surveyed more than 60 cam girls about how busy or slow webcam chat sites are during the summer months of June, July, and August. The results of prevailing opinions are below.

According to our own sources at live cam chat sites activity levels at top adult webcam sites tend to drop in the United States market by about 15-20% during the summer.

cam models
The cam girls poll indicates traffic slows at bit during summer.

That said, it truly does vary by site and other factors can give the impression of a dip in traffic, including an increase of models. Therefore, asking cam girls themselves via a poll is a great way to get a feeling of the consensus. One important reason why traffic may appear to dip is because a situation where women (and men too) who do not work during the summer at their other jobs may spend more time as cam models during the summer, thus increasing the level of competition among models at webcam chat platforms. For example, if 20% more models are working during a time where overall traffic is already 20% lower than in fact it’s actually much harder to make the same income levels as a cam girl might make during the winter months. Again, these are just generalizations. Here is a summer of what the cam girls poll said:

video chat sites
Many factors affect traffic at cam sites.
  • Around 30% of Webcam Models indicated that webcam chat sites are about the same as far as traffic levels during the summer
  • About 18% of Cam Models indicate that summer months are actually busier.
  • 8% said they take the summers off (which might actually explain the opposite it taking place than the above hypothesis
  • Lastly nearly 50% did say that when working on adult webcam sites traffic was slower.

You can draw your own conclusions but it seem that both according to cam girls and live video chat site reps there is a slight slowing of traffic during this time.

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