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Interview with Award Winning Cam Girl Ainslee Divine

Adult Webcam News recently got the chance to catch up with Ainslee Divine, a top adult webcams performer who recently was named, ‘Top Milf Cam Model‘ in the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards™. We also learned that Ainslee Divine captured more votes and garnered more page views than any single performer in this past year’s annual AWA; where fans and peers vote for their favorite cam models across all the most popular xxx chat platforms. Ainslee Divine is a very popular cam girl on the adult video chat platform and has a massive following on Instagram as well. Likewise, you can find her on Twitter @ainslee_divine where she has some 18,000 fan followers. The full interview is below.

Q. How did you get started as a cam model?
Ainslee Divine Wins ‘Best Milf Cam Show’ in AWA
A. In the summer of 2016 I started an Instagram page and the response to my pictures was absolutely overwhelming.  Within 2 months I had over 10K followers and was getting hit up by tons of photographers and producers in the porn industry.  What I thought was just something fun actually had potential to be something big and I had to make a decision how I wanted to move forward.  After sifting through everything and some research, I was able to connect with an amazing producer and the ball started rolling.  He was actually the one that recommended I give camming a try to see how I liked it.  In October of 2016 I began camming and immediately fell in love with it!  I did it part-time to start and in June of 2017 I went full-time and haven’t looked back!
Q.  What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
A.  Tough question but I would have to say that my breakthrough moment would have to be when I switched camming websites and people followed me over to my new site!  I had actually fans/followers and they wanted to be where ever I was at.  How cool is that?  I knew then that I had actually made my mark in the industry.
Q.  What advice would you give other cam modeling professionals?
A.  This business can be a rocky road.  Meaning there are good days and bad days and you just have to stay positive and know that tomorrow is another day.  You also learn quickly that not everyone is nice online so you need to be able to handle what is going to be thrown your way.  Just keep smiling and remember that is why they give us a block button 🙂  Don’t ever let it get you down.  If you let them see you get bothered then they win.  I think that this advice is good for both new and established models.
Q.  What are your current goals?
A.  I am working to continue to build my brand and work as hard as I can to better myself as a cam model.  It’s not necessary to constantly re-invent myself but keeping it new and fresh definitely keeps people coming back for more which is always a good thing!
Ainslee Divine
Q.  What trends or changes to you see taking place in the cam industry?
A.  I see the popularity of cam models growing which is so exciting!  I attended the AVN/AEE’s in Las Vegas last month and was amazed at the amount of people waiting to meet their favorite cam model. Industry events like that are often the only times that the fans/followers can actually meet their favorite model and a lot of people are attending the events just for that reason.  I am still fairly new in this industry and I actually had fans/followers approach me at the event and ask for pictures.  It is such a great feeling to be recognized and acknowledged for what you do.

We want to extend our thanks to Ainslee Divine. Ainslee Divine is one of the warmest and friendliest performers who we have ever had a chance to interview; a true professional and successful cams businesswoman who truly strives to keep her fans and viewers happy as well as a savvy marketer who is making her mark in the space. It was a true privilege, make sure to catch Ainslee Divine on webcam here.

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