LAL Expo Cancelled

LALExpo Shut Down by City (UPDATED)

The most recent update on this story is here. The events are expected to return in 2018.

This article has been updated since it was initially published. The original is below. At that time this original article rebutted a possible cancellation of LALEXPO. When that article was published it was believed that the LALExpo would carry forward at the Cartagena Convention Center as an open to the public adult industry event for those who had tickets. According to first hand reports from industry representatives that are or were on site at the time of the close; on the 2nd day of the event Cartagena police, at the request of local government officials shut down the conference and closed off public access to this event; booths, seminars, and on-site networking all closed. Rumors have since swirled about portions of the event taking place off-site and in other nearby pre-planned locations, but it’s been nearly impossible for us to confirm what off site events continue (if any) or where they are being held. We will update this story as we get more information.

Thus, it is fair to say that the LALExpo at the Cartagena Convention Center has been cancelled based on what we know. This is all we know at this time. Likewise, it appears the Twitter account for LALExpo ( @LaLExpo ) has been closed and no public updates are available on the website which has also been taken down. The previous AWN new update below was published when rumors started to swirl about local government opposition to this conference. At that time we were informed by the event organizers that they had taken the steps necessary, or so they thought to ensure the events would move forward.  

If we were to speculate (which we always hate to do), but based on a rereading now of the update from LALEXPO a month or so before the event as shown below, perhaps the event may have tried to repackage itself as private event and perhaps that did not overcome the issues with the local jurisdiction regarding use of the Cartagena Convention Center. That is completely speculative on our part and we like most are unsure just how it happened that any issue would or could have prevented the show from going forward as planned after so many people traveled so far to attend the trade show. As we get more information (if we get more information) we will update this story. With that said, those on site during the first day of the event indicated attendance was up with perhaps as many as 2,000 people being present. LALExpo has been an extremely well-organized and successful event, up to yesterdays cancellation and closure of the events at the Cartagena Convention Center. Again, we will update this story as we get more information.


Contrary to some news reports the 2017 Latin America Adult Business Expo is NOT cancelled. Below is the most recent newsletter from the event organizers. The Latin America Adult Business Expo takes place at the Convention Center of Cartagena from July 10th – July 12th.

Latin America Adult Business Expo will happen as planned.

Despite the attempt by the public prosecutor of Cartagena to ban the event, Lalexpo continues. The mayor of Cartagena Manuel Vicente Duque, now suspended from office due to alleged mismanagement with different Construction sites of the city, tried to cancel the event but the event is still prepared to be carried out smoothly thanks to the different statements clarifying the actual information of our event. Thus, the administration had no legal basis for canceling the event of a private nature. In conclusion, Lalexpo stands firm in the corralito de piedra awaiting its celebration.

The preparations are underway and therefore, we already have the nominees for the second edition of the Lalexpo Awards which Features Colombian webcam models, country´s studios, International  camgirls and websites dedicated to webcam, traffic and Internet marketing, As well as the best technology companies in the adult arena around the world. The Nominations can be viewed through the official Lalexpo Awards website. We also invite you to participate by voting in the different categories.

This edition of the Lalexpo Awards will be hosted by Alejandra Omaña, best known in the world of adult entertainment Like Amaranta Hank and Andy Wullmer.

Alejandra Omaña, is a recognized journalist and porn actress, also author of Book “Stories of a Frontier”. She has demonstrated the power of female freedom Through her image, words and strength, which have led her to become An internationally recognized image.

Andy Wullmer, is an award-winning manager who started in the Adult business in 1999, as a distributor of This market. In 2003 he started his own web company with online stores of DVD, and VOD platforms.

Since 2010 Wulmer works for SexGoesMobile, as an Affiliate Manager and since December 2011 as CEO of this company. This great figure of the web has Managed to cultivate awards and awards as “Best Mobile Affiliate Program” In 2013, “CEO of the year” XBIZ 2015, GFY Award in 2016. Also in that year he received the award as “Businessman of the Year” by Gaelic WWW Conference Awards and so far in 2017 he has received the XBIZ executive award as “Community Figure of the Year”. It also represents the complete group of that owns brands like SGM, Datingpartner, Webbilling, Fuckbook, AliceX, DigitalPerformance, mailpartner, flirtfair. Wullmer is the “TrafficCaptain” Of the web.

On the other hand and not least, Reggaeton artist Andy Rivera will be the special guest who Will make the attendees move to the rhythm of the urban music in the closing party “Jasmin’s life in red” of Lalexpo. Also, the Hotel Almirante is the official lodging site for our Meeting, so we encourage you to make your reservations soon. To participate You must be of legal age (over 18 years old) and belong to the adult industry. Is Important to clarify since it is a private event, we are very strict verifying the personnel that will attend our event.

You can find additional details on this event at

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