VISIT-X.net Affiliate Program (VXCash) Offers Ugraded Site

The top German adult webcams affiliate program VXCash.net which offers VISIT-X.net as well as a wide variety of other programs has recently made some new improvements to their affiliate, expanded on the creatives that they offer, and even has announced some special promotions.

Visit-X.net is the most popular German adult webcam site.
Visit-X.net is the most popular German adult webcam site.

Here is the email that went out to webmasters of their program today.

1. Improved Portal (images removed)

Our amateur portal has now been on the market for quite a while. For more than a year it has been a member of the VX-CASH family. The small team behind this product has dug in to work, inspired by many suggestions from our users, webmasters and amateurs. Now they have come forward again – with a completely new product. The relaunch focusses mainly on better usability and speed. The first days this new product has been online have immediately shown an enormous improvement in all conversion sectors. And we really mean enormous!

The new amateur portal on VX-CASH (images removed)

2. New Advertising Material

Our approach is, of course, holistic. That’s why we also added some new promotional material.

Videos are the format of the hour if you want to get the attention of the users with classical advertising material. That’s why we have created not only landing pages with full screen videos, but HTML video banners as well. These advertising materials, each with a layer and a CTA button, automatically change motives and are attention grabbers with an extremely strong conversion rate.

The new amateur portal on VX-CASH

3. Extra Bonus (images removed)

Just in time for the relaunch and only for a short time you can now earn a mega extra bonus. Whether you chose rev share or lead compensation – we will pay out something extra, a sale compensation.

To participate or for further information please write us an email at support@vxcash.net or talk to your account manager.

This promotion is valid: 1 May – 31 May.


vxcash.net is the affiliate program for the top German Adult Webcams Program.
vxcash.net is the affiliate program for the top German Adult Webcams Program.

You can sign up to promote VISIT-X.net at VXCash.net or you can try out their webcam offers by visiting VISIT-X.net. For webmaaster with German adult traffic this program is widely known to be among the best converting program available. Realize of course most of the program is in German and the majority of the model speak German.

We offer a great comparison table so you can quickly register with all the main adult webcam affiliate programs and get the basics about each programs commission structure as well. That adult webcam informational table is located here.

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