Christmas is a Slow Season at Sex Cams Sites

Christmas Time is Slow Season of Sex Cams

Tis not the season for masturbation on webcam, well not quite yet at least. As it turns out the few weeks leading up to Christmas is a very slow time at adult webcam sites. We recently ran a poll asking cam girls whether Christmas was super busy, business as usual, or an extremely slow time of the year. As it turns out cam girls overwhelming said that Christmas was a slow time of the year for them on adult webcam sites. As a matter of fact, they said it was REALLY SLOW with many cam girls reaching out in direct messages to tell us that the reason why some cam girls may believe otherwise is because fewer performers are even active. Here is the sex cams poll.

That said, we also reached out to a few marketing reps at the top cam sites and learned that the period of just after Christmas and New Years is actually the busiest time of the year in the live sex cams business. The same is true with online dating and so perhaps this is due to people getting paid after a tight financial month of December as well as tax returns and the elevated stress levels of all those crazy relatives coming to visit. Whether it’s a weekend visit from the in-laws that drives people back to sex cams or not, all we can say for sure is that traffic does slow at the adult webcam sites during the Christmas holiday.

Cam girls in the holiday spirit
AngelofSky is one of many cam girls in the holiday spirit. Pay her a visit here.

Busy or not, there are still plenty of webcam models like the model featured in the header of this article (AngelofSky) who keeping the lights on for you this holiday season at the top sex cam sites and adult video chat websites. Happy Holidays to all our readers this Christmas Season!

sexy Christmas cam girls
LarissaMaia one of many sexy Christmas cam girls who step it up with their marketing this time of year. See her show here.
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