Statistics are Future of Adult Webcam Sites (Opinion)

Few regular users of adult webcam sites are aware of the precise and detailed research that goes into optimizing the largest and most successful cam sites. For example, did you know that many of the top adult webcam sites actually learn your preferences based on shows you yourself visit. That is right, the most widely visited live cam sites employ an algorithm to determine the models they suggest to you, that is based on the shows and models you have selected in past sessions. Did you realize that cam models are shown on home pages based on the location of where you are located (which is dictated by your IP). This is called localization. These days online adult entertainment professionals are doing the same kinds of things big retailers like Amazon are; their trying to predict your desires so they can get the most favorable outcomes from you; a higher conversion ratio and more in sales.

The Window into the Future of Adult Webcam Entertainment Sites Starts with Stats

Most would agree, tools that more heavily engage users and models are those that win the day and push the industry forward. The first to the punch, is usually the big winner. With that said, today were discussing a big concept that we see as a major future trend. This is a trend that as of yet no adult cams sites are really showing any signs that they are focusing on..or at least not in a publicly verifiable way yet. The trend which we predict will start to appear more and more is publicly shared models statistics. When it comes to stats we would actually argue that there is a wealth of data that cam sites are under-utilizing. Stop and think about it for a second. Savvy webcam models can use deep performer statistics to their benefit and sharing that data across a performer pool also drives a sense of achievement on cam sites. Anytime you can create competition to achieve the best metrics you drive engagement among performers. Likewise, it is also super interesting to millions of us more nerdy adult cam site users to learn which cam models spent the most minutes in private in a given month.

One Adult Cam Affiliate Marketing Site is Onto Something Bigger

Statistics are under utilized in the Adult Webcams Business.

We recently ran across a really creative LiveJasmin affiliate site (using API) that we think opens a real window to the future of how a savvy adult webcam site could reimagine the adult webcam experience. is 1 is the first adult webcam affiliate marketing sites (at least that were aware of) that is centered around sharing cam models on cam statistics. No it’s not an actual platform and no you cannot watch cam shows on this website, but what they have done which is super interesting is create a focal point around something that really is interesting to everyone who regularly uses adult webcams; from users to models.

By having the stats that show the amount of time on cam and overall time in cam shows for a particular models you really give the user something new and very interesting.  Just the same is true for cam models, this is actionable information. Now imagine if users had the collective data of all the models; one could then compare the differences as far as what models are doing differently and what those outcomes were. That sounds a bit stiff, but you get the idea. We could not only learn a lot about the business as a whole by comparing time on cam, across different adult webcam sites, but models could also get many valuable insights. gives cam model on cam statistics


Webcam Performer Portals are Still in their Infancy

Imagine as a cam model logging into the performer area of a cam site and seeing deep analytics across dozens of metrics with statistical driven suggestions as to how you can improve your private time chat . Now go on step further and imagine an internal leaderboard that shows you your rank among all the cam models at your site. Imagine being able to quickly and easily see who the top cam model was on your platform for every single aspect of camming. Wouldn’t that be useful?

Now, as a a frequent adult webcam site user imagine being able to see cam models based on those who have not having had a single private show in the last 24 hours, or being able to instantly see a table of cam models who have the longest average private show times. Wouldn’t that be neat? Is it safe to say that this would drive your interest in at least jumping into a private show with those performers to see how their show differs? We think so. This is why we think that publicly viewable deep analytics and statistics shown in charts and leaderboards maybe in the immediate future in the adult webcams business. That’s our take. Or will it be illusions of real people on vr cams? Or will everyone start fucking robots? What is more realistic to you?

Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Want to explore the topic further? If you work in the adult webcams business as a mode, cam site rep, or affiliate join and see what people are discussion or open your own topic related to the xxx live cams business. Also we wanted to take a minute to share that Adult Webcam News is also sharing our own independent adult webcam reviews.

Interview: Kiiroo Company Behind Top Webcam Sex Toys

Kiiroo home of the, “Worlds Most Advanced Vibrators” and a 2017 supporter of the Adult Webcam Awards™ sat down to visit with us this past week about some of they new initiatives and what sets this leading company apart. Here is that interview with Kiiroo Communications Manager Ashton Egner.

  1. What are your biggest initiatives currently?


Interview with Kiiroo makes of the wildly popular Pearl Sex Toy a favorite of cam models!

Currently, we have the Kiiroo Pearl that was voted “Best Interactive Live Webcam Toy” at the Adult Webcam Awards 2017. We also have the Onyx; our male masturbator that was nominated for the same award Another one of our initiatives is definitely making our Kiiroo interactive devices compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This makes webcamming more interactive for everyone.

This year we will have a number of new devices launching that will also be compatible with the live cam industry, and will make the experience all the more exciting!

The leader in making the best webcam sex toys Kiiroo won the AWA Award in 2017 for, ‘Best Interactive Live Webcam Toy’


  1. How does your business stand out from others?


Kiiroo stands out from other companies, as we are the first company to have a true two-way connection between couples. This is regardless of whether it is between the Pearl and the Onyx, the Onyx and Onyx, the Pearl and Pearl or one device to many, like with the webcam.


  1. What do you see happening as far as any shifts in live adult cams business?


Live stream VR cams and the use of interactive devices to interact with viewers will be the biggest shift for the live cam industry in the coming months.


  1. What is your best advice for affiliates?

A strong content marketing effort beats a passive “set and forget” attitude every time. Active Affiliates adept at Blogging and Video marketing out-earn people who post banners month after month.


  1. What is the best thing about your affiliate or white label program?


We pay 20% to all new affiliates. And, if you perform well we can escalate your commission to 30%. We also give regular cash bonus to people who deliver an exemplary performance

A big thanks to Ashton Egner Communications Manager at Kiiroo for sharing her time with us. This company is a great group of people with awesome products. If you don’t already own the Pearl you gotta have one!

Kiiroo Pearl, Voted ‘Best Interactive Webcam Sex Toy’ among Cam Models and Cam Site Users

CamSoda Unveils Adult 3D Virtual Holograms (Holo-Cam)

CamSoda a boutique freemium cam site that features lots of well-known American porn stars has recently launched a sister offering which consists of 3D virtual hologram projections of cam models. A pretty futuristic idea indeed in this editors opinion. According to a story in the Mirror CamSoda is one of a number of companies hedging their bets with the idea that pornographic holograms of live cam models will be a mainstream form of adult entertainment in the future. CamSoda showed off some of this technology at this years AVN porn industry show.

Images 1 and 2 below illustrate the concepts behind HOLO CAM.

HOLO CAM – Adult Webcam Inspired 3d Holograms from camsoda
process of making adult holograms

Apparently you can view these live sex hologram show on both smart phone and by using a 3D projector. We found this video of Holo-Cam from CamSoda on YouTube.

Can you imagine being able to broadcast a lifelike porn star into your living room in 3D? A pretty neat idea on the surface, but this is probably still pretty far-fetched. The #2 most up-voted comment on YouTube under this promo video sums up our opinion of whether 3d cam model holograms will be the hot new thing anytime soon. The comment read,“Why watch a hologram when there is a fuckton of real porn already in existence?”

Never the less, what a neat marketing ploy if nothing else. CamSoda has been a leader at stirring headlines over the past 24 months and the sci-fi cool factor of this alone is sure to spur lots of visitors to Now we have virtual reality adult webcams and teledildonics as well as these nifty new holograms. Which begs the question, “What next?”

Apparently CamSoda has the answer to this question as well. They are currently testing a SMELL mask that emits scents during live webcams shows for their HOLO CAM offering.



Adult Webcam Trivia – Who are the Top Sex Cam Sites? (Updated w/ Answers)

Welcome to our first round of Adult Webcams Industry Trivia.

Interesting facts about live webcam sites for adults.
Interesting facts about live webcam sites for adults.

What better way is there to learn more about live sex cams sites and the innovators that have brought these sites to life; than good old-fashioned trivia?

A fun way to learn more about the worlds top live sex webcam sites.

With that in mind here is the first 5 trivia questions. Test your knowledge of the Adult Webcams Sites and see how fast you can answer these pressing questions about some of the top live sex cams sites used by millions of people each day.

You can also Tweet us @AdultCamNews. You win nothing. However, we will tweet back if you are correct. :-). An excellent exercise to do from your work Twitter account. All your coworkers will be jealous!


  1. Adult Webcam Trivia – Which American Adult Webcam Company uses Direct Billing? ANSWER:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which American Adult Webcam Company has a CEO that went to Stanford? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which adult webcam company created the Jerk Shirt? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – Which Adult Webcam Company is owned by one of the largest tube sites in the world? Answer:
  • Adult Webcam Trivia – What is the largest Adult Webcam Site in Germany? Answer:
  • BONUS LEVEL: Are their more than 20,000 adult webcam white label sites on these days or less than 20,000? Answer: Google started deindexing most results of adult cam sites 3 years ago due to the volume of WL sites that offer no significant added value and are now deemed to be thin content sites. There are now more than 30,000 urls that leads to these sites. 
  • BONUS LEVEL 2: Which adult webcam site has the best on page metrics for longest visits; meaning at what adult webcam site (according to Alexa Traffic Stats) do people stay on the site for the longest period of time? Answer: Chaturbate

From time to time we’ll add more fun questions and answers about Adult Webcam Sites and who knows maybe throw a few prizes in for the first to answer all the questions correctly.  The answers to these questions will be posted as an update within a few days.

P.S. Exciting news! We are adding detailed adult cam site reviews on all the top adult webcam sites. Check back shortly as we start to add these.

OhMiBod releases award-winning Lovelife krush Bluetooth® Kegel exerciser

STRATHAM, NH – June 15,2016 – Adult pleasure product manufacturer OhMiBod has released the much-anticipated Lovelife krush, a Bluetooth® Kegel exerciser that uses haptic (vibratory) and visual feedback along with voice-guided training programs to aid women in toning and strengthening pelvic floor (PC) muscles through regular Kegel exercise.

In January, Engadget named Lovelife krush the winner of the “Digital Health and Fitness Product” category at the International CES® 2016 “Best of CES Awards.” Michael Gorman, editor-in-chief of Engadget noted, “We were impressed by OhMiBod’s vision and execution, and it had the buzz of the show as one of the best innovations to come out of CES this year… we’ve evaluated thousands of devices and products to find the technologies that will change the industry and our lives. OhMiBod clearly was the best in show in ‘Digital Health and Fitness Product’.”

OhMiBod made Lovelife krush available for preorder and recently completed shipments. By receiving the Kegel exerciser before it hit the retail market, these enthusiastic and supportive customers became some of the first in the world to use this Bluetooth®-enabled product to aid in improving their sexual health, while simultaneously boosting sexual pleasure.

“The customer feedback has been phenomenal,” said Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “These trailblazers — who have long believed in the potential of Lovelife krush — are seeing firsthand the correlation between regular Kegel fitness and physical and emotional wellbeing and healthy sex lives. The keys to better sexual health are in their hands, and they couldn’t be happier.”

Lovelife krush works with OhMiBod’s new TASL (pronounced taz-əl) app to measure the pressure, control, endurance and grip of PC muscles and help women strengthen them through training challenges. Stronger PC muscles improve sexual pleasure and also aid in keeping incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse at bay — outcomes that make Lovelife krush a victory for women’s health. TASL features built-in patterns and uses gamification to help motivate users to achieve training goals that, in turn, will unlock hidden features. The innovative app can also be used for pleasure.

Lovelife krush is available at for $149.


About OhMiBod

OhMiBod is an award-winning innovator of technology-focused sexual health and pleasure products. Headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, OhMiBod seeks to be the catalyst that shifts cultural attitudes toward intimacy and self pleasure and the vital role it plays in one’s sexual health and well-being. For more information on OhMiBod and its range of pleasure products and accessories, visit

Media contact:
Brian Gross, BSG PR

CamSoda Adds New Features & Performers

Adult Webcam platform has recently added some new features to their site. For those who are not yet familiar with this freemium live adult cams platform; CamSoda is owned by the same entity that owns GlobalPersonalsMedia, a company which operates popular dating sites,,,,, and

According to the sites blog, the new features at are live virtual reality cam shows and fuckbot shows where the viewers can control the action. CamSoda is also one of the only cam sites which features a live voyeur house where viewers can choose rooms to watch live action.

CamSoda Recently Industroced Some New Features
CamSoda Recently Industroced Some New Features

CamSoda one of the more recently launched adult webcams sites had had some major successes in attracting mainstream media coverage for the CamSoda brand over the past year. BuzzFeed, Maxim, BroBible, Fortune Magazine, and Huffington Post are just 5 of more than 40 widely read news and entertainment sites that have ran stories about either their JerkShirt® promo product or the CamSoda site itself.

CamSoda labs, a CamSoda marketing and PR blog is behind this effort. JerkShirt® is a fully prosthetic arm that lets guys jack off in public without being detected by others.  No word on how the sales of JerkShirt® are going. However, weve clearly noticed an uptick in the volume of adult webcam performers online at

Moreover based on the emails that users get from each day it seems that this still relatively new cam site is focused on showcasing some of the biggest names in adult entertainment as well as making it easy for fans to find out when they can watch live shows from these adult entertainment stars.

Here is an example of the emails that users get daily with the schedule: (This is the show schedule for 7/20/2016) Schedule

Over the course of past few months we have noticed more than 40 of the top adult entertainment stars have been showcased at CamSoda including none other than Alexis Texas who is signing free for fans at this years Adult Webcam Conference in Las Vegas January 14-15th. Likewise performers of are now eligible for nominations in the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards as this platform has been added to the list of AWA eligible sites.

The CamSoda adult webcams platform is are currently giving away 200 free CamSoda token with no obligation for everyonee to try the site. Claim your free CamSoda tokens and give it a try.