Is XLoveCam Affiliate Program A Fraud? (Opinion)

It truly pains me to write about such a negative aspect of the adult industry but it has to be said! Affiliate shaving is common. Fraud by companies against affiliates who are sending them traffic happens. It actually happens a lot in affiliate marketing, a lot more than we’d all like to know. Adult webcams are not immune to this sad fact about the dark side of affiliate marketing.

With that said, today we have terminated our affiliate relationship with XLoveCam / xlovecash. Thus the focus of this article is on why we ended our affiliate relationship with xlovecash, xlovecam, .cams, and ACWM.BIZ.

Xlovecam is a European adult webcam site owned by ACWM.BIZ which operates a affiliate program called XLoveCash. This company, flush with cash by all accounts is out making acquisitions in the adult entertainment industry. Spending to make a splash at adult industry conferences as if business were great, right? Most recently they have launched sex.cam. Their affiliate program for that cam site (one geared towards US users) is called xlovecash and it’s online at xlovecash.com. So things must be converting well, no?!

xlovecash – an affiliate program we have terminated out relationship with after a long standing discussion centered around the concern they were not reporting, nor paying us for conversions.

Let be get right to it! The bottom line is after a careful analysis of the traffic we have sent over a 2 years time period with detailed tests we performed; even after reporting the issues not once but twice lead us to the inescapable conclusion that xlovecash is not reporting sales in our affiliate account. Thus in our opinion they must be taking those funds without paying the owed affiliate payments. So we are washing our hands of any coverage, linking to, or discussions about this webcam site from today forward.

I think xlovecash Affiliate Program is a Fraud that is Cheating Adult Webmasters

Over the past 3 years there have been numerous times where I have had to confront affiliate program managers with similar concerns. Likewise, it’s happened with more than 1 cam site where we have spotted substantial inconsistencies in reporting. In another scenario there was a case where I had an affiliate program turn off our links by accident (or so they claimed) without informing us and then they claimed it was just an innocent mistake. (They were not at first even willing to pay us on the thousands of dollars they earned from our traffic). I have also encountered affiliate programs telling me programming errors have caused sales and conversion to not be recorded. I have heard it all. xlovecash though I believe is just simply not reporting sales and pretending that the traffic is not high converting. According to xlovecash stats you can see with your own eyes below, it basically didn’t convert at all!?). Here is an email screenshot showing the reply from when we first reported the concern. We were of course, very direct when we brought the concern to their attention. The reason why was based on the analysis we performed and the testing we did.

Just read what Dave of xlovecams / xlovecash says.

xlovecash reply from Dave
The reply from Dave at xlovecash was one of the more ignorant ones I have seen when confronted with what we believe is fraud towards affiliates.

Our reply shared the fact that, ‘EVERY SINGLE OTHER PROGRAM WE HAVE SENT THIS VOLUME OF TRAFFIC TO OR EVEN MUCH LESS TRAFFIC HAS A REASONABLE NUMBER OF USERS, ACTIVE USERS, AND SPENDERS. The fact your reporting nearly nothing over the time frame you are; we simply do not believe is true. It’s nearly impossible”.

You see, besides adult webcam news we also have a series of fun and informative blogs that discuss adult webcam sites and the key differences. This site we covering news in the adult cam space we pretty much write for free, making peanuts but enjoying it. However, in other aspects we are are pretty embedded into the business of adult webcams on the blogging side of things.

We also write about the events at all the top cam sites with more of a focus on the user experiences side of using live webcam sites. As far as our other websites, these mostly compare some most widely known video chat sites. On these sites we both buy ads and are always producing good quality content for organic traffic.

At any rate, the point is we’re not new to the rodeo and we know what to expect from outbound traffic because we have more than 5 years of analysis tied to that traffic and what it does.

According to xlovecash Organic USA Traffic for Cam Sites Converts the Best, but NOT at xLoveCams

So this sudden epiphany by xlovecash that their cam site is not converting on USA traffic is…well…BULLSHIT imo.

reply from Nick at xlovecash
reply from Nick at xlovecash

OH REALLY!? Is my response. Note they casually pass of that they have updated their affiliate offers only when we reach out over and over about missing sales and concerns about fraud?

Notice that they add a casual smile face to their reply on a serious matter after saying it’s normal that their is no conversions?

…or that the xlovecash team seems genuinely concerned where we place their offers when in fact they can see in their own analytics reports (which takes just a few minutes).

Look at the data below. We are soooo done with xlovecash!

Our traffic for adult cam sites converts so well that many webcam affiliate programs are surprised our affiliate accounts get so many registrations with such little traffic. That is the beauty of producing quality content with good seo and keyword research. However it takes heavy investments of time to produce informative and engaging content. Because the investment to produce content is so high and because even the presence on our other sites carrying do follow links; we have to make decisions to include affiliate programs very carefully. This is a great example of why. If one cam site is not paying and you are investing to produce content or buying ads to sending them traffic; it’s something people need to share with others. There is no room for dishonesty in the adult webcam business.

DISCLOSURE: While it’s possible that some freak technological glitch occurred, causing sales (that they did not report to us) using our affiliate links; it’s super unlikely. If that is the case their also evidently not ready or willing to admit it. Moreover, what explains this same pattern of ZERO conversion over such a long period of time?

Let’s look at some of the stats from the traffic we sent to xlovecam via their affiliate program called xlovecash.

First here is a breakdown of the countries by IP.


xlovecash traffic study
Our xlovecash traffic study was done to see where the traffic was coming from and why is was not converting. The company claims USA traffic just does not convert well but yet their also out saying the exact opposite at trade shows.

Next here is a total volume over a longer term duration. (Just 6 months) We actually monitored this over 2 plus years! Yes, we are pretty patient and measured.

traffic sent to xlovecam
The same traffic sent to xlovecam converts at all other adult cam sites but not via xlovecash for xlovecams?

You’ll note we started to draw down the level of outgoing traffic after we first suspected xlovecash of affiliate fraud. We discussed the concerns with the organization and then gave it more time to flush out and see if there was some sort of really rare anomaly or if the missing conversions would report at later dates. We then circled back and carefully performed some tests and monitored our account. Let’s just say this…

We more strongly than ever suspect xlovecash of intentional affiliate fraud. xlovecash.com is the affiliate program for sex.cam & xlovecam. ACWM.BIZ is apparently the parent entity and they also seem to be the ones behind the .cams TLD. I won’t even get into how wild and silly their SEO claims are about using that new TLD because this post is already long enough as it is. That said, the story behind our experience with xlovecash was shared on this blog because we do not believe this business is dealing honestly. Moreover we hope this post inspires other affiliate to pay very close attention to their reports from this affiliate program. Our opinion is that adult webmasters who value their traffic should send it to through other adult webcam affiliate programs.

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