Best Outfits to Wear as a Cam Girl (TIPS)

It’s no secret that the right outfit can keep viewers in your chat room or drive them away. Your sense of style can even give members an idea of what you have to offer and entice them into feeling generous! Don’t know where to start? No worries! Here are some style staples to get you started:

what to wear as a cam girl
Tips on what to wear as a cam girl.

What to Wear As a Cam Model

A. The most popularly requested colors in my personal experience tend to be neutrals! Load your underwear drawer with black and white bras, panties and lingerie to serve as the base for your on-screen outfit.

B. Thongs are an absolute must, showing off your -assets- while hiding your pantylines under even the tightest dresses, but have a few full-back panties at your disposal for even more teasing coverage.

C. When it comes to bras, listen to your boobs! If you have voluptuously ample cleavage, show it off with a brazen plunge bra or a sweetheart demi bra. For those more meager chested, like myself, bralettes are your breasts’ best friends!

A quick note on push-up bras: I tend to stay away from them during live webcam shows since I don’t want to give a false image to my viewers when they enter private chat and see that my boobs were not as big as they seemed. At best, they won’t notice the size difference, but at worst, they might assume you have insecurities about your breast size, so keep this in mind.

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked to wear pantyhose…oh, wait. You get the picture. Grab a pair of sheer stockings in nude, black, and white, and keep them close by. You’ll be needing these often. Thigh high stockings and socks are also extremely popular and are universally flattering.

And now for the fun part: layers! Hanging out on cam in your bra and underwear can be super hot and liberating, but take a moment to think about the sexual excitement in peeling off layers of clothes to reveal what’s underneath. As one of my dear friends says, “Sex would be so boring if people didn’t wear clothes.”

Check out our camming on what to wear as a cam girl: Ultimately though MAKE SURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE! That is what is most important

It’s all about Your Look When Internet Modeling but…

Don’t feel like you have to go on a shopping spree just yet, though. You might even find these camgirl wardrobe staples in your own closet.

  1. Heels: This one’s obvious! Lengthen your legs and lift your butt instantly with a seductive pair of high heels. Your viewers will thank you.
  2. Button-up shirt: Take your day job home with this workplace favorite! It’s sharp, tailored, and that enticing row of buttons offers a tantalizing tease for flashes and stripteases. Keep it close by for those naughty after-hours roleplay requests.
  3. Short shorts: This summer staple is not only easy to find, but easy to DIY with an old pair of jeans.
  4. Mini skirt: Make any outfit instantly flirty with a classic mini skirt. They’re easy access, which I’m sure both you and your audience can appreciate.
  5. Fitted t-shirt: Dressing up is a no brainer for most cam girls, but for those seeking a down-to-earth girl-next-door vibe, try wearing a cute and comfy t-shirt that hugs your curves close. If the shirt happens to have a graphic design on it from your favorite movie, video game, or TV show, it can even serve as a conversation starter! One of my personal favorite items to wear on cam is a Harry Potter graphic t-shirt that always gets people talking in my chat room!
  6. Club dress/party dress: If you love to go out on the town, chances are you probably already have this fashionable favorite lying around. If your Saturday night dress drops jaws at the club, try modeling it on cam to dazzle your audience.
  7. Swimsuit: I don’t know about you, but as an indoors-y girl, any time I drop some serious change on a swimsuit, I get instant buyer’s remorse. The solution? Camming in it, of course.

And now that you’ve breathed a sigh of relief after discovering that you already own at least a few of these pieces, I’ll leave you with just a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned make a huge difference on cam.

Do’s and Don’ts of What to Wear as a Cam Girl

  • DO wear makeup that plays up your naturally beautiful features! Chances are, if you’ve set your cam room up right and upgraded your equipment, there’s a bright light behind your camera that shines directly on your face AND you get to see every magnificent pore in HD. So to combat a whitewashed, blotchy image, invest in a good foundation and learn how to contour! This will make your best features pop, while still maintaining a naturally effortless appearance.
  • DON’T wear exaggerated makeup styles on live cam. Crazy makeup can be insanely fun, but in most, if not all of my experiences, audiences tend to prefer a toned down look that plays up a model’s natural beauty. Save the more colorful makeup for photoshoots.
  • DO Accessorize! The right accessories can make or break any outfit, so choose your accessories wisely. For example, chokers are not only currently trendy, but are also a sexy innuendo for BDSM lovers, and your kinky viewers will be more than happy to take the hint.
  • DON’T wear accessories that will: snag onto your outfit or make stripping and playing a challenge. This includes items with excessive fastenings that need to be removed before your clothing. Struggling with your clothes and accessories can not only be personally frustrating, but can quickly ruin the overall mood.
  • DO wear bold colors and patterns that complement your gorgeous skin! Having power colors and signature styles can make your camming wardrobe more cohesive, saving you time and often money when putting together new looks.
  • DON’T stick expressly to neutrals. Neutrals are a great base to work from, but wearing colors will quickly set you apart. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on how good the color red looks on me, for example, so I’ve elected to incorporate red into my outfit whenever I can. You should also try to avoid wearing small prints that aren’t camera-friendly. A busy print can be very distracting and even hurt your viewers eyes. You don’t want to be an eyesore.
  • DO wear lingerie! Lingerie makes me feel so powerful and sexy, and that energy translates on cam. Try it for yourself! Getting positive reactions from viewers is a huge confidence boost too!
  • DON’T be too naked. While lingerie can be incredibly sexy, sometimes it just doesn’t leave enough to the imagination to make viewers want more. Try wrapping yourself in a satin robe, a dress, or a fur coat for a glamorous and dramatic lingerie reveal.

    cam model outfits
    Cam model outfits aside, don’t forget to also add modeling portfolion images as well if you have them.

Closing Tips for Webcam Models on What Attire Works as a Webcam Girl

DO adjust all of the above advice to suit your personal cam aesthetic. One of the best parts of camming is that there is no dress code, whatsoever! Feel free to mix up your style, experiment, and be your genuine sexy self. There is no perfect formula to camming, and while this advice is based off of years of trial and error, your own experiences will be your best mentors. So stay stylish, and happy camming.

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