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How Cam Girls Can Protect Content with DMCA Notices

These days one of the biggest problems that cam girls face is constant content theft; be it images, text, audio, video, or products, cam girls are being wholly ripped off by unscrupulous webmasters. This is going on at a truly astonishing level. What’s even worse though is those business that allow or turn a blind eye to monetization of content that is stolen. These perpetrators drive the demand for content theft in the adult webcams industry.

Luckily, most affiliate programs in the cam space have been good about monitoring the places their traffic comes from and not allowing affiliates to generate revenue from stolen content belonging to cam models and/or other cam sites. The same cannot be said for many companies in the adult dating industry that continue to allow placement of their offers by their affiliates on video scraping sites offering past shows from cam models.

There are dozens of sites like which have literally stored millions of recordings in the cloud and are offer these stolen cam girl video clips to people on demand with free downloads. These content thieves are not just stealing from cam girls and cam sites though, many of the MP4 downloads are also filled with malicious viruses and spam that costs users time and money as well.

Just to give you an example, when running a search for popular Chaturbate cam girl Eva Gómez we stumbled onto the standard notice at the end of the first page of the Google search results that indicated some of the search results had been removed via DMCA takedown notices. The link on the search page lead to which displayed more than 100 urls for dozens of sites similar to which had been removed for lifting her content or using her images without permission. Hundreds of results that were using stolen content. That should be eye-opening.

Cam girls stolen content sites are a real problem . As you can see by this screenshot it’s happening on a large scale

From our research into this matter, the most common victim of this theft at the current time is Chaturbate models and itself. That said, all cam sites fall victim as do all webcam models.

Therefore, today we are talking about the simple and easy process cam models can follow to get content removed from Google search. This is a free process that you can do without paying expensive 3rd parties. It’s also fairly quick and again costs you nothing.

Cam Models Guide to the DMCA Takedown Process

WHAT IT IS: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WHERE IS CAME FROM: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is legislation enacted by the United States Congress in October 1998 that made major changes to the US Copyright Act.

HOW IT WORKS: When a copyright holder learns of a violation, a DMCA takedown notice is issued to the service that hosts the offending website or to the internet service provider (ISP) of the violator. Infringing material can also be removed from search results by issuing a notice to a search engine.

TIP: Cam models can also use the Google Search Console DMCA Dashboard in order to monitor search results data for your properties and find stolen content even faster. Cam girls can also learn more about removing content from Google with the troubleshooter here. YouTube, Image Search, and even Blogger takedowns can all be handled via the same form.

You will also be pleased to know that you can even more easily get content removed from a site using WordPress using the WordPress DMCA takedown notice application.

There’s Hope for camgirls yet! Our advice to adult webcam performers is to plan 1 day a month to do your own DMCA takedown notices based on anything new you see under a search for your own performer name coupled with common search phrases like ‘show’, ‘pictures’, ‘webcam’ etc. Also remember to search images as oftentimes that will lead to the sites using your content without authorization. Lastly, do keep in mind that some cam site affiliate programs give webmasters authority to use certain images of models via existing those relationship so make sure you have checked with your cam site to see if they are an affiliate that has authorization to use those particular images. This is often overlooked and can be a simple misunderstanding.

Lastly, some of these sites like WebcamRecordings actually tip their hand and show incoming search terms where their bleeding off traffic that ordinarily may come directly to a webcam performer. As shown in the image below with respect to popular cam girl VickieJay, more broad terms like ‘Twitter‘ as well as types of niche cam shows accompanied by a performers own name are also often places where stolen content is apt to be appearing in search.

Just a few tips for cam girl on finding and removing stolen content.

On a final note if you work with a studio DMCA removal of stolen content maybe a service provided to you free of cost, check with your studio. It is also wise to inquire with your model representative at your cam site to see if they have a staff person who can take care of this for you. It never hurts to ask because the cam site that you work on also stands to lose revenue if your content is being given away to people who may otherwise be purchasing it. We hope this article on the topic of cam model stolen content removal has been informative and helpful. If so please consider sharing it with your fellow models. Learn more about internet modeling with our cam girl tips.

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