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Lovelyanne Sets a New Highest Single Tip Record on Chaturbate

The new record for the highest ever single tip on Chaturbate adult webcams is now 169,169 and the hard-working cam model on the receiving end of that tip was lovelyanne.

lovelyanne recipient of the highest ever tip on Chaturbate
lovelyanne recipient of the highest ever tip on Chaturbate

The news about the new high tip record was shared on the Chaturbate news blog July 17, 2015. The user who gave this enormous tip is only known by the handle rpm57.  Just two days prior HollyPause was the recipient of another whale sized tip amounting to 20,000 tokens.

The new record holder, Lovelyanne from Chaturbate otherwise known as Ana is a 29-year-old live webcam performer from Georgia who has 107,880 followers.

Typically we have found that a good rule of thumb is performers with more than 100k followers are in the upper echelon of performers at this platform; and these are considered to be true live cam pro’s at Chaturbate.

If you were wondering how much Chaturbate tokens are worth the answer is 5 cents each. Therefore, this tip of 169,169 tokens was worth $8,458.45. A pretty awesome days work!

Details on becoming a performer on Chaturbate are located at

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