How Long Does Average Guy Last in Private Cam Girl Shows?

There is not much hard data available on the internet about the average duration of live sex webcam shows and so today we are sharing a poll we posted for cam girls and customers to share the average duration of cam girls shows. This is not the time that cam girls spend on webcam each session but rather the average length of time a person stays in a private adult webcams show with a webcam girl during a session. We see no reason in narrowing the poll to girl guy cam shows either so all are encouraged to chime in.

Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session
What is the Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session Length?


Here was the exact question. “How Long Does the Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session Last? (does it outlast the average length of sexual intercourse?)” Vote or find out the current results here…

Wanking Sessions : How Long They Last in Adult Cams

On another interesting note; some might find it interesting to learn the average sexual session lasts just 5 minutes. According to the TV show, ‘The Drs’ sex typically last just 5 minutes and 4 seconds. We’d venture to bet that the average length of cam girls shows on adult webcam sites is comparable. We’d also venture to say that in less than 1 percent of cam shows the performer actually has an orgasm.

How often do cam girls REALLY orgasm in Private Adult Webcam Shows
How often do cam girls REALLY orgasm in Private Adult Webcam Shows


Which brings us to our 2nd poll. The other question we are asking cam models and those who participate in sex cams is, “How Often Does the Cam Model Actually Orgasm in Private Cam Shows?”. What do you think the results were after we asked thousands of cam girls and users of adult webcam sites this question.

Vote and see the results here…


How Often Do Cam Girls Orgasm During Webcam Shows?

Again, feel free to chime in and vote on either adult webcams poll that we’ve posted on our Twitter timeline @AdultCamNews. Of course we will post the results once the poll closes as well. Lastly here is that interesting TV episode where the average length of time sexual intercourse lasts. Just maybe there is correlation. What do you think? Tweet @AdultCamNews and share your thoughts. Also make sure to check out or list of some of the best adult webcam sites. Likewise, You also might want to check out our picks for the top cam girls in Europe.

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