Chaturbate affiliate program

Chaturbate White Label Affiliates Deploy HTTPS

Chaturbate has emailed all webmaster affiliates to inform them that migrating all Chaturbate white label cam sites to HTTPS from HTTP and this migration is required. It’s a simple process and they have a self-serve SSL System to make the changes to your white label cam sites. The https secure delivery method helps maintain standards for ranking and inclusion in Google and prevents surfers using Chrome from receiving warnings that a site maybe insecure. Chaturabte has made the transition mandatory as most other adult webcam platforms have and today notified their adult webcam affiliates who have a white label cam sites Chaturbate that to maintain that wl cam site affiliates they must make the transition.  Here is the official Chaturbate email sent to all their affiliates

Dear Webmaster:

I’m emailing you because you have a white label set up with Chaturbate. We recently introduced a self-serve SSL system which allows you to set up your white label with HTTPS. There are many benefits to HTTPS over HTTP, as described on Wikipedia’s HTTPS Article.

From January 1st 2019, we will remove support for custom white label domains that are not using HTTPS. To migrate your white labels to HTTPS, visit the Chaturbate White Labels Management Page. Once there, click “[Add]” under the “HTTPS Domains” column.

Chaturbate affiliate program
Chaturbate affiliate program

In a nutshell, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is a more secure delivery method for old standard http and white label cam sites are basically a copy of a cam site from a major platform like chaturbate which operates in the same exact way as chaturbate and has all the same models and functions. The key difference being that you register a domain, and own the brand and get credit for any users and expenditures at that url consistent with the payout rates in the Chaturbate affiliate program.

Chaturbate is one of the few white label cam site options that allows changes to CSS. They also have some super creative solutions that affiliate marketing professionals can use to create sites that work well within search index. However, one trade-off is that they do not allow the standard wl sites they offer to their affiliates to be read by the index. The reason why is to protect the search rank of Chaturbate main site itself and build rank bank to the main platform.

These days most adult affiliate marketers know that WL sites regardless of the platform do not rank well and are often not even indexed by google due to thin content.  You can learn more about the Chaturbate affiliate program or compare adult webcam affiliate programs at those links.  As a matter of full disclosure Adult Webcam News participates in the Chaturbate affiliate program and we have found it to be one of the best converting adult affiliate programs overall because the frequency users return to their video chat cam site.


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