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ImLive Cam Site Shows Commitment to Supporting Ukraine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Adrian Stoneman [VP Business & PR] – ImLive cam site expands and continues humanitarian assistance program to Ukraine

The assistance that began during the TES Affiliate Conference, in Spain has now been extended to include direct help within
the borders of Ukraine.

Initial assistance was given to the large group of Ukrainian delegates who found themselves stranded and unable to
return, due to travel restrictions stemming from the invasion of the country by Russian forces.

This, further compounded by global financial restrictions, resulted in many of these delegates being unable to receive or transfer
funds. As more news came from inside the country it became clear of a rapidly growing humanitarian crisis.
The executive team at ImLive quickly convened to discuss how the company could step in and assist their industry
colleagues and with the hour the decision had been made to transfer delegates to a 4-star hotel in Barcelona for the
next 10 days fully paid for by the company. Allowing delegates time to work on their next steps without the added
stress of no accommodation and necessities.

The original offer was made to 30 people, but it was clear nobody should be left behind and was subsequently
extended to all 46 delegates. A bus was hired, and a hotel booked on what was one of the busiest weekends of the
year coinciding with carnival and a world mobile tech conference in Barcelona.

ImLive personnel stayed with the group for the duration of the stay, mounting a remote office and ensuring
emotional support and assistance were available. ALL 46 delegates were able to find safe passage or accommodation
to neighboring countries with accommodation and flights gifted by the kind help of individuals and companies
within the industry

ImLive is also proud to share that the company has joined forces to provide humanitarian assistance and support
the establishment of a field hospital for the treatment of war victims in Ukraine, which is fulfilled and managed by
one of the local hospitals.

Further to the creation of the field hospital, sufficient funding was also donated for the purchase of an ultrasound
a device that will be used in what is currently one of the country’s most important life-saving missions, as the war

ImLive is honored to help our Ukrainian friends and hopes you join us in wishing them a safe conclusion to this terrible situation.

Here is the full press release.

imlive ukraine press release
Imlive Ukraine press release

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