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The Big Market for Adult Webcam Site Typo Domains

Today we are talking about domain typos and customer acquisition in the adult webcams business. Anytime you’re talking about typo domains you should probably start out by touching on best practices. With that being said, in the adult entertainment industry it’s a tough thing to get a consensus on what best practices are.

Many would say there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using adult webcam typo domains; except of course do not infringe on copyrights. We tend to agree. Obviously affiliate marketers will want to check with their particular webcam site to see what their policy is with respect to typo domains before you send traffic in this method. Realize different rules may apply depending on how your using the typo domains as well.

Streamate domain typo
Streamate domain typo being used by a partner WL Site.

In many cases the sites you are promoting will have no issue with you using a typo, as long as it does not have the exact brand name of their company in the typo. The reason for this is because there are hundreds of domains typo combinations and of course dozens of domain extensions; making it impossible for the companies to register all the possible domain typos. Therefore, if you are a partner wy object. Usually a liberal policy is taken by most adult webcam sites with respect to typos.  Likewise, for anyone whose aware of the tens of thousands of WL adult webcam sites that are online now, they can confirm this is entirely the case with hundreds of names used with the actual strategy to benefit off the similiarity in names. We are not saying that is right or wrong, we are just sharing the fact that this is the facts in the industry.

With that being said, some adult webcam affiliate programs may ask that you avoid typos altogether. Also if you own a typo and work with that particular adult webcam site via their affiliate program then it’s always best practice to offer to give it to them, if asked, considering you are their partner. Right? (If they ever make such a request; in our experience most won’t even ask as long as the traffic flows)

Jasmin domain typo
Jasmin domain typo which carries an affiliate tracker

At Adult Webcam News were always on the lookout for interesting topics and this topics is something not many people openly talk about.

Likewise, many of the very top affiliates have and do use typo domains as one of many ways to get those few extra clicks. Sometimes it’s more than a few hundreds a day. It’s also not just the adult webcams industry where this is a common as it happens in most online service industries.

Don’t think so?  Take a long look at this list of adult webcam domain typos below where we listed many of the largest adult webcam sites in the world along with the research we did on just some of the most common typos for each. If you check on every domain in this entire list they all share one quality. THEY ARE ALL REGISTERED. It’s fairly clear why this is the case. Typos in an industry where millions of people visit these types of website is big business. If just 1% of users type in 1 letter off when trying to visit a website that gets 10 million visitors a month, you can more than pay for the cost of a domain registration..way more.

Check out our complete list of adult webcam affiliate programs.  Again, check with your affiliate manager on best practices which varies from program to program.

EDITOR NOTE: We do not know if the examples cited about are authorized uses or not; this is merely what our research on this topic came up with. This is a topic that is rarely if ever discussed in the adult webcams business. This is an evolving area so we may update this story at a later time with policies from programs who reach out to share their policy.

Streamate common typos

LiveJasmin common typos common typos

Chaturbate common typos common typos common typos

Jasmin common typos

MyFreeCams common typos

Flirt4free common typos

XloveCam common typos

Xcams common typos common typos

Every last one of the domains was registered. We did this research using the typo tool.

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