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Cam Girls Have their Very Own CPA

We were scouring Twitter for recent developments around the adult webcams business world and ran across Jeff Lang CPA, otherwise known as the ‘Cam Girl CPA’. A CPA who is marketing himself directly towards assisting with cam girls taxes. How cool is that?!

Cam Girl CPA helps cam models file their taxes.

You can follow Jeff @CamgirlCPA and since it’s near the tax deadline if you are a cam girl and haven’t filed your taxes he can help you get this ever important responsibility met.

The reason we think this is interesting is because let’s be honest ladies. Lots of us in the adult entertainment business wait until the last-minute to do our taxes. This is especially true when you have operated as a corporation and your business is growing so much you know that those quarterly estimates based on the prior year are still going to leave you owing uncle Sam a hefty chunk of change.

Help filing taxes for cam models.

We think it’s great to see a growing number of service providers catering to cam models. It is a growing trend now with all sorts of business professionals marketing directly to cam girls. From photographers to stylists; this is something we expect and hope to see continue. If you have a business that is trying to reach out about your services for cam models please Tweet us about it @AdultCamNews.

Again, ladies (And guys too) if you haven’t wrapped up those taxes make sure to do so before you incur any penalties for late filing.

Again you can reach the ‘Cam Girl CPA’ via email at and keep in mind he is an adult industry cpa and so affiliates and others in adult webcams business needing tax and cpa help may want to keep this lead in mind.

Mosey over to as well to learn more about this CPA who focuses on cam models taxes.


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