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AJ Studios to be a Exclusive Provider of Latin American Models for Virtual Reality Live Cam Site, AliceX

Virtual Reality Live Cam Site – AliceX.com

Virtual reality cam site AliceX.com is debuting new cutting edge technology that combines virtual reality with live cams and they just landed a deal with AJ Studios who will be their first and exclusive live cam model provider in Latin America.

Fabian Grey at AliceXhas had his sights set on developing adult entertainment based Virtual Reality technology for over a year. Along with his team, he has done just that. AliceX is the very first web based Virtual Reality live cam product in the industry and it promises to make a huge impact on the industry.

It took Fabian and his team of 14 developers over a year to create the current version. AliceX will not only give the user a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience;
it allows them to customize it. The models used in the product are filmed against a Green Screen which allows the user to change the background into anything they want it to be, including animated backgrounds.

AliceX will allow the user to experience HD, 3D experiences with a latency that is below 400ms. This means that it will feel like you are right there in the room with the model. What happens during this experience will be entirely up to you. All you need to experience AliceX is a smartphone and a Virtual Reality headset. A free cardboard VR headset will be provided, or you can choose to buy a higher end headset of your own.

AJ Studios webcam girlsAJ Studios is a live content production company and the most respected supplier of cam models in Latin America. They will be enlisting their finest models to add to AliceX experience. AJ Studios (www.ajestudios.com) has multiple offices in South America and over 300 models working 7 days a week all year. They are also the founding partner of LALEXPO which is first adult B2B event in Latin America.

Are you ready to bring your adult entertainment into the virtual world? Well, AliceX and AJ Studios are ready to give it to you.

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