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Interview: Shay E. VP of Marketing on ImLive

We recently had the privilege of discussing current business trends in the adult webcams industry with Shay E. VP of Marketing and Business Development on ImLive. has been recognized as one of the leading adult webcams platforms in the Adult Webcam Awards, Live Cam Awards, AW-Awards, LAL Expo Awards, XBIZ, and AVN Awards and so we are very happy to be able to visit with Shay and share the following interview.

Q. What do you see as the current trends in cam modelling?

Shay E. VP of Marketing and Business Development on ImLive

Cam modelling is definitely moving towards becoming a much more interactive experience. Advances in technology are allowing the industry to push into new areas that allow members and models to interact in ways that previously were simply not possible. Integration of mobile streaming to create exciting shows from any location not just the bedroom and interactive toys that allow a physical interaction between member and host are now all possible and certainly only the beginning.

Q. How do studios and other services benefit performers (as opposed to working from home, education)?

Both systems are viable and there are very successful performers in both. The advantage of the studio system is based on what the studio is able to offer the performer over and above what they could normally have or achieve by themselves. For example a studio may be able to offer training for the performer both in regard to their performance and the chosen web platform. A studio may be able to provide better marketing and traffic, with designers and affiliate deals. They may be able to offer the model something in the physical sense such as equipment, luxurious rooms and outfits or make up. For many performers, the assistance and structure of a studio is very confidence building.

Q. Will VR cams take off, and will their higher technical demands make studios even more necessary?

Yes I think there is a market for the VR cam and it is something we are definitely looking into. The initial outlay may be easier with the funding of a studio but I think that this technology is now available to all and certainly not exclusive to a studio environment. As with all technology, as more and more cams and headsets come on the market prices become accessible to everyone so this is no longer an issue.

Q. What else should our readers know about what it takes to succeed in the cam market today?

Success is entirely dependent on commitment and the ability to create an online marketable persona or brand. If you take the job seriously and commit the time and effort the rewards can be exceptional. Time spent creating a unique style and fan base by promotion and marketing on site based tools and social media is essential as it creates a strong branding that can be built on. This ultimately leads to retention of members which is where you can achieve the very secure stable income that is the ultimate goal of most performers. The best and most successful performers in the cam world are those that have invested time in creating their own unique image and persona that they can sell to clients.

We would like to thank Shay E. VP of Marketing and Business Development with for taking the time to visit with us and share his valuable insights with our readers. You can become a model on ImLive by registering here. You can become an ImLive affiliate and make money as a partner via the ImLive affiliate portal at PussyCash. You can also start your very own adult webcams site with their white label system at WebcamWiz.

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