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CamSoda Unveils Adult 3D Virtual Holograms (Holo-Cam)

CamSoda a boutique freemium cam site that features lots of well-known American porn stars has recently launched a sister offering which consists of 3D virtual hologram projections of cam models. A pretty futuristic idea indeed in this editors opinion. According to a story in the Mirror CamSoda is one of a number of companies hedging their bets with the idea that pornographic holograms of live cam models will be a mainstream form of adult entertainment in the future. CamSoda showed off some of this technology at this years AVN porn industry show.

Images 1 and 2 below illustrate the concepts behind HOLO CAM.

HOLO CAM – Adult Webcam Inspired 3d Holograms from camsoda
process of making adult holograms

Apparently you can view these live sex hologram show on both smart phone and by using a 3D projector. We found this video of Holo-Cam from CamSoda on YouTube.

Can you imagine being able to broadcast a lifelike porn star into your living room in 3D? A pretty neat idea on the surface, but this is probably still pretty far-fetched. The #2 most up-voted comment on YouTube under this promo video sums up our opinion of whether 3d cam model holograms will be the hot new thing anytime soon. The comment read,“Why watch a hologram when there is a fuckton of real porn already in existence?”

Never the less, what a neat marketing ploy if nothing else. CamSoda has been a leader at stirring headlines over the past 24 months and the sci-fi cool factor of this alone is sure to spur lots of visitors to Now we have virtual reality adult webcams and teledildonics as well as these nifty new holograms. Which begs the question, “What next?”

Apparently CamSoda has the answer to this question as well. They are currently testing a SMELL mask that emits scents during live webcams shows for their HOLO CAM offering.



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