Diamond Doll XX

Interview: Diamond Doll XX A Leading Live Cam Model

Today we are thrilled to publish an interview with Diamond Doll XX @DiamondDollxxx a leading live cam model at Streamate and LiveJasmin who was most recently voted, ‘Best Webcam Masturbation Show‘ in the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards.

Diamond Doll XX, A Leading Live Cam Model at Streamate and LiveJasmin

1. How did you get started as a cam model.

Wow, this question is hard to answer because there were more than just one things that made me look into it. The main reason was the fact that I always loved modeling and earning with my image so when I first spoke to a friend about it and seen what a big audience she had, I immediately knew I wanted to try it. At first I thought it will be easy, but the start was far from that. We can actually put my career to be caused by my ambition, I haven’t given up in the start and wanted to prove I can do this very good on my own, now a few years later it seems I did quite a good job!

2. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as you became really successful as a cam model?

Is really hard to determine the exact moment but I think it happened in the first year when I started working longer hours and covering more online time during a month. I actually treat this job as a normal one, I do have a schedule and I am really sticking to it. Now that I think about it, I think I really grew once I started to participate at various events and of course, when I was nominated and also won some awards for my work so the breakthrough was when I made myself seen.

3.what advice would you give to other cam modelling professionals?

The best advice a cam modelling professional can get is to stay true to herself, create a work style and stick to it. There are quite a few models that made history with their earnings and appearances and all of it started with the models dedicating their time to grow their audience and improve their online appearance. So, the best advice is to treat yourself as a business, invest and promote yourself, be seen and be cool, smile and make money!

4. Whare are your current goals?

Well, there are some business ideas that I don’t want to share just yet but one of my biggest goals is to create a Glam-Fetish dedicated site where I can grow this trend. When it comes to me as a model, my main goal is to continue to be a top model and of course win a few more awards and participate in various industry related events, I want my name to be associated with professionalism…

5. What trends or changes you see taking place in the cams industry?

The industry is in such expansion that is really hard to keep track with all changes, yet if there is a trend that everyone seems to follow that is providing quality content and services. Everyone invests in great videos, photos and equipment and this is only for the best since it creates competition and it forces us to become a better version of ourselves.

6. What do you see happening in the short-term as changes in the Adult Webcam Business?

If you ask me we will face some serious changes in what the sites are offering, we can already see sites that invested in more ways to increase the interaction between models and members, also the virtual reality is just around the corner and more and more sites are becoming a “second home” for many models and members, this only means our industry is growing and does not show any signs of stopping…

A huge thank you to the Diamond Doll XX for sitting down with us to share some great advice and some super interesting thoughts on the live webcams entertainment business! Make sure to pay her a visit as well at either Diamond Doll XX on Streamate or Diamond Doll XX on LiveJasmin.


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