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5 Most Discussed Sex Cam Sites 2024

We compared the total overall search volume for the keyword names of top adult cam sites. We which live sex webcam chat platforms are searched for most often. What you’ll notice from the search trends graphs and charts below is that Chaturbate is searched about 5 times as often as most of the other most popular adult webcams sites.

That does not mean it’s better, but just that it’s the single most discussed video chat website in the world at the current time.

That is something at least we and most of those in the live cams chat business is pretty well aware of.

Before we proceed we did narrow in on USA searches and so that is the focus of this brief study.

most discussed video chat website
Chaturbate might be the most discussed video chat website for adults but their also the most provocative.

Specifically, the information here covers search volume in the United States over the past 12 calendar months.

This breakdown was by far the most interesting. If you hover on any state you can see which adult webcams site is most searched for. It’s not a measure of social media mentions but it is rather a more direct and valuable measure of how many people are searching for that particular cam site by state.
Hover and you can search the 5 cam site terms by state.

The most breakout adult cam site as far as total search volume was a bit of a surprise with Stripchat which currently gets more search traffic than Streamate as well as LiveJasmin.

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The next most well-known brand in sex cams has to be LiveJasmin but we were surprised to learn that the search volume was so much lower for this streaming platform.

Turns out tons of people in Nebraska are searching for LiveJasmin. Go, Cornhuskers! 🙂

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North Dakota, Wyoming, and Nevada push up Streamate search numbers as does New Hampshire of all places.

popular sex cams
LiveJasmin is another one of the most popular sex cams but their focus is on selling glamour as sexy.

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CamSoda believes it or not is currently a more searched-for adult video chat site than both Streamate and LiveJasmin and people down south sure are curious with Georgia and Alabama being the states doing the most queries for these live adult chat sites.

Looks like all that viral marketing they’re doing with prank headlines from CamSoda labs is really paying dividends.

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So here we have the chart for searches of Chaturbate and we’ve already made the obvious deduction that they’re dominating in the realm of word of mouth and curiosity.

It’s also interesting to see that Arizona, Iowa, Florida, and Maine as far as states are really showing a lot of activity for searches of Chaturbate cams site.

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I hope you have enjoyed our look at which cam sites people are searching for most frequently.

cams site
Lots of dirty cams websites rank as the most visited porn sites online.

We also share our picks for the best adult cam sites and have neutral sex cam site reviews if you want to read more about these cam girls’ chat platforms.

Heck, we even ranked cam sites by loading time, and each year we also showcase 10 of the most beautiful webcam girls in the world.

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Source: We used Google Search Trends tools to compile this adult cams data.

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