Interview w/ Brand New Cam Girl (Gabby) Part 1

Help us welcome Gabby Daniels, in our series of cam girl interviews.

Today we are thrilled to share part 1 of this 2 part uncut interview with Gabby Daniels (@gabbydanielsxox on Twitter) a cam model who is literally brand to new the webcam modeling business. First off, Gabby is a new and already popular cam girl from midwest who is working at What excited us about sharing this exclusive interview was the fact that it gives our readers a deeper look into the process of how a brand new cam girl came to get involved in the adult webcams industry. As you will read below, it started with a simple web search!
Interview with a Brand New Cam Girl Gabby Daniels
1. What inspired you to become a cam model? And exactly how did you run into the site where you model?
New Cam Girl Gabby Daniels
I have always enjoyed sending and taking sexy videos and pictures. But my cousin actually told me she tried a cam site, can’t recall which one, and made like $20 eating a sandwich in her bra and panties. This intrigued me.
I started by simply google searching cam sites and applying for all the ones that came up first. Stripchat just happened to be the first one that approved my application.
2. What other jobs have you had? Any other adult gigs or modeling? Any plans or desire to do porn movies?
I have never had any adult modeling gigs, and I don’t have a desire to do any porn movies, hard-core anyway. I have worked in the restaurant industry since I was 15, and through college. I now work at a tech company.
3. When did you have your first orgasm on cam? Or have you yet? Was it what you imagined or heightened by the fact you were being watched? Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
I had my first one about two weeks into camming during a private session when the member had full control of my device. I would say everything I do sexually on cam is heightened by the fact that people are watching. I wouldn’t consider myself an exhibitionist, because I feel like it’s different when I can’t see people watching, if that makes sense.
Gabby Daniels is a completely new cam girl on StripChat.

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