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We Asked Guys How Much They Spend on Cam Girls…What They Said (Poll)

We posted a poll to Twitter asking guys how much their spending on cam girls and live sex shows and this is the results on our poll.

Guys Spending Habits on Webcam Girls Exposed

So we were not shocked to learn that at least half of the users of Chaturbate and other adult webcam sites like Streamate simply do not pay anything. They instead exploit and take advantages of the free live sex shows that are offered on these free adult webcam sites. Yes the amount of free sex cams content varies between these two platforms greatly but the fact remains their both places where you can get a fair amount of adult video chat for free. We did not ask users which cam sites they are using as a part of our poll.

cam girl shows expense
We found out how many guys are actually picking up the tab as far as cam girl show expenses. See the poll!

However, we were a bit surprised to learn that their were so many large spenders. I could classify anyone who spends $1,000 or more on adult cams as a mini-whale. Those that spend $50,000 or more per year on cam girls are the real industry whales and they exist but are rare. They are so rare in fact that it’s unlikely our poll reached any of them.

free live sex
If you are getting, “free live sex” just realize someone is paying for it.

Out of the respondents though we did find a large number of users who spend a pretty large sum. (At least according to their claims.) Claims of course we have no way to verify. Since Twitter polls are anonymous though respondents would have little reason to lie.

Perhaps the outcome we most expected was that most users besides the cheapskates just throw in a little bit each time they participate or use a cam girls show to….well, you know! 🙂

Is It Unethical to Jack off to Cam Girl for Free Knowing She is Working?

Maybe yes. maybe no. Each of us has to decide that according to our own reasoning and moral compass.

The reason why tipping cam sites like Chaturbate (review at that link) exist is because the law of averages does dictate that many (enough) will tip. Now if you ask me personally that is a different question.

cam girls how much
How much are guys spending on cam girls and live sex shows?

I think it’s ethical to spank my money to a cam girl without contributing…at least most of the time.

99% of the time I throw in tokens or credits to the pot at whichever adult cam site I happen to be on at the time. That said I have been caught in a jam and needed to bust a nut and did so without even logging the fuck in! So that counts because I used the content and I did not pay. At least that is I did not pay that time.

Cam Girls Are Part of a Collective When they Participate in A Free Tokens Cam Site

Were certainly not going to settle anything here in this short article. It’s an age old question that has layers upon layers of ethical questions atop it.  That said, it is a question that all our readers who are users of adult webcam shows should ask themselves.

Why? Because it humanizes the aspect that it’s in fact a real woman (or man) performing for you on webcam. If you paid nothing and everyone else did the same there would not be a show for you to see.

As they say, just because you got something by being a part of a community without any cost you have to realize NOTHING IS FREE! Check out our list of the best live sex sites and see where most people are having their adult webcam fun!


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