Top 10 Search Keywords for Adult Webcams Advertising

Tuning up your Search Marketing Campaigns in the live webcams business this March? Getting ready to rev up your traffic for Spring? Well just in time for the April showers we present you with a quick glance at some of the top search keywords to attract users of live adult webcam sites.

Adult Webcam Top Search Terms

Whose buying what keywords in the live webcams business?
Whose buying what keywords in the live webcams business?

These are many of the highest search volume keywords and keyword phrases; those that are conservatively within the narrow realm of live cam sites for adults.  Yesm ‘Sexy girls’ may have 10x’s the search volume of ‘Adult web cam’, but unless your feeling lucky, more precise keywords often perform better.

With that being said sometimes obscure long tail phrases are lower cost and provide a great conversion ratio; hence a stellar r.o.i.. The trick is of course testing and adjusting your campaigns to optimize them over time.

Anyway, we just thought some of you may be interested in this list. Check out the Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs Comparison table here and give some of these keywords a spin. If your landing page is on point you will convert visitors into users!

adult web cams (Go figure) 🙂33,100/mo$1.23
adult web cam49,500/mo$1.06
sex webcams135,000/mo$1.12
adult webcam165,000/mo$1.17
sex web cams22,200/mo$1.34
webcam sex1,220,000/mo$1.23
webcams adult110,000/mo$1.25
nude webcams49,500/mo$1.27
adult cam110,000/mo$1.14
sex cam1,000,000/mo$0.98
RelatedSearch VolumeCPC
live sex cams165,000/mo$1.33
adult cams90,500/mo$1.12
live webcams301,000/mo$1.01
cam girl368,000/mo$0.79
live sex cam165,000/mo$0.86
cam sex1,000,000/mo$0.87
web cam girls74,000/mo$1.17
nude web cam27,100/mo$1.17
live sex show110,000/mo$0.85
porn cams40,500/mo$1.78
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Interesting Adult Webcam Industry Facts: The 2 Top Spenders on Search for Keywords in the Live Webcams business are NOT actual platforms, they are…. you guessed it affiliate marketers.

  1. LiveCamDeals dot com (Over 4,000 average daily spend)
  2. TopChats dot com (Over (2,000 average daily spend)
  3. comes in 3rd
  4. LiveJasmin claims the 4th slot

Disclaimer: Search marketing companies do not release this data and keyword research tools are not 100% accurate and sometimes data is skewed and often dated. Nevertheless it’s still interesting to use these tools and many insights can be gained.


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