CamWhoresHD Steals Cam Girls Content (Opinion)

Adult webcam recordings are becoming a huge problem for performers and something has to be done about large scale cam girl content theft. Today we’re going to talk about the theft of massive volumes of cam girl shows and more importantly the enabling of adult webcam affiliate programs to allow this to happen. Now before I venture into this technologically challenging and ethically cloudy topic I just want to say that adult webcam sites obviously want to see their models and their platforms do as well as possible in a free market. Likewise, adult cam sites want to be as competitive as possible and see their content used in the most creative ways possible to generate new streams of traffic for their existing performers. This we can all agree on.

Live Porn Recordings Tube Sites
Live Porn Recordings Tube Sites are Committing Fraud.

Recorded Cam Girl Shows Tube Sites Commit Large Scale Fraud

So on one hand, you have the fact that cam shows are going to be recorded by unscrupulous webmasters anyway. Which begs the question, why not partner with more professional outfits and allow them to utilize your affiliate links to send that traffic back to your cam site rather than get ripped off, see your cam girls ripped off, and just lose out on any potential benefits of the commercial value a recording of live sex cam shows clearly presents? I mean you do have to acknowledge that does make some sense for cam sites. Right? …and it may benefit you as a cam model as well, right?

On the other hand, you have the black and white ethical dilemma to get right with. Do you hope and trust that your performers will I understand that if you don’t choose some responsible platforms to capture and redistribute this content, that others will steal and use that content to your platforms detriment? Or do you as a cam site operator just issue a blanket policy that you won’t accept traffic from stolen cam girls content?

Here we face a classic Kantian versus Utilitarian question. This is the struggle that adult webcam sites face when it comes to stolen video content and it being used to benefit competitors, if they do not allow it to be fed back into their own affiliate system. However, if you dissect this issue as a legal question and not a ethical one, the obligation to performers comes first and that has to settle this issue as what the right choice is. Cam sites must either disclose this as allowed or disallow the traffic to be fed back into their affiliate systems.

Cam Models are REAL People With REAL Rights

The full pause moment that needs to happen at one point or another and hopefully sooner rather than later is a collective acknowledgement that cam models are human being with rights and their performing under the understanding that their is a terms of service for how their content can and cannot be used; which at most cam sites excludes the permission for others to record and use the shows for commercial gain.

For many it may seem like a really cut-and-dry issue. If cam girls are displaying a DMCA and not using content according to existing agreements such as affiliate marketing terms, then at least according to the mutually clear understanding cam girls, cam sites, and affiliate have, that’s off limits. Why isn’t that the case?

In this Modern Age of content re-purposing blanket theft of cam girls shows is taking place at an alarming rate and each time the purpose is redirecting the content back to live webcam shows where webmasters realize their is big money to be made. Typically these webmasters will direct such stolen traffic content to competing cam sites. Therefore, this seems to be why some adult webcam platforms have opted to allow this traffic and affiliate marketing method; apparently using the justification that it is the lesser of two evils.

One glaring example of this mass scale cam girl shows theft is being perpetrated by a site called camwhoresHD. We’re not going to link to it but it’s the obvious URL. So here is what’s different about camwhoresHD; unlike a porn tube site like pornhub; camwhoresHD owns none of the content they host and the content is wholly stolen. and are also part of the same network of sites and operate in the same way distributing stolen cam girls shows. That’s right, recorded cam girl shows by the thousands are hosted here; where cam girls have not given their permission and have no direct compensation for this content. So as is the all-too-common case in the adult industry these are typically offshore shell companies which are out Of reach of cam girls and their attorneys to take any lasting action. Moreover, constantly refiling DMCA take-down notices is not cost effective or effective at all. So what can be done or can anything be done?

YES. There is a way to Stop This Cam Girl Content Theft
Go to and look at which affiliate offers are active and this will tell you who is supporting this site.

Everyone Has to Do the Right Thing

The only thing that is effective in preventing theft of cam girl shows is it routing out the profitability. The operators of these types of stolen content porn tube sites can’t be allowed to use this content for competing cam sites. What this means is rather than getting angry or frustrated at the platforms that stole your show as a cam model, you instead need to discuss this direct with the adult webcam site operators who are being promoted by these recorded cam girl show platforms.

Only once the profit-making ability is stripped from these cam girl theft sites will they no longer have the financial motivation to steal camgirl shows by recording them and reposting them under the guise that they didn’t know or by claiming that webmasters posted these videos without their knowledge.

Let me be entirely clear here as well. Fans these days are not running around capturing videos of their favorite cam girls and sharing them at these fake sharing site because it’s a complete waste of time. This is a false defense; and common sense tells you that users can simply go back to the cam girls performer page and watch the live version of the show. So the idea that this problem is one of user sharing is utter nonsense and totally false.

Ultimately, the burden lies with the adult webcam sites to not allow video captures to be used in conjunction with their affiliate programs unless it’s disclosed as a viable marketing method. If it is allowed, as a part of disclosure cam girls should be made aware of this so they know what to expect whenever they appear on webcam at that particular website.

Lastly, I won’t too deeply into the details as far as which affiliate programs you see being employed at camwhoresHD except to say that a white label version of StripChat called as well as redirected affiliate offers directed through CrakRevenue were apparent to us. You can go yourself and see exactly what we’re referring to.

LAST WORDS: The one and only way to stop this is to talk to the adult cam sites that are allowing affiliate offers to be placed on this platform and ask that they not allow this type of promotion.

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