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Webcam Chat Sites Like Omegle Are Dangerous! (Here’s Why…)

Omegle is a random webcam chat site which lets virtually anyone, and yes we mean anyone chat with strangers on cam. It is one of, if not the top random video chat site in the world today. However, that does not correlate to if it is any good. Considering how creepy and basic omegle is from a technology standpoint that is actually a profound statement that so many people still use this dodgy webcam chat site. That said, let me start by saying just two things at the outset of this omegle review.

Omegle : What to expect as a user and why it’s not safe for adult chat.
    1. Omegle lacks proper age verification protocols. As parents all tell our kids the number 1 thing not to do is chat with strangers, yet here we are presented with a concept that encourages interaction between adults and minors by lacking legitimate age verification methods. All one has to do to get onto random video chat is claim to be over 18 by the click of the mouse. As a parent who is super familiar with adult webcams but also knows how many pervs are out their, this is fucking freaky.
    2. Secondarily, Omegle does not clearly convey to users the risks of using the site nor the fact that minors may also be broadcasting their webcams or viewing yours. Omegle is giving everyone full access and that is where the dangers lies. Likewise it is also why it’s only responsible to tell our readers and others who may not be aware of how omegle.com works; that it’s a scary place to chat with strangers. Likewise because we are watching out for you as a user of adult webcam sites we have suggested some alternatives to Omegle below. On the home page to their their credit they do say this:

“Omegle (oh·meg·ull) is a great way to meet new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random and let you talk one-on-one. To help you stay safe, chats are anonymous unless you tell someone who you are (not suggested!), and you can stop a chat at any time. Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.”

In general, random video chat sites are not good places to expect adult webcam shows or even prowl for such things. Always keep this in mind; since both types of cam sites are not that old there is a large degree of ignorance around this topic and the key differences of video chat sites.

random video chat sites like omegle
Steer clear of random video chat sites like Omegle.

Were not going to spend much time on the small details about omegle or their rudimentary set of features but it’s accurate to say that all mainstream adult cam sites have more-in-depth functionality than this random video chat site and most cam sites like omelgle.

  • When you first land on the page you are met with two boxes. One displays your video along the bottom and then across the top the strangers webcam is shown.
  • Either party can exit and choose to see the next stranger in que. You can also select the sex as in male or female.
  • There is also a completely pointless and boring video that that is just left there so that the site does not seem so basic. Truth be told few users of omegle use that.
  • On average there is more than 25,000 people around the world on omegle at all times.
  • India of all countries is where this random video chat site is most popular; who knew chat with strangers was a such big thing in the far East.

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They do tell you on omegle.com that their is also NO MODERATION.

Guys Use Omegle for Random Video Chat With Girls (Red Flag One)

It’s pretty obvious that the allure of Omegle is chatting with girls. After all, that is what put this bizarre chat site on the map in the first place and why millions of people are using the freaky weird cam site. So you have to ask, if a person is chatting online versus going offline to make real friends in the real world is’t that sorta of odd to begin with?

Omegle alternatives for adults
We shared 3 safe Omegle alternatives for adults below.

Omegle.com Has No Age Verification

Chat with strangers and all the other omegle alternatives need to have a mechanism to keep grown men from chatting with kids online. YES, this is a sad state of affairs, but given the fact that perverts are lurking around online at cam sites like omegle.com, it is necessary to keep pervs and kids separate. Unfortunately, omegle gets a rating of an, ‘F’ in doing just that.

The fundamental flaw of any random webcam chat site like omegle.com is to be safe for all parties there needs to be a system where those who appear on cam are age verified.  Even though this site likes to claim ignorance about the intent of many users to they even are so bold as to have large banners marketing video sex chat. One says, ‘Gay” and that sends traffic to Chaturbate (review) at that link. The other link is red and simple says, ‘Sex‘ and that redirects visitors to a white label or clone version of Bongacams branded omeglesex.xxx. To put it bluntly, this webcams site is not worth registering for unless you go to the real version of the site at a totally different url, and even that is one of the lower ranked adult cam sites these days.

That said, at least they have a age verification system on this crappy so called adult version of Omegle. If you are curious, our pick would have to be Streamate.com though as far as the single best Omegle alternatives for adults. We talk more about that in the conclusion below though. First let’s talk more about risks and safety using omegle.

dangers of omegle
The risks and dangers of using omegle.com outweigh any fun benefits of talking with strangers at a unmoderated cam site. (screenshot)

Omegle is NOT an Adult Video Chat Site; Yet it’s Used Like One

There is no excuse EVER for all the weirdos to flock to stranger video chat sites and expose themselves or for anyone to ever try to steer conversations towards sex to satisfy themselves sexually. Yet it happens and it happens a lot at Omegle; so much so that is has it’s own meme these days. Culturally though, now more than ever more and more attention is rightfully being directed at keeping sites like omegle in check.

Editor Conclusion : Omegle Review

First of all I should tell you that we rarely cover video chat sites or cam site that are geared towards chat with strangers because the entire premise is risky behavior.

omegle safety
omegle and safe do not belong in the same sentence. Many guys who have pulled this stunt have gone to prison. Be safe and stick to legit cam sites.

Our view is that sites like Omegle are not safe for those seeking adult entertainment. That said, we felt that doing a omegle review was necessary given that some would be users of adult cam sites, are using omegle as their outlet for video chat with girls. Where they are going wrong is in assuming that this platform allows adult nature conversations, sex chat, or even is a cam site where you can expose yourself to girls.  Let’s be honest, lots of men love to show their dicks to women. Not sure why, never been my thing, but it’s a thing; a rather big thing and no we are not talking about the membrane itself. Perhaps guys do this for their egos or to just get a reaction out of sheer ignorance; whatever the reasons omegle is not the place to show off your dick! If you are looking for places to expose yourself to girls online, try these.

A. LiveJasmin – Largest cam sex site in the world based in Switzerland and  Hungary and known around the world as the most advanced video chat site for adults. Everyone is age verified which makes it totally safe, unlike omegle cams.

B. Streamate.com – Largest North American live sex cams websites. Free membership and more girls on webcams than almost any other sex chat site. My personal favorite, have been a member for 7 years.

C. Chaturbate – Free for all voyeur cams based in California and has become the most visited adult cam site over the past 24 months. It’s not ideal for private chat but the tokens concept has really caught on. Really though it is hard to get personal one-on-one shows here; so the two top options are probably the most like Omegle.

Do yourself a huge favor and understand the risks of using omegle.com. Yes it can be fun at browse at cam sites to chat with strangers but stick to those designed for the outcome you are expecting.

Lastly, if you are asking is, “Is Omegle safe” the answer is yes but only for non adult video chat. That said, you can still be putting your reputation at risk because your video feed can be recorded without your knowledge.

Recording users is not permitted at true paid and premium adult webcam sites such as those we suggested above. Just one more reason you need to choose wisely when it comes to where you are seeking adult entertainment on the web. There are thousand of chat sites and lots of safe sex cam sites to choose from; check out our list of the best sex cams. We have adult webcam reviews for all the most popular legit sex cams websites.

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