Adult-webcamming – All that Glitters is Not Gold! (From the Web)

Every profession that reeks of glamour and money is attractive to most of us. It could be glitzy world of modelling or mysterious world of adult webcamming; it entices most youth and they wonder ‘if all that glitters is gold’. As an eye-opener sorts, Amber Reeds, a leading adult webcam girl, who is, erm, a celebrity of sorts, talks her heart out to Broadly  by VICE and shares her experience with of being a “cam girl”. The article stood out as interesting to us and so we wanted to share some of the high points with readers here.

A well-known name in porn industry, Amber, began her camming career on insistence of a friend, who wanted her to give it a try. She signed up for the adult web cam site, Adultwork and literally waited for the worst. With augmentation of internet trolls, her fears were legit.

Being a Cam Girl
Stories from the web detail being a cam girl is not easy…


However, what awaited her was a sweet surprise, she found adult webcamming as an extension to her self-expression, a medium to put her kinks on display, and heck – earn a decent amount. She pointed out the days when she could earn obscene amount of money, webcamming, something a regular office- goer could only dream of. That said, she also confesses that it is not child’s play and put immense pressure on her for she connected with the audiences in more than one way.

She pointed out at one of her regular clients, who used to turn up for her show every night, she knew the guy was a nurse and was possibly blowing up insane amount of money on her. That clearly disturbed her, and she warned him once.

She, further, spoke about web cam girls struggles, mostly psychological ones. How the fear of not being good enough or attractive enough, constantly tortures them. Even more so, when they are going through a lull period. The self-blame is destroying and dangerous.

She trails off saying webcamming has helped her grow up as person and given her personality another dimension, altogether. Amber appears to also have a wide following not just on Twitter @reedamberx but as well with her own fairly successful YouTube channel called ‘ComeCurious’; both of which show a mastery of social media that goes hand in hand with being one of the successful ones in camming.  


Here is a snippet from this sex advice vlogger come and cam girl…

In conclusion, as glamorous and fun as it looks adult webcamming is no child’s play. Not only you have to keep evolving yourself to retain the interest of the clients, but also play on the borderlines of extremes, which you prolly would have just avoided. If you are keen to get into this profession do weigh the pros and cons carefully. Prepare yourself for untowardly incidents like cyber-bulling, harassment, and privacy invasion which are few pitfalls of this profession. You will get to play a variety of roles while webcamming and if you are brave and diligent enough, the adult web cam industry will award you richly.

All said and done, we have listed all the adult webcam sites hiring cam girls, as well as the top paying cam girl sites with registration links for each of the best internet modeling jobs here. Get naked, make a few bucks, but always know what you are getting yourself into; being a cam girl ain’t easy.

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