Streamate Adds New Quick Tip Options

Streamate Adds New Tip Menu Options

Over the course of the past few months it seems the engineers and the user experience team have been working to devise fun and engaging new features on the Streamate adult webcams platform. We’ve noticed a tipping menu graphic has appeared along the right side bar of the chat interface at I will post a screenshot of this below.

Streamate Adds New Quick Tip Options
Streamate Adds New Quick Tip Options


Also here is another image of the graphic that appears on the right sidebar as a clickable text icon titled, “View My Gold Menu”.

streamate gold
Streamate gold menu is accessible from this icon you can see in image above the white space.

Latest Updates to : Gold Menu

Okay so here’s what I like and dislike about this new feature.

First off, I love the idea of creating new ways or Cam model to make money and I think it’s really important to drive home the fact webcam models are working for tips and private shows. I also really like the fact that they made it easy to see and easy to use. That said I’m not a big fan of the boxy border-less look or the light font on the gold circles. Frankly it sort of looks like a component to a more analytical business platform rather than a light-hearted button. The colors also could use some work or at least that’s my opinion if I were to offer the platform my two cents. I’ve always felt like whites and blues and greens and blues are good for buttons and push a higher click-through rate. I think the coins should look like coins and have a heavier weight font on them and next to the text have a Green ‘Send Now’ Button.

Here’s the other thing that seem strange. It seems as though a model has to set up the options for this quick tips banner to appear in the chat box. Okay so I’m not a cam girl and I can’t confirm that’s the case but what I can say is that we’ve seen this quick tip new feature only on select cam girl shows which leads me to believe that it’s model controlled and not automated. Therefore, my next suggestion would be that the engineers make the menu appear by default for all cam girls shows and then cam girls can add further customization which would be controlled individually by cam girls or cam boys.

What I love is the fact that users are starting to see some new ways to drive engagement and this is a great idea. It’s we’ll deployed as well in the side chat box and bottom of the chat area as well. With some tweaks we think this is here to stay and will be a great new feature for models and users.

Overall we’ve noticed a lot of really cool things happening at Streamate which historically is a cam site that has been accused of being slow to adapt or more stuck in their ways. We really think it boils down to the fact that they basically nailed the perfect combination of features and functions for both models and users of adult video chat way back when they launched, so for all the obvious reasons they’re pretty measured in their approach to changing anything.

2019 Home Page Design Changes at

For those who maybe have not been back to this cam site over the past year there are also lots of big changes to the design of the home pages and from what we hear more changes might be coming to continue to stay fresh and fun. new homepage design
We really like the improvements made to the homepage design for 2019.


Whatever the case, kudos go out to (link to the site) and their team for some of the cool new functions they have been adding to what is, one of the most popular nude webcam chat sites. Make sure to read our adult webcam reviews as well and see where we rank all the best adult webcam sites for 2019! Interested in following developments at this adult cam site? If so you can get more streamate news and feature updates here too.

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