Chaturbate Blocks Cam Girls Links to ManyVids

There has been a recent uproar with a number of cam models over at Chaturbate which is one of the leading adult webcams sites over their decision to not allow links to ManyVids. Effectively immediately Chaturbate has made the decision to ban outbound links to Manyvids after ManyVids entered into the live cams business making them a competitor. Chaturbate is also now in the process of launching a service that enables cam girls and cam boys to sell their own recorded content directly from Chaturbate.

About ManyVids

Manyvids is a platform that has grown considerably in recent years and used to offer a complimentary service that didn’t compete with live content adult cam sites. However, as Manyvids has grown in popularity and been adopted by cam models on a larger scale they appear to be hungry to enter the live cams space and have already started to do so on a limited basis with their beta live cams offering. It’s really nothing to see at this point, but they’ve made their intent clear.


ManyVids lost their traffic stream from Chaturbate and MyFreeCams


ManyVids Fired the First Shot at Chaturbate & MyFreeCams by Competing

Naturally Chaturbate sees no benefit of helping build a competitor, so they just decide to turn off the back links and traffic from performers at their platform. ManyVids is now clearly a competitor versus a complimentary service so why not?

In this editors opinion Manyvids has also historically been tough organization to work with and so they probably didn’t think twice, but were just guessing. It can also be said that ManyVids was partly built on the back of Chaturbate as thousands of performers were linking to Manyvids; as chaturbate is one of the few platforms that is centered around empowering cam models via enabling their social media personalities to be at the center of their profiles.

Manyvids banned on chaturbate

Chaturbate Clip Custom Video Selling in on the Way

Chaturbate is currently in beta phase of testing out new capabilities to enable cam models to sell their custom videos in much a fashion that Manyvids does and we expect in due time the Chaturbate custom video selling abilities will exceed manyvids and offer cam models a better split on recorded content selling as well.  Stay tuned as will we as the tube portion of takes shape.

Chaturbate tube beta is new and will be developed to enable cam models to sell prerecorded vidoes…or so that is the word on the street.

That said, in this editor opinion ManyVids live has nearly zero chance at being the next Chaturbate. In the realm of live shows they will be lucky to get even a viable size base of live cam activity on the site. Where they do well is in selling videos, which is nowhere near as complex as operating the infrastructure of a successful live cams business.

Actual statement that Chaturbate released when they removed all links to ManyVids:

Chaturbate is unique in that our terms do not prohibit users from providing links on Chaturbate to third party sites, except to competitive cam sites. The site you asked about has announced they plan on becoming a cam site on 7/31. Therefore, per our policies links on Chaturbate to this other site will not be permitted. If you would like our help editing your bio, will be happy to help you.

MyFreeCams also recently removed and banned links to ManyVids as well, as they too are not in a mood to promote a competitor. This probably will considerably decrease the appeal of ManyVids as with less traffic from these cam sites cam models will sell less content on ManyVids unless they can find a replacement for the traffic they will lose, which it’s hard to imagine where they will replace such a valuable stream of free traffic.

You can become a model on Chaturbate by registering here. You can become an affiliate of Chaturbate as well or try the site as a user at Lastly you can also check out our cam site reviews. Also read our full chaturbate review.


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