5 Ways To Improve MyFreeCams For Models

There are a ton of ways that MFC can improve their site to make models more successful. I am only going to list 5 today. Maybe I will make another post in the future.

The first one that comes to my mind, personally, is being able to decipher which members are big time spenders and which ones only bought a single package of tokens so that they can avoid the Basic Member ban. How great would it be if a model could look at the color of a members name and immediately tell that they haven’t bought tokens since MyFreeCams did their first broadcast? How much time could we have saved that was wasted on these liars, cheapskates, and beggars? How about forcing those members who don’t buy token packages a couple of times a year into a shadow ban? Back to the Basic Member status for you! has struggled before with load times and that too can be improved!

Something else that I thought would be great is if offered trusted Room Helpers. Things are difficult when a model starts out. She’s trying to learn so much in her first couple of days on cam. How about offering them a free room helper while they have New Model status? Someone who can ban the jerks, set up the CharlesBot, maybe let her know if her sound sucks or her camera is going in and out of focus? Perhaps this Helper could even teach her a little bit about how to do these things on her own!

Speaking of CharlesBot, I would love it if models had a few more apps and bots to choose from. has a million to choose from! My favorite is the one that turns angry words and all caps into gibberish! That bot alone could keep me entertained for years! I’m sure it helps the room out somehow, as well.

Another thing that I think would really help models be more successful is a basic training class. Think of all the mistakes you’ve made in camming in your first year. Imagine if you were offered a short class or video that went over tips, tricks, and expectations of your first few weeks on cam. Maybe a tutorial on how to use the website to the fullest instead of short paragraph or two that just highlights a few things like, “Make sure your hair is combed”. Thanks but my daddy taught me that when I was four.

MyFreeCams is a great cam site but I think we can all agree it could be even better.

Something else I would love to see change on MyFreeCams is a Model Lounge. They have one for Premium Members, but not for models. I think it would be great for models to have a place to go to get tips on Lush settings, give warnings about jerk members, or just to have a place for models to blow some steam after a rough day on cam with people who can relate to them without fear of upsetting potential customers.

With these changes, Myfreecams would, no doubt, see more models climbing to the top instead of quitting their first week. Curious what different webcam sites pay models? Check out the internet modeling jobs comparisons.

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