CumFundMe provides Cam Models with Crowdfunding Alternative

UPDATED: CumFundMe failed to take off or even get credit card processing approval and went out of business before reaching any success.

I think we can all agree when large groups of people combine their economic power to make things that they really believe possible, it is really pretty inspiring to be witness to. This is what, ‘Crowdfunding’ refers to and while modern crowdfunding sites may be new, the concept of community fundraising actually goes back thousands of years.

CumFundMe is a Crowdfunding site specifically tailored to the Adult Entertainment Industry
CumFundMe is a Crowdfunding site specifically tailored to the Adult Entertainment Industry

History aside, of the outcropping of new crowdfunding sites that have popped up in recent years, none of them have been tailored specifically to the adult industry; or that is until now. has taken this revival in sorts of this community fundraising concept and applied it to not just the live webcams industry, but the entire adult entertainment industry.

According to Ricky Booke, owner of, “CumFundMe is a new way for cam models and other adult entertainers, a way to raise funds for personal and business needs. CumFundMe is the perfect source for cam models to raise funds for serious matters like Emergencies, School Tuition, Medical expenses, Charities, etc. The best part is it allows them to involve their fans and friends, to be involved and see their campaigns manifest.

Many adult-oriented businesses do fall outside the scope of what is permitted on the mainstream crowdfunding sites and appears to fill this niche quite nicely and be experiencing pretty significant use within the adult industry; particularly among cam models.

When asked where the idea came from, this is what said.

“Looking at other nonadult friendly crowdfunding sites. We noticed they discriminate against adult entertainment and delete or revoke their campaigns, because of their line of work. Our vision at CumFundMe is to be the crowdfunding home for cam models and other adult entertainers. To allow them to raise funds comfortably and stress-free.”

You can visit CumFund me at

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