Types of Customers at Sex Cams Sites

The 5 Types of Customers at Sex Cams Sites

There are 5 types of customers on cam sites. These are the people you are going to deal with as a webcam model. I’m going to teach you who they are and how to handle them. :-)….via gifs of course. Hold my beer.

      1. Type number one, White Whales. So few and far between that they are considered non-existent to many. They tip incredibly well and ask for little in return. When they visit, give them lots of attention. When you are off cam, give them lots of attention. Try to get to know them intimately. Let them know your insecurities. Tell them what your day to day plans are. But most of all, listen to every word they say and let them talk as much as they want! When you become more of a friend and less of a sex object to them, they will have a hard time turning to other models.

      1. Type number two, Blue Collars. These are going to be 90% of your paying customers. They may not be Whales, but they’re still important! Make the most of them by asking their opinions on what to wear, what shows to put on, what videos to make, how to style your hair. These guys probably go through their entire lives being under appreciated by their wives, children, and bosses. They will be more than happy to spend some money on a girl who is sympathetic and caring to their needs, desires, and opinions.

    Type number three are cheapskates. These guys either don’t have money, or don’t want to spend it. Make these guys work for you by making them pity you. If your room is slow, ask them in a PM to tip a little to try to get it going. Offer them discounted things like GFE. But don’t let them have too much of your time. When someone buys GFE, I give them a Skype, but I don’t give the Cheapskates the Skype if they don’t pay full price.

Then you have the Beggars. Make these guys work for you by using their pleas. When they ask for something, they have zero intention of paying you anything, ask the room if that is something they would like for you to do. Be coy and uncertain about it. Like, “I don’t know, I usually ask for XX tokens for that ‘member name’. What do you guys think? Anyone want to see me do that?” The Beggar may not pay for it, but someone else might. With a little luck, you just might turn them into a Cheapskate!


Then you have the Assholes. These guys are going to ask, demand, and beg for you to do all kinds of things and they will never tip you for them. The way to handle these guys is to give them a warning about their behavior, and if they don’t straighten up, ban them immediately. Act like you are incredibly sorry for it when you do it so you don’t upset others in your room. Then get the room back into focus on the room topic.

Thanks for the money fuckers. :-). …and that ladies is the different types of customers you find at sex cams sites. Enjoy! Also check out our list of the best sex cams.

Types of Customers at Sex Cams Sites
Sex cams work is fun but it’s also super crazy!


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