New Reality Sex Show SpyGasm Kicks Off!

Press Release: 9/5/2018

spygasm a new live sex cams reality show.

Ever wished for a first-row seat to real people’s sex lives? Well, we can grant you this one. Enjoy the passion and love spiced up with quarrels and cheating 24/7! The erotic show participants live in luxury apartments across Europe’s best cities and take part in regular contests with cash prizes. They’re always communicating with the audience, fulfilling ALL their wishes. There are voting and lots of drama, too! The participants are always earning points towards the main prize.

All of this is happening in front of more than 100 cameras exclusively for your pleasure. Over 30 daring and attractive boys and girls will be having fun and trying new sexual experiments every day fighting for the main prize, a luxurious apartment in sunny Spain or hot Miami! But that’s not all!

You might even decide what happens to their relationships! Can you believe that? Our special crazy menu will allow you to enliven their sex lives, communicate with them, and even have a live phone call!  Get an inside look into the life of attractive, passionate and daring girls and guys from all over the world who love flirting and having fun. But don’t forget that there can be only one winner, and it’s up to you to decide who deserves the grand prize the most!

SpyGasm offers you to manage the reality and get a highly sensual experience arousing your imagination. Are you a beautiful girl with no hang-ups prepared to make your dream come true? A charismatic guy thirsty for some adventure? Or maybe you’re an open-minded couple, wishing for a life of luxury? Oh, you would love to earn up to 10,000 EUR a month? If so, get ready to dive into the crazy world of lust – TAKE PART in the project right now. Either way, join our community and enjoy! Trust us, SpyGasm goes beyond the simple reality show.”

You can check it all out at


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