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Interview with BongaCams Dev. Director Jorge Sampaoli recently got the chance to interview Jorge Sampaoli the current Development Director at is one of the leading live webcam sites for adults in the world and is company that has experienced massive market share growth in a relatively short span of time; so naturally we were thrilled to share this interview with our readers. Let’s get to it!

Development Director BongaCams
Jorge Sampaoli, Development Director –

1. What sets BongaCams apart from other sites for as user experience?

BongaCams has plenty of advantages. Firstly, its friendly and clean interface, a huge number of various features and a system of premium accounts. Secondly, it’s the most extensive selection of models from all over the world, which allows visitors from every country to find exactly the one he’s dreaming about. And thirdly, it’s all sorts of benefits, exclusive offers and bonuses that are being offered to registered members of BongaCams

2. What efforts do you take to make BongaCams as competitive as possible for models?

Today BongaCams is the most visited webcam site in the world, according to rating. More visitors – more money for the models. It’s the biggest advantage for sure.

Here at BongaCams every model has the most modern and safe working conditions. Support Team starts to take care of each performer from the beginning of the registration process, and a personal manager is assigned to every model: helps her to optimize the working process and solve any issue in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that Chargeback and DCMA protection services are provided to every performer by default.gud

3. How have you achieved so much growth as you have in recent years?

Well, our company adheres to the policy of constant self-development and doesn’t cease to work hard. We are really proud of our very talented team, each member of which is a true master of his craft, who brings an invaluable contribution to the development of BongaCams. We’ve found the way to success due to the perseverance, creative ideas and the ability to find innovative solutions for the daily duties. As for the future plans, we’re going forward and making our work at the highest level. So don’t ever think we would rest on our laurels.

4. What is the process like to get started as a new cam model on BongaCams?

Oh, it’s easy as falling off a log! All the model needs is to pass the registration, which is absolutely easy and will not take more than 5 minutes. And that’s all! After this she starts to make money with BongaCams!

5. What made you decide to support Adult Webcam Conference and Adult Webcam Awards?

We set a goal to become closer to our models. In this regard, we communicate with them as much as possible and make efforts to find out their opinion about BongaCams. It helps to make it more comfortable, perspective and popular day by day.

Adult Webcam News would like to thank Jorge Sampaoli Development Director of for taking the time to visit with us to share more about BongaCams.

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