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5 Weird Things Guys Want On Adult Cams

During my time as a webcam model, I have been asked to do some pretty weird stuff. Sometimes I was more than happy to oblige, other times…. You ARE going to be asked to do odd things ladies. Remember, it’s always up to you on whether or not you’re willing to do something at sex cams sites. If you choose not to, be nice about telling the customer and NEVER tell other members about the request! You will turn away other potential customers because they’ll think you’re going to embarrass them if they’re into something a bit unusual or not what you are into!

Customers on sex cams sites making lots of bizarre requests.

One request that stands out to me that I have received many requests on is to spit on myself. I’m not talking about adding a little lube to yourself. I’m talking about starving dog staring at a butcher shop drool and spit all over myself. I am not sure what the fascination with this one is. Perhaps it’s the thought of the drool being cum? Adult cams are a trip ladies!

Anal stretching is another request I have received often. For some reason, men have a fascination with seeing how much a girl can take on. The bigger the better. Got a dildo the size of a 2 liter pop bottle that you can jam up your ass? Or better yet, do you have a 2 liter pop bottle? There is a market a for that! Be warned! Most adult cams websites do not allow you to use objects not intended for sex to be used as sex toys, so this is going to have to be a Skype adventure rather than a Goal Show! Also, make sure there is a stopper at the end of your chosen anal toy as it can, and will, get sucked in. Think of that conversation at the hospital! 🙂

Hypnosis. Yes. Some guys want to believe that you have been turned into a hypnotized sex slave. A mindless zombie who craves, not brains or human flesh, but masturbation and banging! Also, you may be asked to drool a little. I think I can see why this fantasy would turn a guy on. Imagine having that as a super power!

Urine is also something guys go crazy for. I have been asked for videos of me peeing on things, in things, on people, and I have even been asked to measure it. Again, I am not quite sure what this fascination is about but it is popular on adult cams.

adult cams
We all try to keep in classy on adult cams, but the customers want to test the limits of all cam girls!

The last request I would like to mention is gas. There are tons of guys out there willing to pay top dollar for a girl who is willing to burp or bend over and fart on camera. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they like seeing the ol’ brown eye opening and closing as a girl is letting lose. Maybe they enjoy seeing a girl be one of the guys. Maybe each guy has his own reason for liking it. Regardless of any of that, never ridicule a person for their fetish. You will be burning bridges before they’re built.

That’s a wrap. Check out the short list of top sex cams sites. or if you are a cam girl you might want to check out the internet modeling advice and tips section.

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