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Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models – Part 1: Are you Missing Out?

Increasing your income as a cam model maybe simpler than you think.
Increasing your income as a cam model maybe much simpler than you think.

The question of how to become a top earning webcam model is not as simple as just looking at your own performances on cam. Over the course of the coming months, we will highlight some opportunities for models to consider in their live webcam businesses.

Today’s topic is Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models. Considering how much money is to be made by models who focus their marketing around user acquisition (getting people to register on their cam sites), this is an opportunity for which you can expect a number of follow-up articles. This particular entry is Part 1 of a 3 part series called, Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models.

Issue in Focus (Leveraging Adult Webcam Affiliate Marketing)

The goal of this article is to share how, along with your own camming, focusing on other aspects of the adult webcams business can help us get the higher return on our time investment.  After all, for most models, the goal is to make the most amount of money with the least amount of time spent on cam. For a new or veteran cam model there is so much to master; from keeping fans in your shows and getting them to actually open their wallets, to actually turning them into long-term customers. However, while we so diligently focus on those modeling topics, we often overlook a whole universe of income opportunities that are right in front of us.

Let’s back up a second.  Would you agree, that in order to maximize our income we first have to maximize the efficient use of our time? And in order to do that, we must be aware of all the opportunities, right?  So, in order to be aware of the opportunities, it’s also important to understand why they are opportunities in the first place, right?Just ask any cam model who has tapped into the revenue stream we are talking about today and they will tell you just how valuable it is! What are we referring to, you ask?

Adult Webcam Affiliate marketing

Adult Webcam Affiliate marketing insights for webcam models
Adult Webcam Affiliate marketing insights for webcam models

Affiliate marketers in general terms are simply those who have figured out how to get people to sign-up for items online. When it comes to live webcam sites, affiliate marketing is not at all complex. As a matter of fact, it’s actually fairly easy.  Likewise, in the case of adult webcams, nobody can more easily close the deal than the models themselves. So, why aren’t more models focusing on the initial registration aspect or sign-up of the income equation when it comes to their own model marketing efforts?

Focus, at least to some degree, on the highest earning activities.

Before we move ahead we want to share our list of the top paying cam girls sites. This has become one of the most popular resources on our site and so I wanted to come to a momentary full stop to share it. Carrying on now…

The truth is that not many models are aware of just how a little more focus in outside marketing can result in a whole lot more income potential, not to mention income when they are not on cam. Likewise, platforms in many cases do a great job offering tips to models on webcam modeling, but not such a wonderful job in explaining how models can capitalize on residual income by focusing more of their energies on getting new registered members.

Part of the reason that is the case is because many platforms don’t yet realize how truly savvy Internet cam models are.  Another part of the reason is because they’re stuck in the old way of thinking when it comes to user acquisition strategies. By tapping into the other side of the business as a model;  as an affiliate marketer or white label operator, you can watch your income start to increase as you learn about attracting users to the site on which you are also a model.

Average live webcam model split
Average live webcam model split

30% – Average live webcam model split

A slice of today’s pie, or a bite of all the pies for life?

First, let’s take a deeper look at the general costs structure of adult webcam sites so we can illustrate more money-making, including why those activities are worth what they are. The goal here is looking at camming business from the perspective that your own shows and dollars earned per hour, may be limiting you. Taking the time to learn about all income opportunity aspects – specifically, the affiliate marketing activities – can decrease your time spent on cam.

Adult webcam sites have 5 or more different payees involved in each sale, something we’d assume just involves a customer, a model, as well as a platform. This isn’t really as simple or straightforward as it seems.  The point being, if we are more aware of the cost structure and which piece of business is deemed more valuable, right or wrong, this helps us determine the most profitable money-making activities, and thus, the best allocation of our own time.

Here are the 5 hands involved in the payout of a show between a model and a customer. Different adult webcam sites have different ways of doing things, but this general framework is fairly consistent across all platforms:

  • Hand 1 – The Processor of Payments
  • Hand 2 – The Traffic Source (Affiliate in our example) Yes, there are many different sources for the user and many are directly attributed to the marketing efforts of the platform. Whatever they are, they are still balanced against the costs to deliver that show.
  • Hand 3 – The Hosting / Bandwidth
  • Hand 4 – The Model
  • Hand 5 – The Platform (profit margin)

If you add these together, it will amount to 100% of the amount paid by a customer to a platform. It’s also worth noting, that contrary to popular belief, the adult webcam sites themselves do not take a huge percentage of profit for each show. The adult webcam business is actually a rather low margin business, but the volume is large and growing. In addition, the rebuy rates are also quite high. Anyway, this is merely the first point we want to illustrate which makes our next point easier to explain.

RECAP:It’s important to be aware of the cost structures since there are actually 5 hands that need to be paid for your show to occur. Clearly, you and I would assume the model would get the largest chunk of the money spent. However, that is more often than not, not the case. The traffic source actually takes the largest portion of the sale. The reason why is that it’s generally more expensive for platforms to acquire new users. This is where models can substantially increase their earnings. By learning methods to convert new user registrations (off-site), you become the traffic source and thus you are paid at a much higher rate than you would be just showing up online to do shows as a model.

How Much More Can I Make as a Cam Model?

How to make more money as a Cam Model
How to make more money as a Cam Model

A LOT! 65% potential – When your efforts as a model led to the customer signing up via your own affiliate link AND they got a show with you.

Models typically make between 20%-35% of the money spent on their own performances, while affiliate marketers earn between 30%-55% of every dollar spent with any performer across an adult webcam performance, for the whole life of that user.

The next question naturally becomes: what then is the lifetime user value on adult webcam sites? AGAIN, ALOT! In order to ascertain the value of each new member you register at an adult webcam site, you’d have to know that number. Over time though, it will show itself in your stats if you opt for revenue sharing versus taking a flat payment for each new user. As a general rule it’s safe to say at most of the top adult webcam sites, a user will spent at least $800.00 over their life as a member. That then translates into between 30%-50% of those dollars coming to you regardless of whether you are the performer or not that this user chooses. As the traffic source (affiliate marketer), this means an extra $240.00 to $400.00 in your pocket.

The lifetime user values across different sites are of course only measurable since live cams have become technologically possible and commercially widespread for just that window of time. Therefore, true lifetime user values are most likely going to be much higher in the long run, which is another reason to factor it your opportunity costs when you are spending time only thinking about your own show today versus securing new customers with your affiliate marketing links as a cam model.

Cam Models Who Are Affiliate Marketers Too Are Killing It!

Top models who are adult webcam affiliates as well report their average earnings from users to be around $30.00 per month per registered user. So if you have 2,000 registered users who are spending $30.00 each per month, your gross sales are $60,000. So, in the case where your split is 30%, you are also bringing another $18,000 per month as an affiliate. This monthly income happens whether you are on cam or not. As a matter of fact, you might be taking the whole month or many months off that whole time your affiliate income checks continue coming in.Whether this is fair or not, it is the economics of the business. What we are hoping to do in this article, is illuminate how you, as a model, can capture more income and more efficiently utilize the time spent in your business.

Webcam Models are the Masters of the Social Media Universe.

Now that we have drilled down to the opportunity itself as far as focusing at least some of your time in affiliate marketing,  we’ll briefly touch on two other topics that we will revisit in the 2nd part of this article called, ‘Getting Started in Adult Webcam Affiliate Marketing’.Before we bring this introduction article to a close, we want to touch on social media marketing branding.

Many adult webcam performers have excelled at social media marketing and are able to get a regular fan base via Twitter and Facebook. These performers then use those followers and friends to boost their bottom line and feed into their shows when they perform. However, before you get too comfortable with just getting those fans you already have on Twitter back into your show, ask yourself what the value of your content would be if you posted at the tens of thousands of social sites online and then asked new fans to join your platform site. What if you shared the value of joining your entire platform with them along with your personal content via your affiliate link?

What if you took another step and found out how affiliate marketers are driving traffic and then used your social media following to boost your other affiliate marketing efforts as well? How soon could you start seeing more income as a cam model without even being on cam?

Do You Just Do Shows or Are Your Shows A Brand?

Brands realize that building value over the long-term means differentiating themselves from everyone else. In a day and age where virtually everyone has a friend who is a cam model, savvy performers are focused on enhancing their skills and setting themselves apart from one another. Therefore, establishing a universal branding presence across your social media pages and performer pages is paramount; as is understanding that in all the methods by which you drive traffic to your site, you use that consistent branding. We’ll pick up on these concepts in Part 2 of, ‘Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models’ but here are a plethora of traffic sources that we’ll cover giving you specific ideas on how to leverage.

Marketing channels you can use to build your brand and drive registrations as well as acquire more fans:

  • PR & Mainstream Media Articles
  • Micro NicheContentBlogs
  • Authority and Social Paul and Angela Links
  • Photo Gallery Postings
  • Model Reviews Sites
  • PR to adult and mainstream news outlets
  • Guest Blogging and Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • OfflineAdvertising (business cards)
  • Email Marketing
  • DirectAdvertising – AD NETWORKS

*Yes, SEO is not on the list. This is because SEO is not a traffic source, it’s a content enhancement function that we perform even within the context of social media context (SEO) Hash tagging, etc.

Stay tuned for part #2 and #3 of Affiliate Marketing for Cam Models covering ‘White Labeling Your Cam Model Brand’and ‘Advertising Networks for Cam Models’

READER NOTERS:  Each site operates a little bit differently with respect to how it credits the model for registering new users. However, in many cases, one strategy maybe to set up a separate affiliate program user account with your significant other and use your own blog or model site(s) alongside your marketing efforts.  Separating and then measuring your affiliate (user registration income) from your other cam model income is the best way to determine which activities make you the most income. Some sites also offer white labels, others just have affiliate programs, while some do not offer affiliate programs at all.  In those cases, clearly affiliate marketing would not be advantageous.

Without the support of our sponsors, the Adult Webcam News would not be possible and because we partner with only the leading adult webcam sites, we can suggest the following adult webcam affiliate programs.

Updated List of Top Adult Cam Affiliate Programs for 2019

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In the meantime, if you are ready to start your own custom white label adult webcam site with your own cam model brand, you may want to consider the following sponsor platforms:

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YOUR TAKEAWAY:  By focusing on using your own brand as a cam model to drive registrations versus strictly focusing on the time spent modeling, you maybe able to dramatically increase your income. In other cases, you maybe more than comfortable with your earnings and find that you’re doing so well it makes sense to stick with the skill sets you already have: being an incredible webcam model!


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